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Naomi Merigold - Security Reports and Logs D9jsfBx

Security Logs

[ENCRYPTED] - Security Logs:

Most Recent Report - Security Report - Naomi Merigold - Pusorm Gaqkel #001

Security Report - Naomi Merigold - Jule Vikia #001:

~~- Report of Accused: Private Jule Vikia -~~
~~- Victim: Addeva -~~
~~- Involved Witnesses: Private Sophia Orr, Private Paria Buldos -~~
~~- Reporting Security Officer: Corporal Naomi Merigold -~~

~- Victims Report/Statement -~

'Addeva' says "I was walking down to the hangar to clean the consoles, as I noticed they were dirty, Miss."
'Addeva' says "On my wa there, the turian stopped me and asked for my name."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "I see, so without introducing himself he just asked you something personal."
'Addeva' says "I asked him what he would like to call me, he replied with a growl and that he didn't want a question back."
'Addeva' says "I proceeded to ask again, and he gave me an answer, opened his omni-tool and glared, demaning to know if I was new meat."
'Addeva' says "I replied yes, and he glared once more, as if he were going to eat me alive."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "I see... So he appeared hostile straight after asking when he did not get an answer and then degraded you in... A few ways."
'Addeva' says "Then he laughed, saying it was a joke. I didn't open my eyes to see if he was smiling, Miss."
'Addeva' says "Yes, Miss. . ."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "Carry on?"
'Addeva' says "That was all, Miss. The female turian appeared after that. . ."

~- Witness Reports/Statements -~

Private Paria Buldos -

Pvt. Paria Buldos says "Well... Jule started to talk to the krogan girl over there. I mean, we could all tell that she was uncomfortable with him, to the point where I intervened. Tried to tell him to stop, but, he ignored and insulted me. Eventually, he started to talk about her... slave markings, right in front of her. She was visibly upset, however Jule continued."
Pvt. Paria Buldos says "Then, you heard the rest."
Pvt. Paria Buldos says "He's a bare faced brat."

Private Sophia Orr -

Pvt. Sophia Orr says "Well. I was coming down to the hanger for reasons I don't remember. Most likely didn't have a reason. Then I saw Jule talking to the Krogan. And the Krogan herself looked rather upset and didn't wanna talk. I didn't really say anything I was just being quiet."

