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Post by Pinkie on Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:57 am

Steam Name: Pinkie
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39733853
Profile Link:
Age: Nineteen

How long have you been rping?
Five years, since 2011

How did you find us?
Mostly through word of mouth, Primarily from Pundii, Ferris, and Fear. Also, a lot of the server population has migrated into my Teamspeak.

Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming?

Name: Alice Katsuro
Age: 28
Species: Human
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Naval Intelligence Operations Officer
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Absolutely

Two Paragraph Backstory(For Returning players it is only one Paragraph), Five to Seven Sentences per Paragraph.

Born to a wealthy family in the capital city of Nos Astra on Illium, Alice Katsuro was treated to a childhood that few can say they have had. Living the first 13 years of her life privately schooled and never even seeing the outside of her family estate, living entirely in a closed environment. Never the less, a young Alice spent her life living in luxury, and never imagined she would want or need anything besides what she already had. Midway through being 13, she had finally seen the outside when her father, Jojin Katsuro, began to take his daughter with him on small short range business trips, and to work rather often. A naive young Alice watched in awe at the people on the outside, those who didn't always live with everything they had wanted, or even needed. When interactions with other children and people began, Alice could only be described as a spoiled brat, treating others with immaturity and bitterness, as well as a plethora of other negative traits which did not at all please her father.

At the age of 15, this tension snapped. The walking tantrum could be ignored no longer, and was sent away to learn humility and humbleness. This came as a shock and perceived abandonment to Alice, whom viewed that she was perhaps no longer loved by her family. Living now in an all-girls boarding school, in a cheap, lower part of town, the previously pampered and lavished young girl was exposed to the sort of lifestyle and behavior she had previously only thought was for 'poor people'. She now shared a room with no less than six 'sisters', and a house with another 23. Drama was high, good food and most cleanliness was low, and 'cat fights' were a daily event. With her advanced tutoring, most of what she actually learned in this place had already been taught to her, this excelled the young girl to the top of the pack class-wise, and made her the target of a never ending stream of bullying from each of her sisters. Never the less, the place had taught her to be grateful, humble, and more importantly, how to deal with people. After two years 'on the inside', she was pulled out at the age of sixteen.

Returning to her old life was simply an impossible challenge after the culture shock that was the last two years of boarding school. If only for the reason that, by comparison, it was completely and utterly boring. The next two years were spent accompanying her father, and various other members of the family on business trips, observing and at times taking part. This lead to a sharpened business sense and further honed people skills in general, it's said that by the time Alice was seventeen, she was able to negotiate on her own with her Father's blessing to people nearly three times her age, though this is most likely an exaggeration by the family. Regardless, by the time she was 18, it was time to leave the nest, as is tradition in the family. As a very strict 'last' favor, her father bought her way into a very prestigious college, 'Mattlin University'.

In University, Alice perused a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, inorder to get a head start at what she had just decided as her new long term goal, a Law Degree. University was, as it tends to be for most people, a wild ride for the young woman. Alice often served as a diplomat between her own group of friends and the other many cliques around campus, talking her way in and out of trouble on many occasions. During this time as well, Alice took part in a legendary three year long Dwarves and Daggers game, as well as perusing her bachelors, something which she regards as her 'second greatest accomplishment'. Having well avoided narcotics and alcohol during her University days, Alice preformed well in her studies and courses. In addition to finally getting her Criminal Justice Bachelor's after four years, she also gained a minors in both Cyber Security and in Information Technology, subjects which she thought useful for running a planned future law firm  after she got her degree. After her four years of University, she moved onto the next steps to her long term goal.

A problem arose after University. In order to get a Law Degree, she would have to go through Law School, something which is incredibly expensive. Without favors from her family, Law School was out of the picture. There was only one other alternative, going to Navy Academy and going through the Law Corps school there. Without money, this was the only option, Officer School and a six years of military service after which she could finally gain her Law Degree free of charge. With no other options besides working in the service industry or labor, Alice signed herself into the Alliance Naval Academy on Earth, her transportation paid for by the Military. Earth was a metropolis and a wondrous thing to behold, even for someone with such a lavish childhood as Alice. From here, she was shepherded to the Alliance Naval Academy in Sydney Australia, and began her military career, which she saw only as a means to an end.

Another four years of school came about, far more serious and strict than the four she had lived with in University. Here things were official and proper, a very no nonsense place, at least on the service. This was especially the case for those going through officer's training with sights set on the Law Corps, ill behavior and immaturity was as likely to ruin your chances just as much as failing classes. Never the less, Alice pressed on hard and preformed well, garnering just as glowing of a reputation here as she had in the last school. She eventually gathered the attention of eyes yet unseen towards the end of her four years of officer school, and was eventually selected and guided towards signing on for another two years of school in Naval Intelligence Academy. While not initially her objective, Alice accepted the offer, as these two years would still count towards her required six years of service before she could get a degree. With this in mind, she set off to the Naval Intelligence academy in Bern Switzerland.

If the last two years of school were hard, then Intelligence Academy was the 'legendary' difficulty setting. Every class was a test and gauntlet, every lecture a required and unmissable event, even social interactions felt judgemental and trying. This was all only part of the test, Alice supposed, after all not everyone manages Naval Intelligence, and for good reason. Regardless, as before she continued, trudging on with a tireless desire to prove her worth and make it through to the end. School and life in general came to a halt when the Reapers came to earth, as it did for many, many others. Immediately life hit the fast track, evacuation, then relocation to the citadel. The remaining half a year of Intelligence training was compressed into only a few days as the need for trained officers rapidly became apparent. For much of the Reaper War, Alice spent her time as a handler aboard the Alliance Cruiser 'Gettysburg', and saw more than enough action up until the final battle at the Citadel, during which she assisted in asset coordination. After the war came to an end and life settled once again, the reorganization and cleaning up of rapidly raised and trained forces landed Alice under the command of one Lieutenant Hyeon Yi, on the SSV London.

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Post by Pianotugboat on Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:41 pm

Sounds good to me always ready for more on ship hands -Accepted-

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