Vault-Tec takes pride in organization, whether it's when little jimmy got lost in the engineering department or a 10mm misfiring and hitting Old Lady Jenkins in the frontal lobe, organization comes FIRST!


Have an itch for solving problems? Maybe you're into the advancement of medicine! Then this is the department for you!

Have an act for fixing things? Then go to the mechanical section have an act for fixing people? THEN COME ON DOWN!

Whether it be machine or technology, you know how to fix it. Or want to know how! Get into the department for some good ol' hands on interaction with lifeless machines!

As much as we'd like to think all vault members could live in true harmony, it never happens. IF you want to ensure the protection of your friends and family from those pesky trouble makers or even RAD-ROACHES! Then this is the job for you!

Well its quite self explanatory isn't it? All good minds need a better one, as a teacher you'll influence the future of this great country by creating a more intelligent future generation that might NOT blow up their own country.

Vault chaplain
"They say the G.O.A.T never lies. According to this, you're slated to be the next vault ... Chaplain. God help us all."
Prevalent skill: Barter

Laundry cannon operator
"Well according to this, you're in line to be trained as a laundry cannon operator. First time for everything indeed."
Prevalent skill: Big Guns

"It's nice to know I can still be surprised. Pedicurist! I might have guessed Manicurist, or even Masseuse. But apparently you're a foot person."
Prevalent skill: Energy Weapons

Waste management specialist
"It says here you're perfectly suited for a career as a Waste Management Specialist. A specialist, mind you, not just a dabbler. Congratulations!"
Prevalent skill: Explosives

Vault loyalty inspector
"Huh. "Vault Loyalty Inspector"... I thought that had been phased out decades ago. Well, sounds like a job right up your alley, hmm?"
Prevalent skill: Lockpick

Clinical test subject
"Interesting. "Clinical Test Subject"... sounds like something you should excel at. I guess you and your dad will be working together."
Prevalent skill: Medicine

Fry cook
"Looks like the diner's going to get a new Fry Cook. I'll just say this once: hold the mustard, extra pickles. Ha ha ha."
Prevalent skill: Melee Weapons

Jukebox technician
"Thank goodness. We're finally getting a new Jukebox Technician. That thing hasn't worked right since old Joe Palmer passed."
Prevalent skill: Repair

Pip-Boy programmer
"Well, well. Pip-Boy Programmer, eh? Stanley will finally have someone to talk shop with."
Prevalent skill: Science

Tattoo artist
"Huh. I wonder who will be brave enough to be your first customer as the vault's new Tattoo Artist? I promise it won't be me."
Prevalent skill: Small Guns

Shift supervisor
"Apparently you're management material. You're going to be trained as a Shift Supervisor. Could I be talking to the next Overseer? Stranger things have happened."
Prevalent skill: Sneak

Marriage counselor
"Wow. Wow. Says here you're going to be the vault's Marriage Counselor. Almost makes me want to get married, just to be able to avail myself of your services."
Prevalent skill: Speech

Little league coach
"I always thought you'd have a career in professional sports. You're the new vault Little League coach! Congratulations."
Prevalent skill: Unarmed

Career: hairdresser
This Hairdresser is responsible for cutting, coloring, and styling other Vault residents' hair. Butch DeLoria's G.O.A.T. results place him in this position. He insists on calling himself a barber.

Career: garbage burner
A Garbage Burner or Trash Burner, is a career position in the Vaults. This person works in the maintenance department, where they are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the incinerator receptacles. This position is considered the most undesirable of the many careers available to the residents.

A common saying in Vault 101 is, "Most likely to end up a trash burner." This saying is used by a Vault resident about someone they see as a loser. On July 13, 2268, after a confrontation between Butch DeLoria and the Lone Wanderer, Amata Almodovar mutters this saying when speaking about Butch.

On August 3, 2274, the Lone Wanderer's father attempted to convince his child of the seriousness of the G.O.A.T. by saying, "The last thing I need is your mother's ghost haunting me because her only child became a garbage burner."