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Post by Starkiller on Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:15 pm

YOUR NAME: Janus Sobieski

VAULT USER NAME[Steam Username]: Starkiller

VAULT USER ID[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:1:32516307

AGE: 27

DESIRED OCCUPATION[WHY SHOULD YOU BE ACCEPTED?]: I wish to be a medical doctor for the current occupied vault, because while the Vault is currently at a surplus for shift supervisors, security guards and cooks, their seems to be a lack of medical personell and somebody is going to have to fix those cuts, burns and soars when someone has an on the job accident.

WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?: Managing Auto-doc surgeons, Treating illnesses, Radiation sickness, blunt trauma, treating first-second degree burns.

WHAT COULD YOU BE BETTER AT?: Hands on surgery, Combat in general, firearms training, Mechanics (For medical equipment)



TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT OUR GREAT COUNTRY!: America was founded on the ideals that no man should be forced to live under tyranny, and that all Americans have the right to fight any who dare threaten are way of life, from the Loyalists of England to the filthy Communists of China, God bless America.



x3 Radaway
x10 Stimpacks
x2 Super stimpacks
x1 Energy pistol
x1 Vault doctor's uniform
x2 Painkiller's
1x Doctor's bag
(Willing to change if requested)

BACKSTORY[1-2 Paragraphs MINIMUM 10-20 Sentences]:

Janus Sobieski is the only child of, Martin Sobieski, the son of the first Vault medical doctor to work before him. Martin would tell Janus during his spare time of his grandfather's stories from before the great bombing, and how he had been one of the combat medic's for the U.S. Army before his honorable discharge. His heroing stories of saving his fellow friends lives on duty and owning his own clinic to help the sick put Janus in awe, inspiring him to follow in family's footsteps. Since he could walk and talk, he'd spend his time in his father's office, helping him and learning whatever he could about the medical profession. He started from simpling managing the tools, and medications his father needed to prescribe any Vault Dwellers who came to him, to assisting Martin in administirring stimpacks and radaway to the ill and injured.

By his teens, Janus had become a bit of a shut in, keeping to himself when he could in order to further his medical studies. It wasn't long, before he was able to operate the Auto-Doc's and start treating patient's on his own in his father's absense at the age of fifteen. From their, Janus had dedicated himself to becoming as exceptional as a doctor his father his father was and earn the same respect as he had. Once he was sixteen, he took the G.O.A.T. with the rest of his fellow peers, in hopes that he'd be selected as the next Medical Doctor for the vault. Fortunatley, he predicted all the right answers to recieve the career of his dreams and was on his way to being instated as a Vault Doctor.

Once he turned nineteen, he had already been officially working as a Medical Doctor under his father's supervision, pleased with his new career as he was able to assist his fellow staff with whatever was troubling them. His role in the vault was very fulfilling, giving him a sense of pride for his work and himself as he worked to make himself as great of a doctor as his father. After eleven years, his father had passed away, leaving Janus as the last member of his family with any medical knowledge. Janus, now looks to hopefully share his knowledge to the next doctor to come along, whether it's his next of kin or the next generation of Vault Dweller's to come.


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