[HUMAN] Ian Mathis, "Abserahk", Old Ex-Raider.

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[HUMAN] Ian Mathis, "Abserahk", Old Ex-Raider.

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Human, Old, Ex-Raider Settler.


"Given the choice, to toil another day under a bleak and unforgiving sun, or to retrieve your forsaken self and challenge this uncaring world for a chance - a bleak and miserable chance - to regain your integrity. What is a man to do?"

Face/Voice Claim:

Legal Name: Ian Mathis
Aliases: Abserahk
Faction: Settler, ex-non-psycho raider
Age: 63
Place of Birth: The Pitt, previously Pittsburgh, PA.
Known Languages: English
Accent: English, Sussex (faint)
Mental Illnesses: Aside from mild neurotic tendencies, none.
Physical Disabilities: Minor arthritis, missing most of left pointer finger.
Hair Color: Chestnut, light brown.
Eye Color: Dull grey-green eyes.

Social Status / Wealth: Subsistence.
Occupation: Lone scavenger, harvester. Haggles with those passing through.
Familial Status: No relatives, no known descendants.
Relationship Status: Single
Education: Vault Education, excelled in social studies and phys-ed.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Religiosity: Christian, Methodist. Has long struggled with faith.
Supernatural: "I'm just one man out there. There's enough darkness in the world's corners to swallow me whole."

Primary Motivation: Wants to find a more comfortable environment to live.
Emotional Disposition: Stern, somber, distrusting.
Social Disposition: Blunt, accusatory, impatient.
General Outlook: Pragmatic, unconscionable.
Integrity: Keeps to his word. It's the only thing he has.
Impulsiveness: Considerate, very deliberate, not one for needless proclitvities.
Boldness: Yes, when the situation presents itself.
Attitude: Comes off very strong to unfamiliar people.
Conformity: Stands out like Pink Guy in a mosque on Ladies Night.

PERKS / Character Strengths and Drawbacks

[Been there, done that]: Abserahk has lived a considerably long life by Wasteland standards, and has walked the road a long way from home. He has lived, and as a result, learned, and there are likely more than a few people who could benefit from his experience.

[Persistent Bastard]: Folk eventually know when to give up, or think that they've just up and bought the farm. Sure, Abserahk has been there a few times himself. But, having lived past those moments, he's picked himself up, and he's pretty hard to demoralize at this point. Perhaps he's just ready to die?

[Cunning]: Though educated some, it as more what Abserahk taught himself, and how he applies what he's learned that makes him a useful human being. Quick thinking and problem solving skills with a certain learned patience has developed his mental acuity.

[An Active Life]: Abserahk has been an active man from his youth, and since leaving his vault as a young man, he's developed the skills of a surviving every-man. Kept in good health for his age, able to maintain the mundane needs of a frontiersman settler, though lacking many specific skills, Abserahk makes due rather well.

[Haunted]: Life isn't easy, and war never changes. Abserahk has lived more than enough lifetime for him to have regrets, and plenty of them. Some that aren't easy to wash away. Things that make it hard to pull it together, to see straight, pick up the pieces, and keep with it.

[Old Man]: Creeping up on Abserahk is no small thing, the weight of death's grey shroud, the ticking clock. His skin wrinkles. He's not as fast as he used to be. He's not as strong as he used to be. He doesn't see or hear as well as he once did. Worst of all, at times he doesn't notice, others - he refuses to notice.

[Dismissive]: Few people survive in the wastes by tolerating sob stories, stupidity, or senselessness. Abserahk is patient with many things, but people who cannot even help themselves try his patience to the point of almost immediate rebuke.

[Honor and Integrity]: Abserahk carries himself that's lost everything two or three times over, who's dropped everything he's had and everything he's known to start again. The only thing he has that clings to him is the thought of his own personal being, himself, and his character. Without that, he might as well up and die.

