Alliance News Network, Bringing the News to you.

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Alliance News Network, Bringing the News to you.

Post by Satan on Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:37 pm



Loaded, Please Enjoy your fastest news services!

"Welcome to Alliance News Network! Here we deliver fast and important updates from around the Galaxy! Please tune into us normally to hear the latest reports. We will be updating regularly as we watch the System for any and all important events! Alliance News Reporter, Alexander Key signing out!"

More Stories below

  • New report saying, Are extended Thermal Clips needed? Politicians say no.

  • Turian Hierarchy supposedly corrupted.

  • Violence on the Citadel, Volus gang gets into vicious fist fight over Credits. One Officer supposedly injured.

  • Quarians band together for a VI ban on the Citadel following attack from the Geth years prior.

  • Krogans demand fair treatment

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