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Post by Arty on Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:05 pm

Steam Name: Guy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:22150424

Profile Link:

Age: 17

How long have you been RP'ing: A little over a year on GMOD. A tiny bit on Runescape for about three years, wasn't too good at it.

How did you find us: A friend in this community referred me here.

Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming: I don't plan to, and I haven't.


Name: Alma Clarkson

Age: 22

Species: Human

MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Infantryperson

You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Yes.

Two Paragraph Backstory(For Returning players it is only one Paragraph), Five to Seven Sentences per Paragraph.

Arty's character application Prod_6208023930?

[At the age of seven, Alma is seen posing for a school picture]

The rain trickled down on the hospital on the dark night, pattering as thunder stormed over the area. It was around midnight and a happy mother had given birth to a small baby girl, holding her in her arms as she cooed out towards the new lifeform. The woman had dark blue eyes and black hair, seeming to be in her thirties. "Ooh. Yes you ah! Yesh! You're my baby girl!", whispering lovingly in a Cockney-accented tone, her bright red cheeks flaring as she looked at the baby. The baby was gurgling out as one of its hands reached out to grip the mother's pinkie, almost as picturesque as a baby's birth became. She would stay in the hospital for a few more hours before she left with her baby, as they gave it the proper vaccinations and treatment, the babe now in a pink blanket. The mother exited the hospital before hailing a cab and opening the door to place her baby on her lap while she sat, "Forty-fifth street. Just had a baby delivered", the driver congratulating her and taking them through the rain to a small apartment in the backwaters of East London. Her mother set her in a small cradle and watched over the baby for the rest of the night, helping herself for a small drop of whiskey for the "job well done."

Years would pass on by as she received what was expected of schooling of a young girl living in backwater's London. Ever since the FTL discovery, some places of Earth left uninhabited or disregarded from most of the humanity. The small set of blocks that Alma had lived in consisted of several dilapidated apartment complexes with an even worse neighborhood. The backwaters of Eastern London commonly known for its crime rate and constant activity- though Alma was most likely oblivious to the most of it. It seemed the world had spared her from the horror, never seeing something too bad happen to her. Her mother would sometimes skip out on feeding her when she had gone on a 'Girl's night out' on the weekends and some weekdays, causing Alma to scrounge around the apartment and fend for herself when her mother was off to God know's where. When she was in her fifth year and had just started her primary school education after finishing her term at the nursery school, she was kindly regarded as the 'Sunflower' of the East side for always wearing a bright yellow sundress with a small edelweiss flower pinned in her hair. With bubbly cheeks and chestnut brown hair, she often explored the world as she went without the supervision of her mother.

One of her primary and unofficial caretakers was a manager of the local bakery, the man boisterous and quite stout in physical form. It was unprecedented that with this energy would also come an attitude, as Alma had sudden outbursts of emotion- due to her egocentrism as a child and generally able to do what she had wanted whenever she had wanted. She had initially met the man as she passed the bakery, newly opened as customers came in and out of the shop at a quick pace. She looked at her own sundress in the reflection and smiled towards herself, staring at one of the large cheesecakes in the bakery. She almost watered when a man appeared in the window, standing behind counter and looking at her with a small smile. She smiled back towards him and entered the bakery, the heated baked goods bringing a smell unlike she had smelled before- the entire district clammering around the area. She looked at one of the large displays that had been left open and looked at the man, "Hello.", she said in a tiny voice.

The male had his eyes away from the small child for a few moments as he was serving a customer, his kind brown eyes coming back as a glare, "He-." The subsequent sight as he fully turned was a little girl taking a cheesecake and running down and out of the bakery with it. "Love, hold the shop!", he called as he sped off from behind the counter and chased after Alma. He was already behind her tail, even with his less than healthy body. "Ninny, you have th-", as he wheezed to catch up to the girl just running around the corner and out of his sight. "The ordacity to steal me cake, ah?", he accusingly threw at her as she continued running away from him. When he had turned the corner, he lost sight of her and silently cursed to himself, realizing that she would have to be nearby and hidden. It took him about half a minute before he found her looking towards the dry concrete ground in the cold morning, eating the cheesecake in her hands. She already seemed to have a quarter of it done, a small white chunk of the cheese on the corner of her lip as she looked up towards the man. She slowly placed the platter down as she wiped her face, standing up.

Her dress was lightly stained as she pouted, already relatively dirty from the lack of care at her own home. Her face was covered in some unusual colours, from dirt to other unnamed dirtiness- she seemed neglected. The baker widened his eyes for a moment as he opened his mouth to yell at the little girl, but only found himself crouching down to get on her level a few moments later. "Where's your mum?", he asked her in a quiet voice. She responded, seeming somewhat guilty, "She's having fun with her friends, she does every week." The baker looked down towards the ground and stared at her dress, "That's a real pretty dress you have there. Where'd you get it?", the girl only staying silent. "Come with me, okay?", he said after about a minute of waiting and looking her over. "My mum told me not to go with strangers.", she said in an almost whining voice, seeming scared.

