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Post by MasterMedicMan on Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:46 am

For any of you who say we don't truly know the properties of Medigel, and can thus make things up -- This is for you. Straight from the wiki. And for those generally curious about the whole medical shoop.
Medi-gel (medical gel) is an all-purpose medicinal salve combining an anaesthetic and clotting agent used by paramedics, EMTs, and military personnel, produced by the Sirta Foundation. It heals various wounds and ailments, instantly sealing injuries against infection and allowing for rapid healing by having the gel grip tight to flesh until subjected to a frequency of ultrasound. It is sealable against liquids - most notably blood - as well as contaminants and gases. While technically its properties make it illegal under genetic modification laws, in this case the restriction is ignored because of the product's beneficial properties.

Now put it to rest, and stop using Medigel as a fix-it-all medicine, because it's not. It's a coagulant, an anaesthetic, and otherwise tightens muscle tissue, as inferred from the text. Don't substitute Medigel for inability and/or excuse to not research on your own roleplay before providing it. It's the most annoying argument on the server. Bad roleplay isn't medical roleplay, so please, stop. It's just lazy.

Furthermore, for the people who would like to argue that Tali used it as a suit patch -- No, it wasn't a suit patch. It simply covered the wound to keep it from getting infected, and likewise clamped it closed. Not the suit itself. Likewise, Tali doesn't have a medical license either, and it's likely that it's rag-tag basic first-aid. Medigel will not seal a suit breach, but rather clamp a wound. So, no. Quarians don't get a special pass either.

For the folks that don't know what it'd do to blood.

Use that as a reference.

likewise i'm tired, and am too lazy not to come off as rude
i decided to post this rant to put the whole medical roleplay thing to rest
as aforementioned, it's very annoying -- we can all agree on that

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