SKILLS / Character Skills

[Major Skills]
Survival: Having to eek out a living in various harsh environments over his life, Abserahk is quite adept.
Melee Weapons: Having at one time been notorious with such weapons, tool use and nostalgia has kept it up.

[Minor Skills]
Sneak: Seeking out tactically advantageous situations is fine, but being able to produce them is better.
Small Guns: In a world of conflict, at times the greatest comfort is that of a warm gun.
Unarmed: Going hand in hand with his melee weapon usage, but more in support to said activities.
First Aid: Tending to himself with his basic outdoorsman skills has fostered a good knowledge of wound care.
Repair: Years of dealing with scarcity and hardship has made keeping basic repair a must.

[Inept Skills]
Lockpicking: Abserahk has just never gotten this to work. He always ends up forcing a lock, or giving up.
Science: Now, Abserahk knows a lot of stuff out of the history books, but computer science or engineering? Nope.

Ian Mathis as a younger man, when he previously called himself Pheidon.


Abserahk was born in the Pitt in 2177, in a Vault located not too far from the city itself. Born as Ian Mathis, he was raised as many young men in a vault are raised. He was a strapping young lad, excelling on the Vault's baseball team, but only really showed interest in Social Studies academically. The vault had a larger display of world history than most vaults, and also quite a varied religious institution therein (though all were Christian of course.) The intention of this in the vault was never announced, but by the time Abserahk was a young man, he had learned a great deal from the vault's archives, and the people of the vault were in agreement of opening their vault to gather resources to better their lives.

Not terribly long afterwards, the situation of Abserahk's life changed. Exposed to the new outside world, he was almost immediately drawn to it, and almost immediately juxtaposed against the life back inside the Vault. In fact, given that his vault occupation test gave him very little hope of leading a successful life of much enjoyment in the vault, it was only natural that when a group of young men near to his age was encountered by the vault dwellers embarking to the surface - that Abserahk would join them.

These men lived much to the liking of the young vault deserter, free and wild, enjoying themselves. To say that they were young kids on a wild streak might be a little underselling the truth. They all wanted to sate themselves on the wastes around them, and were bold enough to do it. More than just pushing around folks like some surface-walking Tunnel Snakes, these kids were quick to violence. Violence was like a currency between them, with escalation showing a level of maturity in a society where they were outcasts and disrespected. Maybe it was that Abserahk's father was distant, or that his mother always so frequently spent time with one or two of the neighboring vault families. But, Abserahk got the feeling of masculine acceptance when he was with his new family, taking and competing for what he wanted with them. He shed the name Ian Mathis fairly quickly, and took up the pseudonym Pheidon after the man believed to have coined the Greek Phalanx fully.

Twenty strapping men riding out over the valleys of southwestern Pennsylvania soon came into conflict with the tribes in the Pitt, coming between them for profit. They took the waterways as often as they could without irradiation, sailing and raiding with brutal effectiveness on simple water-craft. At times they held at lochs where the rivers were raised and lowered, and assaulted people with the same idea. All the while holding up anyone with any shred of valuables on them. This included weapons, food, technology, women, and children. Slaving worked pretty good on ranches and mines in the region

It wasn't for almost ten years that this pattern continued, as the young men grew into a notable force settled in the region. Calling themselves the Broken Sails, with numerous accolades to their careers. Abserahk himself, calling himself Pheidon, was rumored to be horrendously efficient in a close quarters engagement, wielding a gun in one hand and a vicious machete in the other. They would eventually run afoul of the prominent tribe in the area in effectively botching a ransom that was supposed to go smooth and easy, and inevitably executing (among other things) the leader's daughter. This provoked a combined alliance that nearly destroyed the Broken Sails, halving their numbers (which had swelled nicely), and forced them south to less hospitable regions. This fighting also resulted in Pheidon being maimed, losing the trigger-finger on his left hand.