"Don't worry about that none. My wife'll warm up to you quickly, she's proper and she'll ensure you come out of my bakery proper. Yeah?", taking off his cap to reveal ginger-coloured hair. He spoke in the same Cockney accent Alma had and offered his hand, "She's a top lady and wife. And we'll have cooked bread an' food for you if you come.", to which Alma shook her head and reached for something balled up into a fist in her left hand. It appeared to be a few crumpled pounds, as if trying to buy off the man to not take her away. "Tryina give me a bung here, ah?", he exclaimed towards her with a small smile. Cheeky little bugger.", a mutter only he could hear, as he smiled and ruffled the hair on her head only to stand up a few moments later. I'll call you Sunflower as I don't know your name. I already made a bloody sale of a lifetime with shipments. Now come along.", placing his hat back on as he slowly walked off towards the bakery. He wouldn't seem to look back on the way either, thinking that she had simply stayed there. Of course, he felt a little tug on his apron as Alma had grabbed a handful of cloth from near his hip and held onto him as they walked back.

From that point on, she was introduced to everyone in the bakery and the baker's wife as 'Sunflower.', it seemed that name stuck for quite a long time. They cleaned the girl up and gave her ample food, dropping her off at her mother's home on Monday morning. Alma had visited the bakery on the weekends and everyday of the week, the weekends her joy as it acted as a pratical second home to her. "I promise it won't be anything disappointing. We'll clean you up and send you on your way if you're that unwanting to be in my home.", was the last thing she had remembered about his speeches. She rarely talked to the man often, simply in the small couple's presence in the bakery and reading books with the wife. This time it held a much nicer family than her mother, sporting in about three boyfriends per half a year. The couple had taught her the value of proper manners, and how to act in a social environment, supplement towards her own sole parent. Several more years passed as she eventually reached the age of 16.

For her schooling life, she didn't show much interest in anything except cooking. She went to all her mandatory classes and often stayed with the baker more than her own mother some days. Other days consisted of playing around with her friends and trying everything a person of her age could dream of. Freedom from her home meant a staple sample of something that could make her forget, and a great many of things that could manage. Seventeen and no aspirations to go anywhere, she simply took a walk on her actual birthday,  leaving the home in the middle of the night. She walked by the bakery and as always had asked the man for advice, the low orange illuminating the store and spilling onto the street outside. He smiled, herself coming out as she walked near the closest Alliance recruiting center. She was given the proper papers and took a test, waiting for her results.

Once she had been cleared and had herself checked, nothing more lie in her way but time. Alma decided to go in and apply to become an infantry person, on her eighteenth birthday, two weeks over she would have been sent off for basic. Her mother was still looming over her, through the years becoming more wary of the girl even though her drinking habit never improved. Alma simply told her mother that she was going into the culinary arts, fearing for a lashing for anything else more risky than that. Her mother urged her to take something much more productive and earning, but she didn't budge and suceeded in properly convincing her this what she wanted in life. The next day came by, her head hitting the pillows and heading off to school by dawn.

Arty's character application Silent-hill-20051205065610415-000

[The last photo of Alma before her Enlistment in the Alliance, wearing a school uniform.]

"Bloody tosser!", she yelled out while still in her school uniform. She was on Year 13 and was finally on her way to graduating from it all, closing her locker with a clang as her face showed general annoyance and distress. She called after a slim-looking young man dressed in a suit who seemed to be walking away from her, turning to pick up her things after she placed them on the ground, recovering from a heated argument. "Cheating wanker!", she called out again down the corridors of the high school. She steamed for a few moments as she stared off towards one of the walls, a small tapping originating from right behind her. A tall balded man stood behind her and seemed to be in his late fifties, "Come with me.", he said in a stern voice. Unluckily for her, the headmaster was standing right behind her to see what all the ruckus had been. Her mother was called in and she was referred for disciplinary action, a slap on the wrist compared as for what her mother had done to her at home for the thing.

What happened at her home was a serious reminder of what she had left in her life and only strengthened her resolve to join the military. The thought of herself having some power, control and a chance of getting as far away as possible from her mother with the least resources was the military. Even through the years of abuse and neglect, she still loved her for an odd reason. She didn't have the courage to do much else other than keep it all a secret of her enlistment. The year passed, and she had finally graduated from high school, almost a week into her eighteenth birthday. The second week quickly came by as the joy in Alma's expression grew higher and higher, even coming to a point where she had done all the chores in the house and cooked breakfast and dinner for her mother. It was the guilt chewing away inside of her head, the least she could do before she left was give her mother a proper goodbye.

The darkness of the night soon came and it began pouring heavily, Alma sitting in her room as she finished packing everything worthwhile. It had only consisted of putting in proper supplies in her emptied school book bag, staring outside of the window. "Finally.", she said after checking her phone to get ready to leave. She made her way down the stairs, each footstep causing a creak. She lived in a quiet house, about an entire mile off from the bakery now. "Off to uni, mum!", she called out happily. She looked around for her mother and found her drinking from the bottle, generally knocked out by that point.