~- Defendant/Acused Report/Statement -~

Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "Start right from the beginning."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Well... I was just leaving the kitchen when I saw the Krogan. I did not recognize her, and the way she was so isolated from the main potencey from the ship gave me the assumption that she may of been an unauthorized person on board this ship."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "So, naturally, I caught up to her and asked for her name. She asked me to name her, so I asked again. That is when I OMNI'd Dio if the appearance of the Krogan rang a bell. No response from him."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "She asked me to name her again, so I named her "Mortem."
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "I never got such a message."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "If she was unauthorized then the CiC crew would have picked up an unauthorised IFF signature, if not; I doubt a Krogan would be walking around in the open. That and I don't believe Krogan do 'Stealth'."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "I then offered my hand to her to shake, introducing myself to her. "
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "Everyone knows everyone."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "That too."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "I didn't know her."
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "If someone was unauthorized, they wouldn't be on here."
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "Because they'd have been kicked off immediately."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Hence I investigated. But at the same time, security. "
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "Not to mention biological indetification. There's various forms of ID. We have a crew roster."
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "Jule; Where was it listed in your pay-check that your occupation is Ship-Security?"
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Nowhere, sir."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "But, part of it was just to see who she was. The other was to introduce myself."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "I'd suggest leaving security work to those who are actually a part of the security team, if you see someone suspicious then you should message a part of the security personnel and not harass them."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "A point I want to make- I was never harassing her."
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "We're not talking about harassment."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "Are you sure? I have three witnesses who say otherwise."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Paria barged in between us and started getting hostile towards me- demanding that I leave the Krogan. I asked the Krogan herself if she desired me to leave, she said I could do whatever I want."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Check the cameras."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "From what I gathered about the Krogan, she used to be a slave of some sort; so your behaviour triggered several PTSD episodes."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "Don't you find it quite odd that she acted so quiet and meek for a Krogan? Not to mention when you asked her for her name, she asked you to give her one?"
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "Sure, they do indeed look quite like tattoes I have to admit... But perhaps use common sense next time."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "I didn't. To be honest, I was nervous too when I first got on the ship. I didn't know why she was, though."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "I wanted to befriend her, give her less reason to be nervous and feel more welcomed."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "You didn't exactly do that very well when you growled at her, gave her another name and then swore at others."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "I growled at Partia, not at the Krogan. "
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "I don't see why that should be on me especially when Partia was cursing at me and literally trying to instigate a fight."
'Addeva' says "I asked him what he would like to call me, he replied with a growl and that he didn't want a question back." *Though it sounds like an audio log playing*
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Oh."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Yeah... I did. Wasn't meaning to lie, I forgot."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "I kinda Growl here and there. "
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "That's not healthy."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "It isn't."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Exactly what the Psychologist said."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "It's also not exactly very friendly, either."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Which is why I was hoping to clear the fog with her."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "I think it'd be best that you leave her alone for now, before you upset her more."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Yeah."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Tony, Ellie, Ayando, Octavvius, and Pactis."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "Quite a few, some even from CO's."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Yeah."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "It's just. I am not well rounded in social skills."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "I'd suggest being very careful Jule, or you may be discharged from the ship if you continue."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "My psychologist and I are working to improve it."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Will do, Ma'am."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "That's not me saying I'd do that, I can't do that. Just a warning that a CO may if you continue."
Cpl. Naomi Merigold says "Anyway, you're free to leave; unless Dio would like to add something also."
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "Lieutenant. - And no."
1stLt. Diocletianus 'Dio' Villius says "Besides the fact that you need to realize you're walking on a thin wire, Vikia."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Thank you for your time, then."
Pvt. Jule Vikia says "Yeah..."

~~- Reporters Notes -~~

"He appears to have plenty of people who are against him on this case, not to mention the overwhelming evidence against him from not just the witnesses but also involved CO's who have had problems with him in the past. Warned him several times over course of transgression, he came back once and even Gunter Shultz had to warn him and tell him to leave."

~~- Report Concluded -~~

Security Report - Naomi Merigold - Pusorm Gaqkel #001:

~~- Report of Accused: Private Pusorm Gaqkel-~~
~~- Victim: Addeva -~~
~~- Involved Witnesses: Corporal Naomi Merigold and others near the MAKO -~~
~~- Reporting Security Officer: Corporal Naomi Merigold -~~

~- Victims Report/Statement -~

Addeva mentioned that Pusorm had said that he yelled out that he had "Had Enough" and suddenly started opening fire on her, before she'd turned her shield to him; there is little information as to why he did this but I'm sure we can assume it was for racial/specie reasons.

~~- Reporters Notes -~~

After being extracted from the situation after being shot myself later in the OP, i felt it was necessary to document this information after my surgery.

Unfortunately I don't exactly have much information, but I doubt I really need that when the evidence is clear against him. A few people saw him firing upon her, though not many reacted or even seemed to care. I quickly made my way over there and yelled to draw attention to Pusorm for the others as I was the only one who acted quickly against him, I told him to drop his weapon as I'd raised mine to protect Addeva.

After he dropped his weapon, Pusorm attempted to run away... So I did the only thing I could do, I shot him in the leg so that he wouldn't get away. That and I did him a favor as he'd have either been captured by the Geth, killed or perhaps even frozen in the wastes down there.Pusorm fired upon a friendly, he put all of us in danger in other ways; he'd broadcasted our location. Quickly after this event and tossing him into the Mako, we were under attack from Geth...

~~- Report Concluded -~~


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