Hanks Assaultron application. (Just hear me out there's no eye laser.)

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Hanks Assaultron application. (Just hear me out there's no eye laser.) Empty Hanks Assaultron application. (Just hear me out there's no eye laser.)

Post by Hank Handsome on Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:59 pm

[Steam Username]: [TJR] Hank Handsomeā„¢
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:1:50592883
AGE: 18

-Species/Human or Robotic: Robotic

-Character Advantages/Talents: Assaultron systems. (Human running speed) (Strong melee combat) (Ability to take more hits that a unarmoured human.)

-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Broken eye laser. Exposed half of chest plating (Left). Corrupted memory banks, (Has a slight twitchy personality.). Leg calf armor plating missing. Requires activation. The damaged chest plating seems to have disabled its self destruct. (Basically this char is a damaged assaultron missing both its god weapons for balance and to actually make people rp with it as apposed to "Oh no it's gonna fire its laser run for it.")

[Keep in mind some faction characters may be
subject to becoming event characters to prevent our server
from becoming faction wars roleplay]:
Faction Options: Post war Assaultron now deactivated and corrupted.

-Current Equipment: Assaultron frame. Assaultron Chassis. Assaultron Systems. Glorious rusted army paintjob. Glorious markings of a proud nation.

-Backstory [10-20 Sentences Minimum: Mankind had discovered nuclear power and what an amazing power it was. Fusion, Fission. Stuff man has only dreamed of. All is now a reality. Nuclear power controls everything. However instead of using it as simply an object of war, Technology for the betterment of man has been created. Nuclear powered cars, Domestic robots and portable computers are the latest craze. However in this time the greed of man has begun to take effect. Tensions are high between China and the United States. The current two super powers of the world. Both nations are looking for any excuse to wipe the other out. The United States focus mainly on advanced suits of power armor and robots used for defence. China however focuses more on hit and run tactics. Building suits designed to increase the stealth of the user. With Fusion power becoming the normal source of power for the USA's robots more powerful version of these deadly automatons are being produced. One notable example being the Assaultron. These bipedal automatons run on Fusion Cells and have a devastating eye laser built into their face.

Assaultron #1257 was created in a factory in Maryland. Built by the highly successful RobCo company the Assaultrons were designed for quick rushing of the enemy. Get in close. Take the hits and blast them. The only thing that did it better was the Sentry bot. But these were more expensive and rarer. #1257 was built for the war against the Chinese red menace. They were built on the 18th of march, 2075. They were deployed on the East Coast in Maryland as a backup homeland defence. On the coast of Maryland is where they would remain for two years. Waiting, Watching. All who were there, Human and robot were waiting for the red menace. Some were itching for a fight. The automatons were programmed to want to fight. They waited. And waited. And waited even more. Nothing came besides the nuclear blasts. On the 23'rd of October 2077 the bombs dropped.

The blasts were devastating. Whole cities destroyed. Populations wiped out. Governments decimated. Not much survived its onslaught. Most automatons were either destroyed or damaged and with no factory's to produce spare parts most succumbed to the elements. #1257 Had been damaged in the blasts. Its armor. Once marked with the proud symbols of its great and powerful nation was damaged. However its programming remained. It kept its post. Still wondering Maryland. Looking for the red menace. Over time the elements really started to get to it. It had burnt out quite a lot of its charge firing its eye laser at the now mutated wildlife. Rad Scorpions and Rad Roaches mainly. Over the next twenty years it slowly degraded and in 2105 the automatons fusion cell burnt out. It fell to the ground. A monument to its great former self. Shut down and disabled. There it lay for the next seven years. A waste lander stumbled across the automaton. Seizing the opportunity to make some caps he dragged it back to a nearby settlement. It was placed down onto a table, The village had a fusion cell leftover. A nearly full one to be exact. The cell was placed into the automaton. Its eye slowly lighting up. The waste lander looked to the automaton with hope. Could he have finally found a defence for his village. Well this would've been the case if in the next two seconds he still had a brain to think about it.

It turns out the Assaultron had been corrupted over the years. It was no longer seeing Chinese as the threats. It was seeing humanity as a threat. The villagers rushed in with their pitchforks and shovels. A second laser was fired. Removing the leg of a female waste lander who charged it with a pitchfork. However a well placed smack to the back of the head with a shovel from a priest of all people definitely mis-aligned something. The automaton collapsing to the floor in a heap. Its body was dragged off by the villagers. If they couldn't get the defence they needed they'd at least try to sell it to the highest bidder.

Finding no buyer for a corrupted and damaged relic of the old war the villagers dumped it to the side of a road. Again more time passed. About 100 years actually. Perhaps longer. It was in 2205 that a Raider group stumbled across the body. It was rusty looking. only some of its glorious army green paint remaining and it's fabulous white star of freedom mostly scratched off. Its number was barely visible. The raiders rubbed their hands together. Plotting their evil plans. Although with an intelligence of a super mutant on Jet they had neither the knowledge or materials to re-activate the assaultron. Instead they just salvaged its important parts. The Fusion cell. The Laser diodes in its eye laser and the explosives in the assaultrons self destruct mechanism. They made off with the parts leaving the salvaged body in the swamps of Maryland. It was badly degraded. Its left leg had come off and was lying near it. The body was half buried in the swamp. Probably shielding it from the elements somewhat. There would be its final resting place. There the tech would remain. It had never succeeded in fighting the red menace. It had never ripped the head off of a dirty Chinese terrorist. It had waited. Killed American citizens and been taken apart. Some would say if a robot had feelings it would feel a lot of regret. Regret that it had failed at the one job it had been built for. The raiders had left it a shell of its empty self. On the plus side they'd accidentally corrupted its programming again. Making it more passive. Its voice had also been changed in the process to the slightly friendlier female option.

The year was now 2240. It remained there. If it could hope and dream maybe it would hope for a waste lander to re-activate it. Give it purpose. Perhaps even a name to go by. But until it happened. Buried in the swamp it would remain. Waiting. Waiting for a life.

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Hanks Assaultron application. (Just hear me out there's no eye laser.) Empty Re: Hanks Assaultron application. (Just hear me out there's no eye laser.)

Post by Pianotugboat on Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:51 am

Denied, there's an dis-interest in the character from other admins and myself.

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