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Post by BrantRecon on Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:56 am

Steam Name: BrantRecon
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:28875238
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Age: 24
Roleplaying for: 11 Years
Referral: Word of Mouth
Previous Bans: None; First time joining

Name: Elias McDonnel
Age: 31
Species: Human
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Civilian/Engineer
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Yes

Elias McDonnel is a civilian that grew up on the Citadel during the early days of humanity's integration into the galactic society. His life growing up remained rather void of humans, save for his family and a few others that joined his when moving to the Citadel. Upon getting to an age to work, Elias began investing in a career in engineering, working for a salarian in one of the lower wards, working on contracted work around the station. In this time he became very skilled in his craft, and has become capable of doing almost anything possible with anything that he can interface an omnitool with and even with anything he cannot, though it takes just a little longer to do so. His specialization turned more towards ships and stations as he matured, as the work he did on the Citadel translated to other ships and stations nicely, as well as colonies using modular tech in their construction.

When the Geth attacked the Citadel, Elias's parents and only brother were killed before the station was retaken. Though staying with the company he was originally hired with, Elias took more contracts away from the Citadel and traveled across the galaxy to work on small colonies and stations that were in need of an engineer. When the Reaper invasion began, Elias had taken a contract on Benning which was attacked by Cerberus. He narrowly escaped after a squad from the Alliance made landfall to stop the organization and extract citizens. Upon being rescued from Benning, his talent as an engineer was recognized and he was offered to help with a project called "Crucible". When the project was complete and ready to be deployed, Elias took a shuttle off of the station that was built before it was sent to the Citadel, taken to somewhere else in the galaxy, somewhere he and the few others on that shuttle may be able to take refuge while the war was hopefully soon ended.

(As a head's up, I don't know how active I can actually be nor can I guarantee how long I can be around, but at the very least I would not mind at least checking things out. If this would be a problem, I understand completely.)

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Post by Pianotugboat on Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:12 pm

Soudns gucchi.

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