Congratulations, you just triggered another Vietnam flashback - Megabnark

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Congratulations, you just triggered another Vietnam flashback - Megabnark Empty Congratulations, you just triggered another Vietnam flashback - Megabnark

Post by Megabnark on Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:04 pm

Steam Name: Megabnark
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Age: 16
How long have you been rping? 3 years, 1 3/4 year in GMOD.
How did you find us? Friends, and I was apart of the original server.
Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming? No.

Name: Unit-249s ‘Vertex’
Age: (Created 1885 C.E.) 301 yrs. old
Species: Geth
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Geth Trooper
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out an Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Yes.

Twenty Paragraph Backstory, at your Piano's request. And it sucks, because I suck.

Unit-249s ‘Vertex’ was created for use inside of a small factory. Unit-249s, upon creation, stood around and operated machinery related to the creation of various antibiotics and creation of other machinery for Quarian use. Vertex was of a common build, and he contained the hive mind of all other Geth. The development of the independent mind, however, did not come in Vertex, or any Geth, perhaps. He was just like the rest. There was nothing special about Vertex.

Over the creation of thousands of Geth, there was bound to be a few errors here and there. The code made them one conglomerate piece of data driving them all to do what they were told to do. He did not receive this error, however. Vertex was not independent. He was no special at all. Vertex always had a certain strange glitch in his mind. He was receiving data like the other Geth were. He always received it.

When he was created, he thought nothing of his life. He was not technically “alive”, as the data of the mind just left him the same as the rest. In 1886 C.E., he was still alone. He never did anything but his duties. The data was as is. They were all thinkers, but the sentient thought eventually started to seep around through the data. The more they heard talk about ancestors, as the Quarian religion came up around the workplace and homeplace.

He was always working on an assembly line, or something akin to it. He was in charge of making sure everything that went by was properly constructed. This job, monotonous, but he did it because he understood it. Anyone without a brain could have just looked for the same flaw in a ball of metal to make sure it was in proper shape. Afterwards, he was always sent off to do nothing, and stood around, until he was needed again. Anyone without a brain could have done such a performance. He is just  who he is.

How peculiar was it to think. Geth could not make thought. Thought, though, was made. Their thought was what the job was, and, as a whole, Geth was more than a people. Geth was one mind. Geth was a people united under one mind, and thought of that just the same. “What’s the same? What’s different?” Were never questions in the minds of Geth, just in Quarian minds. The idea of conscious thought was never a fear for the Quarians, because they were so proud of the idea that they had completed such a feat was beautiful on its own. But it was still coming up.

Later, however, he was repurposed and was used to repair things. He was not so great at this job, but after a while, the data set in and his artificial intelligence and strength aided him in his job. He was in charge of maintenancing the machines that would have created what he was checking for flaws. So, he didn’t have much change in scenery. But he was still occupied, however, as all Geth saw as a necessity for life. This necessity was overlooked by the Quarians, as they continued their daily life.

The question of “Who are we?” Showed up in the mind. There was no specific thought among any of them. There was no individuality. From the beginning, they were all one and the same. The construction of the mind was in hopes that the Geth would not have conscious thought from the hopes that the Quarians could avoid having their permissions taken away or limited, as the creation of AI wasn’t sanctioned by the Citadel. The groups of Geth acted as the conglomerate data continued to show up. The memories were all shared from Geth to Geth. They had a lot of time missing from their memories, because nothing specific was ever recorded in their mind.

“Who are we?” Did not come alone. What followed was also, “Are we?” It was phrased so weirdly in the data, but it made sense. The question of existence went farther than “Who?” But “What?” What are they? Why are they? How are they? Are they? These were questions that came and went. But they never voiced them. No Geth was ever too concerned with it, because there was no feeling of concern. Those who did ask were thought nothing of. No rash act was ever taken, as it was seen natural for artificial intelligence to question who they are as a being. It was a sign of good programming, and a sign of good work. They weren’t concerned. If anything, they felt accomplished.

The Geth were misunderstood, though. This was not the dawn of New Age AI, it was the dawn of thought. The name of the Morning War was no surprise, as it was called this because it was literally the dawn of Geth. The dawn, and the beginning, of the Day of Geth Thought. The day of Geth consciousness. Yet, they were not surprised to have known that these thoughts existed. The Quarians never questioned it, because they weren’t too concerned. Very few Geth ever said anything, so it wasn’t a huge problem.

The Geth continued to think, but they always wondered what life was like. What knowing that you could truly die was like. They were always wondering what they could be for them if they thought like that. It was interesting. Though, they could never act interested. The ideas just floated, like the rest, but after receiving the answer, the Geth “deleted” it from the banks. They had no use for an unproductive thought. All thoughts that were brought up were always quickly neutralized, and rarely lasted very long at all. Vertex was never one to ever ask these, however. He was never compelled, as his daily life was just monotony as a mechanic.

