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Post by Polynomial on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:13 pm

Steam Name: Polynomial
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:80630303
Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/theguywithdaspaceinhisname
Age: 15
How long have you been rping? 15 months-ish.
How did you find us? Friends.
Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming? Nope.

(for the record, I know slots are full atm, but having this in pending would be nice so it could get reviewed later when a slot is open)

Name: Sila'Nakeena nar Irakan
Age: 18
Species: Quarian
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Combat Engineer/Medic
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Yes.

Two Paragraph Backstory(For Returning players it is only one Paragraph), Five to Seven Sentences per Paragraph.

Sila was born to Lina'Nakeena and Dara'Seenan. An exile, and a pilgrim. On a Human colony near the border between the Terminus Systems and the Attican Traverse. Her mother had been exiled from the migrant fleet a couple years before, and her father met her mother and never saw to return to the migrant fleet because of it. The problem of course, was that nothing was really sterile, being in such a poor place. Naturally, her and her mother got sick. Her mother got the worst of it though, dying of sepsis less than a week after Sila was born. On their meager wealth, her dad was able to buy immuno-boosters and antibiotics that would barely save her life, but to address the fact she didn't have any envirosuit, he had to nearly deplete their money and wait a couple days for an emergency order. Thankfully, they did receive the envirosuit. Numerous upgrades through the years with her father's expertise with making things had kept it the right size for her.

Sila and her dad had a rough life for the first few years, a shoe-string budget, and the crushing depression that her dad had to deal with, but through it all, he was able to supprt them both. From a young age, she learned to conserve money, and treasure what she had. The primary language she'd learned was English, because that's what her dad had to speak, and everyone else whom she'd interacted with spoke. She grew up a relatively reclusive life, confiding with her father most of the time. At the age of seven, their prospects changed. A passing pirate gang had hired her father as their engineer, their leader finding his plight relatable. They were able to afford things previously not possible, things seemed to be going quite well for a few years. Because of this, Sila learned many things, ship mechanics, how to fight, among less valuable skills. She found the medical part of ship-life to be one of the more interesting. Where most people would be squeamish, she was interested.

When Sila was eleven, however, the pirates began to pay her father less, and less, leadership changes had made his current employment less supportive. Eventually, he asked to be let out, and he was. And so, they were left on Illium. Her father still had the necessary funds to support them, but it wouldn't last without a job. He became yet another kind of engineer, helping to make ammunition assembly lines more efficient. It was good pay, and they had began renting an apartment. Yet again, however, Sila was not able to get a formal education. Schools on Illium were far in between, and most of them required money to enroll. Thus, most of the things she learned came from her father and experience, books as well.

At the age of eighteen, Sila decided to leave Illium and pursue something else. She left for the citadel. Of course, being a Quarian, she had to be interviewed by C-sec for a few hours until they decided to let her go. Soon she discovered that her lack of formal education meant that employment was almost impossible, and thus, she set out to enlist and apply her learned skills to the military. Perhaps she'll learn something new or maybe even pursue a career.

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