Abigail 'Abi' Rismiller

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Abigail 'Abi' Rismiller

Post by Sicario on Fri Mar 25, 2016 11:56 pm


Full Name: Abigail Emmi Rismiller

Nickname(s): 'Abi' , 'Em'

Age: Thirty-one

Homeworld/Colony: Nova Prim

Morale: High ; her work rather depends on her morale and 'spirits' being high, so it's in her nature to try and forge a seasonably good scenario out of an apparently bad situation.

Military Role: Quartermaster, as well as general caretaker and 'shoulder-to-lean-on'

Military Rank: Specialist-type

Status: Alive and well ; No injuries

Relationship Status: Vacant ; Single

Hair Style: Grown down to shoulder-length, with a well-kept trim along the edges and a completely straight appearance. Her hair is dark oak-brown, sometimes traced with strands of blonde depending on her current environment.

Eye Color: Jaded, mellow-dark blue

Facial Features: Her cheeks are slanted down to a slightly pointed chin-line, though her face bares no unsymmetrical qualities or blemishes (scars, sores, etc.).

Height: 5ft. 7in.

Clothing: She is enclosed in a surprisingly, for the environment of course, well-kept and high-quality charcoal-grey one-piece dress garment, with parcels of almost blood-red fabric near her hips and down the sides of her torso. A pair of glossy-black high-heels rest on her feet, and a metallic-black hexagonal device stitched into the fabric of her right sleeve portrays a small, rectangular holographic screen at almost all times.

Build: Lithe ; Hourglass

Occupation: She works as the quartermaster for the crew, distributing firearms and munitions as well as keeping track of the well-being and general supplies of the crew. In addition to her role as a quartermaster, she also takes any time she can to run her bar as they move.

Hobbies: Though her work consumes almost all of her spare time, she does enjoy reading and improving her physique through running or swimming when available.

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