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Post by virtualFear on Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:00 am

Naval Intelligence - Operations [Forum RP] AQpmsqn

Naval Intelligence - SSV London

This thread is a forum RP dedicated to major intelligence operations occurring concurrently yet separately to the events on the server. This is done in liaison with and with due approval from community administration.

Explanation is subject to change.

1: Without authorization from the GM of the current operation, do not post in the thread OOC'ly.
2: If you are not listed as an operation participant for an operation, do not post in the thread IC'ly.

Rules are subject to change.

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Naval Intelligence - Operations [Forum RP] Empty Re: Naval Intelligence - Operations [Forum RP]

Post by virtualFear on Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:43 am

Naval Intelligence - Operations [Forum RP] CggdoMz

Tuesday, 19th of December to Wednesday, 20th of December, 2186
Negative Vetting Class 1 (Secret)

Throughout the war with the Reapers, many refugees from across known space flocked to the Citadel in the absence of anywhere else to go. Public order has hard to maintain and 'oversights' regarding regulation became commonplace throughout Citadel Security in favor of maintaining order and reducing workload in the time of crisis. It was in this time that the Czechoslovakian Jindřich Slovak saw a drastic rise from Senior Constable to Captain, where he took command of his local provost, 51st Citadel Security Provost. The Provost saw and continues to see incredible success under his command and Captain Slovak soon became a respected and senior member of the Citadel Security community.

With coming close to a month having past since Commander Shepherd defeated the Reaper threat and saved the galaxy, the Council has launched an inquiry into Citadel Security operations to begin systemically restoring all sectors to complete order and regulated function after the chaos and distress caused by the refugee intake during the Reaper War. In the sector monitored by the 51st Citadel Security Provost, it was discovered that whilst petty crime had reached an all-time low, organized crime was at an all-time high. Detective Moana Tane was assigned to investigate the 51st Provost and Captain Slovak on behalf of the council and made significant process until he was killed in a fatal skycar accident. His colleagues spoke of him being 'close to a breakthrough' and something 'defiantly being out of place' before he was killed. When the Council ordered that the investigation be continued by a team of experienced detectives following the suspicious circumstances who found all traces of his investigative notes corrupted or missing, the Council reached out to the intelligence community within the recently established inter-species task-forces to look into the suspicious Captain.

It's rather unconventional to reach out towards Naval Intelligence to investigate Citadel Security officers but an exception has been duly made by the Council and the Fleet Naval Intelligence Directorate. The Naval Intelligence Directorate are eager to receive feedback on the performance of the first intelligence operation conducted by the inter-species task-force, the mission itself is fairly simple by Naval Intelligence standards and the operatives can be kept on a tight leash whilst operating in the beating heart of the Council. Whether or not the inter-species intelligence initiative continues entirely depends on the outcome of the operation.

To celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the 51st Citadel Security Provost, Captain Slovak is throwing a formal ball at an event-hire estate in the upper-central Citadel. After analyzing the guest list and identifying a number of persons-of-interest to Citadel Security, the Intelligence Directorate has ordered SSV London's Intelligence Contingent to infiltrate the ball. The ball is scheduled to open at 17:30 hours on Wednesday the 20th of December, begin at 18:00 hours and end at 22:30 hours. The floor will be open for partners to dance except from 19:00 to 20:15 as debutantes and their partners from local high schools will be introduced and dance for the attendees. The guests-of-honor, a number of whom are suspicious, are invited to the break room from 20:45 to 21:30 hours for coffee and biscuits with the host, Captain Slovak.

The primary objective is:
- Secure evidence proving Captain Slovak's corruption or innocence.

The secondary objective is:
- Secure evidence proving the guests-of-honor's innocence or guilt regarding connection to local organized crime.

Hyeon Yi
[ Callsign "Keeper" | Operation Commander | Game Master ]

Alice Katsuro
[ Callsign "Watcher" | Operation Coordinator ]

Elliot Foster
[ Callsign "Ben 1" | Field Operative ]

Laurent Mourtier
[ Callsign "Ben 2" | Field Operative ]

Fale Thaok
[ Callsign "Ben 3" | Field Operative ]

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