Advent MEC's hinghongpingpong Application

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Advent MEC's hinghongpingpong Application

Post by Revenant on Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:04 pm

[Steam Username]: Revenant

[Steam ID]: This is around here somewhere.

AGE: One Hundred and Ninety Eight

Species/Human or Robotic: Ghoul

Character Advantages/Talents: Military Experience, First Hand Survival Experience, Traits of a sterotypical ghoul.

Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Very basic English, Traits of stereotypical ghoul, agitated, slightly buttmad at his situation.

Faction: N/A

-Current Equipment: Basic clothing, flamer, assorted supplies of food, water and medical supplies.


Being born in Beijing, 2042, Kuan Jin was born to a pair of Chinese accountants working within the busy capital of China. Having a healthy reputation with their co-workers and friends outside of their working environment, the Jin family enjoyed the luxuries of having a large community of people to socialize and interact with and the newest edition of the family was no exception, having a group of friends to grow up alongside and adults to grow close bonds with. Attending school and getting above average grades, it appeared that Kuan would take up the family’s chosen sector of work and quite high up in the administrative chain, too. Everything seemed to be laying themselves out perfectly for Kuan; a high paying and steady job, a large social network to make friends and business partners and colleagues out of and a firm place within his family.

With the Resource Wars being declared on the year 2052, Kuan and his family really didn’t feel the weight of war on their shoulders until several years into the war itself; around 2064 or so. Of course, oil was becoming a rarity day by day but with the reliance on public transport rather than owning a personal vehicle, the Jin family were able to get by far better than those that relied on personal automobiles. Whilst those who felt the strain of dwindling resources struggled to keep their heads above the economic waters over the past few years, Kuan had been working and listening to the news of the war and the world outside of China; from the sabotage of Chinese mining operations by American spies, the collapse of the United Nations to the destruction of Tel Aviv by terrorists. It all seemed so distant to Kuan as he worked and traversed the streets of Beijing. It seemed that the war had been kept far way from China and its people… For now.

In 2065, one year before the invasion of Alaska, conscription found its way to Kuan. Being the healthy young man that China needed for its military, Kuan was called into service. His father, whilst being fit and healthy, had an unfortunate illness that restricted him from being drafted. Being transferred to a base camp just outside of Beijing, Kuan would be thrown into basic training alongside many other fresh faces mixed in with close friends and colleagues that he had been acquainted with during his career in accounting. What troubled Kuan the most was the large amount of youthful conscripts there were; some looking no younger than eighteen years old. Regardless, with a strict drill instructor and being overseen by a prestigious commanding officer, Kuan and his fellow recruits were push into learning the basics of warfare; putting down their pencils and picking up rifles. Whilst Kuan was a reasonable shot, due to an unlucky draw he was assigned to be the bearer of a flamer; seen more of a curse than a blessing due to the intense risks and dangers that came with operating such a weapon. Regardless, having no position to argue, Kuan accepted the additional training and became the flame-wielding terror that the Chinese military required.

A year later, 2066; Kuan and his fellow fresh-faced servicemen were shipped overseas towards North America; specifically Alaska. Being part of the initial invasion force, Kuan was lucky to survive the intense conditions of both the cold’s bite and the Americans trying to shoot at him. He had never killed a man before and a flamethrower was one of the more brutal ways to do it; no quick death, only burning and screaming. As the months went on, Kuan experienced yet more of the horrors of war in the freezing cold of Alaska, each day he advanced and assisted with the invasion, knowing that his commanding officers would punish him if he didn’t.

After what seemed like endless fighting for several months as they pushed further for Anchorage,  Kuan would be assigned to go and assault an enemy position. Leading the charge, Kuan stormed the bunker with his squadmates; all colleagues from his previous work. Whilst they appeared to get in very far, they were quickly outnumbered by the American garrison. Being so early into the war and the hate between the two people being fresh; Kuan and his squad were lucky. Despite the blatant push for victory at all costs by their commanding officers, Kuan and his squad decided that their lives were far more valuable and surrendered to the garrison. After interrogation and being disarmed, Kuan and his squad were taken to American lines for further questioning.

Luckily for them, the Chinese POWs did have a bartering chip; Cao Ye, one of the more questionable of the squad and having a history in shady dealings in his youth, had stolen some Chinese military documents in the event of needing to bargain for his life. With the Americans seeming to find the documents useful and perhaps seeing the young Chinese men as a good source of labour, the squad was transported back to mainland America; specifically Maryland, to be placed within a POW camp and used for slave labour; mining and chopping wood to be used as resources for the American war effort. Being chained with an explosive collar and given semi-decent conditions, Kuan and his friends considered their war to be other; at the mercy of the Americans they were merely prisoners of war put to work. Whilst things seemed to be somewhat bearable during the early stages of their captivity, as the years went by, the conditions only got worse due to the lack of resources available; everything being pushed to the Alaskan frontline. With conditions worsening and increasing hostilities from the guards, Kuan and his friends suffered from hunger, thirst and exhaustion yet had no way to escape without it meaning certain death. Despite everything the prisoners soldiered on, clinging to the hope that things would get better.

Kuan still was unacquainted with the concept of loss; having killed Americans during the invasion yet never seeming to see any of his friends or comrades fall; perhaps he was just blind to the fact, a natural security his mind put in place to avoid him panicking in the face of danger. Watching his friends wither in their conditions; over their period in captivity they started to fall. Yet even with the death of prisoners, Kuan’s friends, the guards still kept up their ruthless mentality and treatment of the prisoners, never seeming to give any leniency with their rules or their punishments. In a twisted sense to Kuan, it was a game of follow the leader where even the slightest slip-up could result in his death, as well as the death of the remaining prisoners.

The time spent at the camp seemed like such a blur to Kuan, who had been held in captivity for eleven years under the iron fist of the Americans, despite the conditions, Kuan seemed to be incredibly fortunate. Being fed just enough and keeping his worth through hard labour, Kuan was able to keep himself out of the sights of his captors and healthy enough to warrant him to be continued for forced labour. In 2077, however, things would take an unexpected turn. With the guards suddenly withdrawing to assist with some unknown emergency, Kuan and the remaining captives were left alone to their own devices, locked up in their camp. That was when the bombs fell and America was plunged into a nuclear winter, Kuan blinded by a flashing light, surely thinking that he would perish.

This was not the case. Instead Kuan had been sheltered from the blastwave and had not been disintegrated, watching the mushroom clouds swallow the enemy land whole. He and what remained of his friends emerged to the ashen skies. With no guards in sight yet their explosive collars still armed and ready, the men in the camp could only wait and bide their time, not wanting to risk a messy and explosive death. Slowly over time, the radiation ate away at them, turning the surviving members into what would be later known as the undesirables of the wasteland; ghouls.

Over the years that went by, alterations would take place and the rusting of the collars slowly flickered them into disrepair and neutralizing their lethal deterrent. Finally being free, the survivors left the camp and went on their own paths. Wandering the ruins of the former United States, finding food, water and equipment along the way to keep their survival chances high. Procuring a RobCo ID card, ruined clothing and a flamethrower with plenty of fuel through scavenging various factories, military resources and the like, Kuan has lived through the apocalypse since the very beginning.


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Re: Advent MEC's hinghongpingpong Application

Post by Pianotugboat on Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:52 am

Accepted fuck you dad

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