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Post by Pinkie on Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:15 am

[Steam Username]: Pinkie
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:39733853
AGE: 26
Name: Johnny Slick
-Species/Human or Robotic: Human
-Character Advantages/Talents: The talents and skills of Johnny Slick are innumerable in number and impressive in scope. In essence, he encompasses every skill required to woo any American sweetheart ages 16 to 28 into a viscious cycle of want and desire. Notable among the many skills of Johnny slick are these. His hip, rockin', cool as ice and smooth as baby butter improv dance moves fresh out every ones favorite holo-videos of Americas greatest performers, and guaranteed to light up the center stage of any prom or dance competition. His effortlessly cool sense of style and fashion always keep him up to date with the latest looks and coolest of the cool styles, indeed Johnny Slick is at the bleeding edge of male American fashion. Johnny S. also holds an impressive set of Wiley charms which make him an irresistible slice of American pie for any hungry dame. But most impressively and most importantly, the greatest skill Johnny Slick can tout are his velvety golden pipes, capable of singing out with impunity in person the hits of old, including songs by legends such as Dion and the Belmonts, Frank Sinatra, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Bobby Dylan.
-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: The disadvantages of being the one and only Johnny Slick come when he runs across the usual bores, such as wet blankets, drags, and step mothers. These individuals, prude in nature, may resist even the sharpest charms and whits of Johnny S.

-Faction: Settler

-Current Equipment: Johnny Slick's chiseled features and effortless cool style are the only pieces of equipment he needs. Despite this, he does carry a number of items to be the icing on the cake. Wherver Johnny goes, he takes with him his genuine leather jacket, without it he is naked. This Jacket is made of genuine bull leathers and is the coolest slice of American male fashion in the states of US and A. Alongside the Jacket is Johnny's trademark Rayban shades. Some say the glasses are necessary, so that he doesn't knock out every dove and broad he winks at. Most importantly, is Johnny's switchblade comb. With great hair comes great hair maintenance, and what way to keep up style on the go than the iconic Switchcomb? The only weapons Johnny Slick needs are his dashing baby blue eyes, guaranteed to sweep any American girl off her feet in minutes.


Pinkie's Johnny Slick App James_dean-cigarette-crop

The tale of Johnny Slick before Johnny Slick is an average one. Born to a pair of unwed caravaners Johnny, then known as simply that, was orphaned at a young age by raiders. Johnny went about living on his own as a child among the wastes before he came across a man whom said he was from the west, named simply 'The King'. The King was without a doubt the slickest, coolest individual Johnny had ever had the pleasure of knowing personally. The King took Johnny under his wing as a young man, giving him the surname 'slick' and teaching him all there is to know about how to be cool. Under the tutelage of The King whom bestowed upon Johnny his trademark jacket, Johnny grew in a way few wastelanders do, valuing his silver tongue and smooth moves over a fast trigger and a sharp eye. During this time, Johnny traveled in caravans across much of the north eastern states with his father figure The King, visiting locations such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and even the infamous Pitt. During this last venture to the slavers city, The King was lost to Johnny as he was captured and killed by Pitt Slavers, in a bid which allowed Johnny himself to escape with his life.

Since then, Johnny has wandered the waste, spreading his cool style, fresh moves, and velvety singing voice to every corner of the Wasteland he can find. It was during a small time production gone wrong in Rivet City when Johnny acquired his Rayban shades, plucked from the face of a ghoul arms dealer as he was chased out of town, and in Diamond City within Boston where he simply bought his switchcomb off a caravan trader whom was passing through. Since then, Johnny has made his living among the wasteland by selling his peculiar talents, as well as suffering from an occasional bout of sticky fingers. Legend tells that because of his womanizing ways and his tendency for shoplifting, he's been chased out of nearly every major city within the New England area at some point or another, though he always leave with a shining smile. Now Johnny makes his way to Maryland, a place he had previously deemed unworthy of his cool atmosphere due to it's redneck steriotype. Johnny comes here over a sense of adventure and a lure to the unknown, also perhaps because he has been chased out of everywhere else.

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