Relations strained with the move, with fewer targets and less prime locations. The waterways proved more dangerous in the more waterlogged southern regions. Weather conditions worsened on them, food became more scarce, reliable targets that would reproduce were not so easy to come by. Eventually, the men turned on themselves for both survival, and on their own twisted principle. Abserahk shed the name Pheidon after he survived the encounter, wanting to be believed dead. Not having entirely abandoned his ways, he took the name Ian Toth.

Life was hard, but good for almost ten years. For his thirties, he fell in with a local village that survived on some freshwater., with local livestock having been brought in from elsewhere - and local species being hunted. Ian Toth would settle a little, never starting a family, but easing into life with a local widow as a steady relationship. Though, the name Ian flashed attention to one other survivor of the night that the Broken Sails turned on each other, one of the oldest members that was once close as kin with Abserahk. Leading a resurged mercenary band against the village, paid some trifling tribute by another, a fatal conflict ensued. Abserahk engaged in mortal combat with the man who was once closer to him than his blood family, and slew him. The woman he was close to had perished from wounds infected, and the village's population was dealt a serious blow. Wracked by guilt,  Abserahk left again, taking no name, and fleeing further from civilization.

For a long time, he took no name, until he stopped in some local convent inspired by a man who similarly came from his own vault. In the past years of recent, the vault had been intent on sending its various religious authorities out into the world for some odd reason that Abserahk couldn't put together. The preacher rekindled some of the feelings on religious faith that  Abserahk learned to ignore as a young man. The thought of redemption seemed impossible, but that the man existed made him want to try and be a better man. So, the two joined each other on missionary work going further and further. Taken again by history, and the thought of biblical implication, instead of taking a name, Ian Mathis built one out of his basic fragments of learned Hebrew, and began calling himself  Abserahk as he's known today.

The two would travel to Maryland and remain there for some time.  Abserahk would be the backbone of their wanderings, with the preacher providing what he could not through diplomacy. Eventually the preacher would fall ill on a crossroads and perish. Lost without any internal compass, Abserahk would build a small cottage on that crossroad and subsist there for many years - in self-imposed exile - carrying the weight of his past on his back.

Lingering there, he'd take to living off the land as he'd learned to do more seriously. Building from his small cottage facilities to cast copper and bronze from scrapped materials. A place to repurpose old wood and sharpen scrap metal. What few crops he could raise would have to live in the swampy environs, with his food and water preserved in clay jars cobbled from the swampy sediment.

Living for the sake of seeing tomorrow. Dying all the while.


Quality: Poor - Common - Reliable - Potent - Awesome - Epic

Pitt-Raider's Blade: A well maintained one-handed sword with thirty-six inch, double-edged blade; complete with crossguard.
Roadwalker's Waterskin: A reliable waterskin, treated with beeswax.
Roadwalker's Knife: An old bowie knife of sufficiently preserved quality.
Wasteherder's Shovel:  A beaten scrap metal shovel on a refurbished haft.
Wasteherder's Hammer: An old hammer of some heft, with a refurbished haft.
Wasteherder's Handsaw: A copper handsaw made from melting down copper scrap.
Wasteherder's Hoe: A copper hoe made from melting down copper scrap.
Wasteherder's Shoulderpack: A basic cloth sling with a large pouch at its base.
Makeshift Quarterstaff: A wooden pole of some questionable integrity, though definitely able to hit well.
Ragged Cloak: Basic cloth outerwear of wool and canvas, heavily worn.
Ragged Clothing: Basic clothing patched together, frayed and discolored by wear. Includes repurposed toolbelt.
Ragged Headwrap: Basic headwrap cut into place, frayed and discolored by wear.
Prospector's Bucket:  A bare-boned wooden bucket roughly cobbled together.
Stonescavver's Neolithic Javelin: A hand-made javelin with a polished stone head.
Destroyed 10mm Handgun: Massive damage, more trouble to repair than get a new one.

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Re: [HUMAN] Ian Mathis, "Abserahk", Old Ex-Raider.

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I love all of your characters, Dom. I can dig this.


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