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Post by Filtershakes on Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:11 pm

Steam Name: brf5bb6tuny67 (It’s Filtershakes Razz
Steam ID: 1101010101000011100011
Profile Link: pthhhhhhhhbt
Age: 22
How long have you been rping? About 3 years
How did you find us? Stgvbhcjncn6
Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming? Nope.avi

Name: Vil sixtus
Age: 120
Species: Turian
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Sneaking around dressed like a tree telling Captain price where to go and what dogs to shoot.
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: yeeees. yes.

Two Paragraph Backstory(For Returning players it is only one Paragraph), Five to Seven Sentences per Paragraph.
Born some time in 2066, Vil has quite a pile of classified or blacked out records, having spent close to a century in Blackwatch’s intelligence gathering division. With field ops likely ranging from gathering second hand stories on the yahg post-first-encounter, to the First Contact War, Vil has quite a storied career. Retiring only a few years prior to the reaper war, he soon settled into a relationship, still keeping tabs on the galactic pulse. Quite the hierarchy loyalist, he sprang into action as fast as his old self could when news of the reaper invasion broke out. Unable to help out in the intelligence community owing to the secretive nature of it, he was still keen to assist, somehow finding his way to the beating heart of the war, earth, where he’d believe his partner had gone missing, likely dead. Post-war, he finds himself back on the citadel, still civic minded as always, and most definitely maybe retired by now. I’m possibly sure of it. Perhaps.

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Vil Sixtus app Empty Re: Vil Sixtus app

Post by Satan on Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:16 am

Your brain going to fall out this time?

"It would be easy to get lost up there, wouldn't it? To find someplace very far away, where you could spend the rest of your life in peace and happiness."

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