Jude Abernathy || Vault Dweller

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Jude Abernathy || Vault Dweller

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"Do not mistake my kindness for weakness; I will break you with the same hand I fed you with."

General Information

Name: Judith Abernathy
Aliases: Jude, Judy, Ducky (by her cousin Quinn)
Faction: Vault Dweller
Age: 17, going on 18
Place of Birth Vault 127
Status: Alive and Healthy
Known Languages: English
Mental Illnesses: Generalized Anxiety
Physical Disabilities: Asthmatic
Occupation: Food & Wellness

At just 17 years old, Judith is just coming out of her 'awkward' phase - after having experienced a sudden growth spurt, she is not quite used to feeling so adult just yet. Her appearance is still very youthful, as her features are soft and her expressive blue eyes always appear warm with curiosity.  She is rather lovely with a heart shaped face, full lips, and sandy blonde hair. Her appearance is traditionally feminine, yet she less concerned with her looks than other girls her age might be. Being something of a tomboy, she typically dresses in jeans and old t-shirts.

At 5' 6'', she is a few inches taller than most girls. With a willowy, slender frame, she has often been described by her family as being 'all legs'. Judith happens to be self-conscious about her height, however, and is often seen slouching to make herself appear shorter.

Jude has always been a little bit on the more difficult side. Impulsive and unpredictable, one can never expect how she will react to a situation or occurrence. Her overall personality is highly dependent on her mood; some days, she is very personable and easy to get along with. Other days, she may be irritable and simply hard to be around.

Her sense of bravery is often considered her most admirable quality. This characteristic is innate, though it has strengthened over-time. The supposed death of her brother was a turning point in her childhood in which Judith was forced to abandon the freedoms of her youth for the harshness of reality. This instance hardened her as a person and continues to influence her behavior to this day. Something of an adrenaline junkie, she often deliberately places herself in situations which may be considered dangerous or risky, if it benefits the group she's associating herself with. She is notorious for being able to work efficiently under great amounts of pressure.

There are sides to Jude that are rarely seen by others - She is very much loyal to those she places her trust in and would do just about anything to keep her family and loved ones safe. She is incredibly headstrong and once she has put her mind to some task she will do anything to complete it. She can also be sentimental and very affectionate, though this does come off as a surprise to many when this side is seen for the first time.

Love/Romantic Interest | Platonic Love | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral | Dislike | Despise

Quinn Sterling:
You share a space, but not a mind. They think you weak. You are, maybe. The scent of whiskey on the horizon. “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.” Red-tipped fingers lock in secrecy. “Yeah? That’s pretty sad, Ducky.” They laugh. It’s the happiest sound you’ve ever heard. She points out every family-shaped hole in the mantelpiece.

Hudson O 'riley:
What a funny little girl, they say. The empty side of their bed you crawled into when you were nine. Brown wool sweaters. “I miss spending time with you.” They are your wings, there’s no doubt there. “Sorry Ducky, gotta go to work.” Best friends are a funny thing. There’s a red string tying you together.


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