Heretics Nice Tats Bro Application

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Heretics Nice Tats Bro Application

Post by HereticsEnd on Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:39 am

[Steam Username]: HereticsEnd

[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:38035471

AGE: 21

-Species/Human or Robotic: Hooman

-Character Advantages/Talents:

  • Steady Handed - Able to keep his hands almost motionless without any form of shaking
  • Advanced Cognitive Skills - With a broad mind, long term memory and a seemingly limitless imagination, this individual is able to figure out situations in mere seconds. That is, if he feels its important.
  • Sick tattoo skills bro.

-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses:

  • Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder - Perfection is key to this individual. He seems to alienate himself to his little part of heaven in the Vault, either in the Parlor or his room.
  • Undeveloped Social Skills - Difficulty Socializing with other members of the vault/wasteland, even though he wishes to. This setback usually keeps him focused on his work.
  • Untrusting - Due to his conditions and a childhood of being made fun of for them, he isn't quick to trust someone.
  • Blunt - If something is on his mind, it will be stated without a second thought. Especially if someone inquires to him about it.
  • Indifferent - In a sense, if it doesn't concern his own self, he could care less.
  • Sarcastic - Don't ask stupid questions and you won't get stupid retorts. Even if you don't, he'll act like a sarcastic ass to you.

-Vault Dweller-
-Tattoo Artist-

-Current Equipment:


Born in the year 2212 within the confines of Vault 127, Kyle Michael DeAngelo was raised by his two loving and well mannered parents, Chris and Diana DeAngelo. Whilst his mother was well educated with an occupation being a Pip-Boy Programmer, his father was a Vault-renown tattoo artist. Generations before, the DeAngelo family owned a prosperous tattoo parlor on Main Street of Annapolis, right next to 'Ego-Alley' (Being the City Dock where most of the wealthy upper class showed off their boats). Before the bombs fell, the DeAngelo family was introduced into the Vault with enough time before zero hour to take with them entire stocks of tattoo supplies and a limited number of personal belongings, mostly due to the tattoo business being all that they had. This supply cache has lasted generations, with enough to move forward a couple more (Also due to the low number of Vault Dwellers who actually get tattoos).

By the age of four, the Vault Medical Practitioner and Therapist noted odd mannerisms that would come about during Kyles normal day cycle. Irregular twitching, orderly finger tapping on surfaces and a knack for keeping things within perfect alignment were all but some of the disorders noted. Upon his first year at the Vault's 'School', Kyle needed to be placed in the back of the classroom due to a number of students throwing objects at the back of his head, one such case leading to a physical altercation with the offender. Nonetheless, his school career within the Vault went on better than expected, so much so that he was one of the few kids to finish within the top five percentile of his class. Although no such physical altercation came about during his next few years in the classroom, he was still mocked, teased and ridiculed in hushed tones and places absent of his presence.

Those that tried to get to know Kyle were more or less pushed away or shunned by not only the other kids, but Kyle himself. Years of being derided caused him to be thick skinned and untrusting to those around him, feeling that they'd only try to get under his skin at first just to toss him away in the long run. This introduced many psychological problems, causing him to be "...very knowledgeable, however a bit of a schmuck." as described by his teacher. He remained in solitude for most of his days, learning the ancient art of Tebori by his father who had become more of his role model than anyone else, only to be followed by his little dog teddy-bear Wrinkles. In the final year of his Classroom studies and nearing his sixteenth birthday, Kyle completed the G.O.A.T with a predetermined path of becoming a Pip-Boy Programmer. As knowledgeable as he was in many fields, he felt more at home in becoming something his family was more or less used to. And so, with some negotiating with the Overseer and his teacher, Kyle was made one of the few Vault Tattooists.

For the first few years with his new job, he was an apprentice to his aging father. Thankfully, Kyle's twitching had subsided to a level that wouldn't effect his work and his skill for having a steady hand made him uniquely fit for the tasks ahead. Along with watching, Kyle's imagination ran rampant as he made new and interesting designs on paper and other surfaces, including his own corner of the family's room. What started off as animals and flowers turned into odd but shapes of pure beauty and complexity, followed by highly detailed portraits and other requests from clients. Eventually, Kyle was trusted enough by his elder father to continue the family practice, knowing what was at stake. Just like his father, Kyle was deemed a master just before his twenty seventh birthday.

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Re: Heretics Nice Tats Bro Application

Post by Pianotugboat on Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:38 pm

Tattoo artist sounds dope.

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