Yayo's Wastelander Application #2

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Yayo's Wastelander Application #2 Empty Yayo's Wastelander Application #2

Post by yayo on Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:16 pm


[Steam Username]:✞AVE MARIA✞
[Steam ID]::STEAM_0:1:40776559
   AGE: 29
   -Species/Human or Robotic: Human
   -Character Advantages/Talents: Small Guns, Book Smarts
   -Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Alcoholism, Cigarette Addiction, Easy to Anger, Trademark Wasteland Malnourishment

   [Keep in mind some faction characters may be
   subject to becoming event characters to prevent our server
   from becoming faction wars roleplay]: Settler

   -Current Equipment: A flare-gun and a hat, alongside a light suit of worn out, torn leather.

   -Backstory[10-20 Sentences Minimum; Be advised
   all applicants that settle or go below the minimum app
   requirement will be subject to a simple deny, spend time
   on what you want, if you’re not passionate about your
   topic to produce a few extra sentences or even paragraphs
   then its a red flag- put some effort in here.]


Born in a small shanty-town in the vast remains of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests and given a tribal name, the first half of his life started as "Bone River-Wind", the only child of a soon to be broken family. He grew up in turmoil, caught up in a war between his village and tribes to the west, but that was overshadowed by the feud between his mother and father. At thirteen years old the two finally broke apart, forcing "Bone" to make a choice.

He decided to go with his father. When he broke the news to his mother, she plotted against the two of them. As they moved to the other end of town, she began to stir up rumors, seeking to see them both killed or jailed. The talk grew among the village that Bone and his dad were traitors and that they had broke tribal tradition. Eventually it came to the chief, who seeing how many witnesses there were, agreed to have the two put to death.

The next day they were taken from their homes and brought to the center of the village. Charges were made against them, claims that they both denied. Instead of listening to their case, they were deemed liars by the mob that had formed. The chief had Bone's dad killed first to appease the crowd. He took what they referred to as the boomstick, a rifle from before the war, a weapon used only for ceremonial executions, and blasted a hole in his stomach before the crowd. Bone was overtaken by emotion. The boomstick was soon leveled at him and the crowd cheered on his coming death, shouting insults, calling for him to be killed.

Before he could be killed, another thunderous shot rang through the air - Then another, and another, and the mob surrounding Bone and his dying father began to run off in different directions, some falling and screaming. The chief turned to where the shots were coming from - When he saw them, he dropped his rifle and fled like the others.

So Bone did too - He ran like he had never ran before. He left that village as it erupted into gunfire with tears in his eyes.

The tribe north of their village had taken the opportunity to attack, Bone would later learn. They had discovered a cache of guns on a trip to the remains of Roanoke and had put them to, in their eyes, good use.

Bone ran until he reached the ruins of Harrisonburg, where he would spend the rest of his days. He was taken in by a group of settlers living in the remains of a museum. They were a mix of history-nuts and ex-raiders, smart people and guns-for-hire. One such history buff decided to take Bone in. His wife could never get pregnant, so the two took to seeing him as their son. Bone didn't care much about this, and as years went on, he began to bond with his new family.

A year later they decided to give him a new name, in an effort to civilize him. Since the two had read him stories about the presidents of the U.S.A and he had been very fond of Teddy Roosevelt and the Spanish-American War, they named him simply Roosevelt.

Becoming civilized came easy for Roosevelt. His parents had him baptised by the settlement's only religious man, a small-time pastor. They showed him what life was like before the nuclear hellfire and took him to that small-time pastor's mass on sundays.  

As he grew up and became more civilized, Roosevelt took to enjoying history. However, books and a life in-doors did not fully appeal to him. As he grew older, he started to divide his time between history, his new parents, working out, and exploring. The latter scared his caretakers, who decided they would not let their son go out into the wastes alone. This is where Roosevelt met Garry Richmond, a quiet mercenary who lived in the settlement's basement. He took up the task of escorting Roosevelt around when it came to his journeys in the wastes. The two bonded over the years, and Garry took the time to show Roosevelt his way around guns.

As Roosevelt's caretakers grew old and his aspirations grew larger, it was clear it was time for him to go his own way. He wished them good luck and left his new home with a rifle, a suit of leather, and a bag full of books. His journey north through Maryland and Pennsylvania led him to pick up a cigarette habit. He also found himself with a detest for tribals - Everytime he saw them he was reminded of his first childhood, which he had started to despise.

Considering himself a civilized man, Roosevelt ended up getting himself into quite a lot of trouble with tribals he'd bump into. He'd argue with them and urge them to leave their huts and tents for anything close to a real town. Once, his remarks ended with him fleeing yet another violent mob wishing to put him to death, or as Roosevelt would come to call it, "the Lake Erie incident."

By the time he started heading back south, deciding to see the swamps of Maryland, Roosevelt found himself with many stories to tell. He picked up alcoholism alongside his cigarettes, drinking nights away in bars where he'd tell his story to anyone who would listen.

By the time he reached southern Pennsylvania, he felt himself to be a civilized, God-fearing man, a perfect example of what all tribals should become. He decided that the next group of spear-chuckers he saw, he'd show them the light he had saw.

So, with a rifle in hand, he approached a tribe living in the ruins of a mall. He spoke with them about history and about how to live civilized. There were some clear disagreements.

Discussion turned into argument, which turned into a bullet slamming into someone's chest. Though Roosevelt saw it as an act of self defense, the rest of the tribe did not.

When brought before their Chief, he was given a choice. Give up what he had or be killed. So he dropped his gun and dropped his pack, and with that Roosevelt was led out of the village, unarmed and dirt-broke. He decided it was time to stop at Harrisonburg, to see his parents, to tell them about his adventures, his attempts to civilize the damn tribals, his attempts to show them the light of civilization.

When Roosevelt arrived at that old museum, he found nothing but a corpse at the door and an empty ruin. After pillaging through the place for any sign of his parents, he found nothing but Garry's old hat and a flare gun. Taking that hat and that flare gun, he left this time for the swamps of Maryland, looking for opportunity, the mystery of where his parents had gone hanging on his shoulders.

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Yayo's Wastelander Application #2 Empty Re: Yayo's Wastelander Application #2

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