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Alliance News Network | Battle of london

Post by Satan on Sat Mar 19, 2016 6:58 pm


Loaded! Enjoy your news!

"This just in, Commander Shepard has brought several hundred vessels in the production of the Cruicable. After hard fighting in the city of London, Britain the Reaper Threat has been destroyed. At the cost of hundreds of thousand lives and billions of credits in damage the threat was destroyed. Council and even Non-Council forces banded together in a last attack. We now go to Alexander Key, reporter on scene with a Lieutenant Luke Teth, Alliance N7.

Alexander Key: "Sir, tell me how did you feel during this fight with the reapers?"
Lt. Teth: "I don't think anyone could say they weren't scared at some point or another, but you were motivated, you knew it was do or die - so you fought your hardest."

Alexander Key: "Did you think you could of won this fight? Did you ever feel like you were fighting for nothing?
Lt. Teth: "You put those kind of thoughts out of your head whenever you could, we all knew what was at stake, but we didn't focus on the end goal. Everyone was professional, kept their minds on the goal at hand, and ultimately, that led up to a victory."

Alexander Key: "What are you looking forward too now that the threat of the Reapers have been defeated?"
Lt. Teth: "Well, there's a lot ahead of us all, particularly the rebuilding of the Mass Relays, it'll take a lot of effort on everyone's end, and I look forward to seeing every species work together toward that goal."
Alexander Key: "We thank you for your service Teth. I hope you well, this is all the time we have."

  • Batarian Refugees begging Alliance for support, Alliance slow on response due to Batarian Attacks.

  • Officer injured in Volus Gang fight is good for re-assignment

  • Krogans under fire after Blood Pack uses Genophage cure for advancements in ranks.

  • Quarians, should they be added to the council?

  • Cerberus--Are they gone?

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