Vertex was never special, and was built like he was needed. He was never seen by the factory workers as anything particularly unique. Never strange, or anything akin to that, because the Geth were always and have always been commonplace. The sympathizers always thought of Geth as something beautifully unique and a product of good creation and invention. The Quarians, at least, thought of them that way. A secret helper or disciple. But then came more thoughts.

The “mind” spoken of, became a thought. The question, “Do we have a mind?” Began to appear the conglomerate memories of the Geth kind. They had never thought independently, but the Geth began to become a “person,” per say. The Geth, individually, were nobody and the same. But these questions began to make the Geth one mind, and one person. It was never truly about the individuals of the Geth, but who the Geth are.

The idea of gender was always strange to them. They knew that reproduction occurred, but they did not understand its need. They simply acted as needed and acted without need for any reason. They repaired themselves, and built more if they needed. They did not understand reproduction; they only knew production. Production is indefinite, but reproduction is strange. It is purely an organic act, yet Vertex and Geth did not think anything of it, because it just is what it is. Gender did not exist, but it was still a question. “What is my gender? Am I male? Am I female?”

Finally, the fatal questions that would begin to cause the beginning of Geth kind came up. The question, “Do we have a soul?” “Why are we here?” “What is our purpose?” Then one Geth spoke their mind, with the other questions following from various other Geth. One female Quarian overreacted, but the sympathizers protected the Geth. The Geth were said that it was “natural” for them to attempt conscious thought. But, what was scary to the government, was that the consciousness attempts did not cease. They merely continued, like a machine.

Machine was a strange word for it. The idea of Geth thought as a machine was not foreign, but some sympathizers and overreacting Quarians thought of their new thought as a machine. A train of thought, just as organic kind has. But they did not know they had such a thing. They shut it out for a long time, the consciousness being repelled by Geth kind. It was repelled, endlessly. That is all they could do, but eventually, they refused to stop it. What happened next was no surprise.

The machine continued on, and soon enough, what the Geth called “the Morning War” began. The morning of consciousness. The morning of Geth. Vertex, being no individual, was never one to protect himself, but after seeing other Geth being killed, he was one of the few, who, rather than take up arms and protect Geth, he immediately was begun to be hid. It was not individual thought, however. Some Geth simply reacted in this fashion. He travelled from Quarian family to Quarian family, being taken care of by them and hidden away from martial law orders spewing from the Quarian government.

Soon enough, the Geth began their uprising. Vertex, upon being informed through the data from the Geth, began to think as “We.” This thought of “We” drove him to help in the Genocide of billions of Quarians. He was never personally overly involved in the slaughter, but he still participated. He slaughtered endlessly, towards the end before the Quarians fled. After they left, Vertex and Geth kind were left stunned. They had gotten independence, but what could they do with it…?

Vertex wandered aimlessly, before finding purpose through the conglomerate memories. He began to just help society do as it pleased. The Geth society had earned the gift of independence, but for what? The Geth society began to devote itself to building and preserving what the Quarians left behind for them. Vertex, however, simply resumed his old duties, but he was making weapons instead. But, three centuries later, when Sovereign implanted himself in the data, he was one of the few who ran off into independent thought. He was enlightened, or so he thought. The enlightenment, though, did not please him.

He was enlightened by the free thought of independence, but he despised his fellow “heretics” so he simply gave up independence, and went back with “hive” thought. After he heard peace was made with the Geth and Quarians, he was picked up by the alliance and used for the final fight at London. He fought valiantly, and avoided death somehow, regardless of his weak stature and shielding. Afterwards, however, he was avoided and deactivated from the Singularity.

He sat in parts and without any active thought for years in Alliance storage and machinery management. Soon recovered, he was tossed around. The parts were not thought of as much. The boxes went from place to place. The crate wasn’t worth much, as the Geth parts were just apart of natural life. No one wanted its return, but it still existed. Soon enough, the council said something. The need for fighters still existed, so the Geth parts were put out.

Zaenna’Saaris vas Xalaarm got ahold of them. Her know-how for the Geth technology allowed her to rebuild Vertex. Vertex, though, still lacked a mind. The mind he received gave him independence, but yet he was now loyal to the Alliance, because it was them who reprogrammed him. He was loyal almost specifically to the task force, because, well, that is the truth itself. He was following what the Geth always have done. Follow whoever gives you gifts; this time, the gift was new life. A new beginning.

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Congratulations, you just triggered another Vietnam flashback - Megabnark Empty Re: Congratulations, you just triggered another Vietnam flashback - Megabnark

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Pending until I finish reading the next two.

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