Wyatt Gilreath, The Blue Blooded

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Wyatt Gilreath, The Blue Blooded

Post by Alkemical on Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:53 pm

YOUR NAME: Wyatt Gilreath

   VAULT USER NAME[Steam Username]: Alkemical

   VAULT USER ID[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:47548775

   AGE: 21 (???)


"I believe I have the discipline and the integrity to serve the citizens of Vault 127 as a member of it's steadfast security force. I like to think I have a strong moral compass and a passion to protect others, which is why this occupation would be a perfect match for me in my honest opinion. When I was younger, I participated in the short lived vault neighborhood watch program and organized several events with my school peers, who unfortunately didn't share my enthusiasm of the undertaking. I consider myself to be fiercely loyal to my friends, my family and my superiors. It goes without saying that I have to continue the legacy of my father and grandfather, who were security officers within the vault since the early days... Finally, I feel I owe it to myself to protect the Vault that has sheltered me, my family, and the citizens I've had the pleasure of growing up with my whole life."

   WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?: "I'm confident when I say that I'm pretty good at paying attention. I'm quick on my feet and I have a rigorous exercise routine I strictly follow habitually. I suppose I'm not bad with a gun either, but I've only shot a 10mm pistol only twice, so I haven't had much practice with firearms, not like there's much of an opportunity to do so down here - confined spaces and the harmonics and all that."

   WHAT COULD YOU BE BETTER AT?: "I suppose I could be better at being a little less... sincere? I've been told before that I'm kind of a doormat when it comes to confrontations. I'm not exactly the most aggressive person nor the most intimidating. I suppose my interpersonal skills could use some work too, since I don't really spend much time with people around here besides eating with people during meal times."

   ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS?: "Not that I'm aware of... I make regular check-ups with Vault 127's medical office and last time I checked, I was issued a clean bill of health."


   TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT OUR GREAT COUNTRY!: "Oh...! America is great! Without America, we wouldn't have Vault-Tec, right? I'm just glad that a small fragment of America was preserved by Vault-Tec... I can't imagine what life was like before the bombs, but it sure does sound swell... Freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness sure sounds nice, especially to someone who has lived underground his entire life. It goes without saying that people tend to overlook these things and take them for granted for those of us who have these luxuries while others do not. I guess it all boils down to the fact that America is just keen if it's the lifestyle that Vault-Tec has attempted to emulate during our time down here. Thanks, Vault-Tec."



  • x2 Vault Security Uniform
  • x1 Security Baton
  • x16 10mm bullets
  • x1 Vault Security Helmet

   BACKSTORY[1-2 Paragraphs MINIMUM 10-20 Sentences]:

Prior to the Great War of 2077, the U.S. military was gridlocked within the fight against the Communist Chinese offensive in Anchorage, Alaska. Many young men and women enlisted into the Army to defend their country against the Communist Invaders.  During those ten years of conflict, many young men and women lost their lives to the communist menace. Among the casualties was certain Corporal James T. Gilreath, who lost his life in the winter of 2068 in an ambushed that claimed the lives of six other soldiers within the squad. James Gilreath left behind his family back home in the United States: a young wife , Marie Gilreath, and his newborn son, Joseph Gilreath, who was born earlier that year. For the turbulent years that followed, Joseph Gilreath grew up hearing the stories of the brave young souls who fought to protect America's way of life from the communists. It was shortly after the short lived victory in Anchorage, Alaska when the Great War obliterated the world into nuclear fire within only two hours. Those lucky enough to be spared the horrors of the nuclear holocaust fled to underground Vaults. It was within Vault 127 that the young Gilreath family found shelter on the Eastern Coast of the United States...

It was there in Vault 127 that the Gilreath family would live for the next several decades, Joseph Gilreath having matured and became one of Vault 127's most trusted security officers, beginning his legacy with the birth of his son, George Gilreath (2091 - 2137)  who would take his place as the next Gilreath to enlist within Vault 127's security force in the Fall of 2109.  Many years would pass before George Gilreath would make his own roots within the Vault, where he would marry Violet Gilreath and sire his own son, Michael Gilreath [2121 - 2204 ] . It was in the Fall of 2137 that George Gilreath was killed in a mechanical fire in the reactor level of the vault that - due to his brave efforts - claimed only his life alone. In the winter of 2164, Joseph Gilreath dies at the age of 96 of natural causes.

Decades would pass before Wyatt Gilreath was born in Vault 127 to Lucas and Jolene Gilreath. Like all of the men in the Gilreath family, Wyatt's father was a security officer for Vault 127 while Jolene was a marriage counselor. Wyatt took an early interest in making friends in school and lived a relatively peaceful life in the vault until Jolene Gilreath died of lung cancer when Wyatt was twelve years old. Though Wyatt was a troubled child afterwards, he showed great interest in joining the maintenance department during his adolescence. However, after finishing his school career, Wyatt was slated to be chosen for Vault Security like those before him. Following the death of Lucas Gilreath in 2235 at the hands of a crazed vault resident, Wyatt decided it was in his best interest to accept his induction into the security force.

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Re: Wyatt Gilreath, The Blue Blooded

Post by Nazz on Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:09 pm

I'll give this my OK.


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