Her smile flashed suprisingly to one of concern before she walked forward to embrace her last time. "I'm gonna miss you.", her mother said in a slurred and sorrowful manner as if she didn't expect for her to go off. Alma smiled right back at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll be alright, mum. College done right and accepted me, not like the rubbish of Uni down in Lancaster, right?", she let her go and stalked towards the front door. Her mother to her deserved an explanation, leaving an envelope tucked in along the mail that had been left past the mail slot in the door before finally leaving her home. Her mother stirred slightly, still grasping the bottle in her left hand and yelled before the door had been shut, "And make a name for yourself, and buy me some more of this! Aye?" When she had shut the door and walked down the street, she screamed in absolute joy, ignoring the heavy rain as she dashed off for the bakery. She was finally away from her mother, and off to do as she wanted- finally an adult at last.

She simply wished the old jovial baker a happy farewell, alongside the picture of his wife before she went off towards the Alliance military recruiting centre. She attended basic and went through the normal training procedures coming out a woman that provided an astonishing comparison to her own mother, even if Alma did look double as healthy and fit as she did. She had dark brown hair, almost close to that of a black as her vision had deteriorated. She wore correctional visors, and contact lenses outside of basic when she had attended.  She underwent correctional medical procedures upon further review of her genetic disability, fixing her lack of proper vision and finishing off. She took the route of getting as far as possible and ended up shipping off towards the colony of Eden Prime for one year and a half.

The time passed by and she was transferred back to Earth due to her high combat merits and general aptitude of transferal, missing the invasion and the start of the war by about three weeks. She would work with the Alliance, stationing in Paris for her time there. Several years pass by and horrific events befall the galaxy, herself one of the prime soldiers defending Earth on its last fleeting moments. From rubble pile to another, she took part in her own way of the battle of Earth against the Reaper invasion. Her entire detachment had been rallied up with the incurring invasion, coming out of hiding as she was transported to London. She dropped off alongside the other's in a massive assault that would end up with her entire force wiped out within about a mile and a half off from the crucible. Having been part of the main major resistance force that had finally staged a final assault  to get to the crucible, gunfire trickled in the streets of the city she had been sent to.

This consisted of fighting husks and all forms of reaper military. During the initial invasion, the Alliance Navy were unable to push Earth in time and had ended up with her own battalion receiving no support. "Get Crawler out of there!", yelling towards one of her fellow squadmates as a husk was tearing the man apart towards her left. She had run out of ammo, grappled by another husk that had attacked her from a nearby building- her knife already out by the time it came. She embedded it into its chest after tackling it to the ground, turning around afterward to check on her squadmates. All she say was the heat of an explosion occurring nearby, knocking her unconscious as a nearby bakery had blown up causing the red brick wall to fall atop and cover her. It was unsure how much time had passed but something was digging her up, she opened her eyes as her cracked visor blurred her vision, shifting around slightly in the rubble as she felt a sharp pain in her rib area. Gunfire sounded off, a woman with dark red hair dashing by alongside a small detachment of Alliance forces.

The pale and sickened hand soon stopped clinging to her, leaning her head back with a small sigh. "Sorry, mum.", she said in a quiet voice as she looked up towards a small hole in the rubble. She was too weak to scream out for help, barely managing a small whisper. The battle overhead had illuminated the night sky, devoid of stars and filled with bright red and yellow explosions alongside beams of all colours firing off in either side of the sky. She smiled for a moment as she leaned her head back once again, falling into a state of unconsciousness. Hours seemed to have gone by before a gauntlet grasps at her hand, several human-like voices reading her as alive due to her feet that partially stuck out from the rubble. They work together and pull her out, being awoken as she looks around in a panicked fashion. "Stop, pl-!", yelling loudly as if something were hitting her as she was struck over by a large hit on her side. Fire from the end of the street came and a tower filled with blue light appeared in her vision quickly handed a sidearm from one of the woman, as she alerted the Reaper force in the area with her cry. She barely able to stand, leaning against a small section of brick as she fired the small weapon towards the advancing enemy forces.

It wouldn't be long, as they soon begin to push the Alliance back. The next husk of the day pinned her down to the ground after hopping over a section of the fallen building, unable to protect herself as she shot it in the leg. It gave an ungodly moan, a pulsating red shock wave appeared and engulfed the entire city. An impacting blow was made towards her abdomen as the monster began to beat her down repeatedly, simply turning into ash and vanishing in site as the red wave passed. She looked up confused, reapers falling out of the sky and ground forces dissapting into the air as the wave went by, evacuated by three Alliance members to an underground treatment center while massive explosions occurred topside. She had survived the invasion, time spent to rebuild on Earth. A few months later and she recovered fully from her injuries, she was recommended to a certain ship specifically for her 'reputation' and merits during the battle and her prior service.

Once recovered, she finds herself aboard a shuttle towards her new home. She supposed it was all she had left, her home destroyed- the last vision on her sight was the gravestone of her mother and the fleeting cemetery as she was finally sent off.

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Looks Gucci.

"It would be easy to get lost up there, wouldn't it? To find someplace very far away, where you could spend the rest of your life in peace and happiness."

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