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Steam Name: The Doctress
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17793196
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Age: 24
How long have you been rping?: Nine years
How did you find us? Space and time directed me here.
Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming? Well let me tell you the story about the time I was banned from John's Sweets Emporium. It was a sticky afternoon, and my friends and I were tossin' jacks below the underpass. We grew tired of skippin' balls back and forth, so looking to Lil' Mandy I said to her, I said, "Mandy does you be wantin' to get some candy thisaffernoon?" and she said, she said "dude it's 1999 and you're white. Also I'm seven, when did I get so self aware?" Well, naturally, after that we grew suspicious of Lil' Mandy, and suddenly her arch nemesis Tubby Lumpkins tore at her hair! Well, I'll be darned if she weren't wearing a wig, and was apparently some kind of tiny person hidden under a boat load of makeup. "TUBBY!" I cried, "Why you're such a gosh darn wonderful sleuth, let's go down to the dog track and pick you a winner!" Tubby, though, led us to the tire factory, and stood at the gates, choosin' who he let in. He looked at me, and he said "You baaaaaanned from this tire factory, Doctress. Asspulled TARDIS or no, you banned from here, and you gonna' be banned from Singularity one day!" Well I showed him ahuehuehue.
Name: Fiora "Cookie" Dewiese
Age: 693
Species: Asari
MOS: Cullinary Specialist
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Aff


Fi slowly sunk into her bed, watching the clock as she braced her back against the hull wall behind her. Time had been kinder to her than most, and she had tried to be kind to it, too. Time had seen her bear children, who had borne children, who were nearly old enough to have children of their own. It had seen her through terrors, challenges, and triumphs, as she had explored the length and breadth of the relay network, and even a hint of madness as she explored a touch beyond that again.

As a maiden, she'd worked in C-Sec in some vain attempt at finding a sense of personal discipline and cosmic order, before embracing chaos and fomenting a revolution on some god forsaken mining rock in the Horse Head Nebula. Her memory all the way back there was a touch faded, but the look of utter rage as they podded the command staff at gunpoint would never leave her, nor would the title of the first extranet article she found on it; "Space Hippies Say 'Sod Off'!" After doing an extensive search for what the hell a hippy actually was, she gravitated strongly towards the label, and sampled (often embracing) whatever she could of the culture.

While rounding out her first fifty years as an adult, Fiora had found her calling. While spending some time in a commune in California, Terra, it dawned upon her that there was a language every species, sentient or not, communicated in; food. After asking the commune's cooks, they agreed to start teaching her their sizeable catalogue of recipes from they'd gathered over the last few decades and so for the next ten years she settled down and began to learn in earnest. Her work, thankfully, seemed not to be wasted effort either, as when she began ticking over into her seventeenth decade, wanderlust began to settle in as heavily as the desire to learn had before. Fortuitously, as she arrived at the local port, two cooks from separate vessels entered a heated argument about who would be purchasing the largest trout in their attended stall. After a skillful display from the larger one's cleaver, the argument was decided, and a position opened for Fiora to begin exploring the stars.

She followed such a pattern for some time, spending the better part of three centuries cruising, boozing and snoozing (next to other people) about until another feeling struck her. The desire to create something lasting. After meeting with a Quarian man named Haran'Dee nar Idenna on his pilgrimage, the pair of them had two children together. Unfortunately, though, as their fourth decade as a family was hitting its stride, Haran was caught in an engine explosion aboard his post-pilgrimage vessel, and ruptured his suit in multiple locations. Fiora's mind snapped with the grief, and much to her shame she left her children in front of a C-Sec office, and disappeared from known space for well over a century. Unsurprisingly, she was still cooking, but now aboard stationary outposts as their staffs studied black holes. She liked to stare, for the longest of time, at what seemed like pure entropy. She felt some comfort at the thought of the universe slowly being drawn into a demise of its own making. Fortunately, it seemed singularities were a long term mystery, and when one station shut down, another was always available, giving her nearly two hundred years to dwell on her losses, and mistakes. Sometimes, briefly, her better humours would surface and she would wander for six or seven months, but both she, the darkness inevitably returned.

