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Post by Soup* on Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:20 pm

YOUR NAME: Warren Roberts

VAULT USER NAME[Steam Username]: Soup

VAULT USER ID[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:1:19736627

AGE: 41


WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?: Since my youth-- however long ago that was-- I've been told I've had a knack for paying attention to detail.  I'll take a wild guess, and assume that's one of the leading factors for the G.O.A.T. deciding I was management material. Regardless, I've been doing it for twenty years, and have done so without too many hitches.

WHAT COULD YOU BE BETTER AT?:  Do you like your boss? Maybe you do, maybe you don't like him all the time, though. Because, I've made plenty of enemies, not just being a relative authority figure, but being the messenger to tell someone when to start working, and when to stop. Point being, I don't like people, and they don't like me. Fair trade. But, I suppose I could do better with creating a social atmosphere, too.


DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE OVERSEER'S WORD IS LAW AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN SO?: To each letter, as it was typed,  of course.

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT OUR GREAT COUNTRY!: The United States is a Federal Republic in North America, and we were nuked by the Chinese.


- Vault 127 Jumpsuit
- Pip-Boy 2000
- Pager (// Whether this is a default feature, a module, or a seperate entity of the pip-boy, we'll go with whatever)

BACKSTORY[1-2 Paragraphs MINIMUM 10-20 Sentences]:

Being the descendent of a more elderly couple when the Nuclear Fallout first occurred, Warren Roberts was always a few years ahead of the third generation of the Vault Dewllers of Vault 127. Regardless, he was born within it's confinements, like everyone else had in his generation -- and of course the one before his too. Warren was brought up in the household who enjoyed the thought of having their own independence, but they always laid under the radar, and premediately assumed life was life, in Vault 127. To elaborate, it's not that he wouldn't kill to be free to his own devices in the wasteland, and rid himself from the stench of people inside his residential underground refrigerator, but it's one thing to actively take protest. Point being, it lead to Warren becoming quite a complicated personality. Taciturn when appropriate, but expressive of his emotions when only solitude is present. It's hard for a doctor to diagnose and just like any youth would lack , Warren lacked the ability to positively self-reflect, which lead him to being a tightly-sealed bottle of his own personal thoughts.

Warren had grown up without too much difficulty in scholarly pursuits. Most prominently, his attention to detail had shined quite brightly, along with his capability of organizing and micro-managing small tasks. When the G.O.A.T came around, it's likely his attention to detail came and other previously mentioned aptitudes to accomplishment when it was said he would become a Shift Supervisor. Warren didn't think much of it when he first got the assignment, and if you would skip back twenty years to this date, he still doesn't. If anything, he dislikes his job. But, you know what they say, The G.O.A.T doesn't lie. Anyway, somewhere down the line, Warren had gotten married when he was twenty-seven. Her name isn't really important, but she was a proud, stern woman, at that. However, following a number of disputes involving Warren's ability to motivate himself for family tradition, they divorced eight years later. For these past couple of years, Warren doesn't have much left going for him. However, much like a machine, his cogs keep turning. Seemingly vigilant, in their rotations.

// For the record, the strengths and weaknesses, and all other answers below it, except the backstory, are what would be in-character responses,

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