Her madness broke when news of the Reapers had done the same. The galaxy falling suddenly into its doom, as opposed to the gentle decline she'd been watching could not have offended her sensibilities more. There was important work enough for literally the entire galaxy's population and Fi wasn't about to leave it to everyone else to do. Returning to Thessia, she immediately signed on with one of the local militias and helped them to reinforce the streets themselves. Giving herself to a cause seemed to put the final nail in her melancholy's coffin and her laid back nature slowly edged its way back in over the depression. Her biotics were hardly exceptional, and her aim was average at best, but even as the Reapers crashed against her home-world's streets the smell of herbs from the galaxy over gave reminder of just how much was being fought for. In the face of the Reaper onslaught, though, eventually her cell faltered and collapsed, and the survivors agreed to commit themselves to a more galactic minded unit.

It wasn't long until said mixed unit was called to action on Earth in an attempt to back some big, last stand fleet. Fiora was far enough down the chain that none of the details really mattered, though. All that mattered to her was what ingredients she had in reserve, and whether or not husks were in her kitchen. Her supplies didn't really have time to become an issue, but before there was a strong 'spacehead' established, her C-Sec training had to be remembered on a couple of occaisions. That particular threat was finally laid to rest shortly thereafter, but a new one had suddenly came to pass. With the loss of function in the Mass Relay network, the various species were trapped in Sol for a time, and there was a significant lack of dextro-amino foods for both a Turian and Quarian fleet to eat. Vegetarian alternatives were required en masse, and suddenly there was a strong call for foods therein that were palatable the alien visitors of Sol.

As a result, and purely by accident, Fiora had struck gold. She opened a busy, noise filled restaraunt in the rubble of London, filling bellies as they came. Most, usually soldiers, were happy to pay, but the odd interspecies refugee made their way inside too, their meals typically covered by the nearest trooper to the door when they came in. But as it ever did, wanderlust began gnawing at the Asari again, and after some time carefully teaching her relevent recipes to the cooks working there, she donated her deed to a charity rebuilding London, and asked one of her higher ranking patrons for some help 'finding an assignment'.

"Cookie, you giant lovebug" he said, "We've got a taskforce just for you..."

And boy, were their beds comfy.

Biotic notes:
Extremely strong affinity for Personal Barrier. As a staunch non-aggressor, Fiora would prefer to be hit painlessly several times as someone calms down than stop what they're doing. Will likely stop a single Widow round with taxing results. Perhaps one more with extreme effort.
Moderate affinity for Projected Barrier. Could definitely stop a single slug from anything shy of a Widow or similar with effort.
Strong affinity for light Pull. Able to grab things around the kitchen with dexterity and ease, including such things as large pots. Doing this all day makes her about as tired as a regular chef power walking to all their stations.
Difficulty with heavy Pull. Unlikely to anything more than make someone fall over with no extra momentum. Target would have absolutely no problem breaking their own fall unless they were handicapped. In a life or death scenario with her giving it her absolute all, she might be able to pull one person a half dozen metres along the ground.
Moderate affinity with Throw. Again preferring to avoid inflicting casualties at all costs, even in a combat scenario, Fiora has on somewhat frequent occasion thrown individuals several metres with dazing results, before fleeing to friendly lines in the confusion.
Laughable affinity with warp. It's for when she wants to shred cheese but not wash the grater afterwards. Armour gets its paint buffed shiny and new. Flesh is relaxingly massaged.
Entertaining affinity with Singularity. Weee, it's Harry Potter's Magical Kitchen. It also gives people a refreshing breeze.
Faux-Bro affinity with Lift. Pretty much capable of lifting small weights in the gym, and suddenly frothing giant pots off the stove. People sized things get an under arm hug.

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The Doctress - Asari Cook Empty Re: The Doctress - Asari Cook

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Accepted, but given that she's a cook -- well, I'm not going to have biotics or w/e count toward the roster.

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