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Post by Reiuzi on Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:52 pm

[Steam Username]: [PA-O] Reiuzi
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:39260849

Name: Saimei Furukawa
AGE: 23
-Species/Human or Robotic: Human
-Character Advantages/Talents: Leans to kindness and has experience in the wasteland, mechanic by hobby and used to work as a water treatment person. Tends to be kind of sneaky as well. Enjoys large caliber, explosive weaponry and energy weapons due to exposure of sci-fi comics in the Vault(that, and she has a superstition of them killing anyone without much pain). Has a knack for culinary activities and can substitute ingredients for others. Has an interest in medicine, and overall likes retail and service type jobs. Either has a strange resistance to radiation or high metabolism.

-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: A phobia of conventional firearms, to the point of going as fast as she can to hide from it. Being very wide/thick. Leans toward kindness and is rather optimistic. Can walk long distances but cannot jog fast at all. Horrible at sewing. Plus sized clothing. Expects the best out of people.

-Faction: No alignment, wastelander who just wants to find a better life.

-Current Equipment: Vault 105 Jumpsuit, Pip-Boy 2000, a ruined bag, cracked glasses, an Enclave officer's cap, an Enclave soldier's dog tags and a broken, non functional plasma pistol.

-First bit of backstory told in perspective of a snoopy person, possibly at a bar talking to his friends; second bit told in the way of narration-

That woman? That one, yes, the one with the broken glasses and she’s Asian too? Yeah, she passed by here. Luckily for you, she dropped her diary, poor girl, her sacks full of holes. And it doesn’t seem to help, either, that the girl’s glasses are busted too. She’s all dusty and dirty looking and seems to have been through an ordeal or two, but she doesn’t seem to be seriously hurt or anything. She also came from one of those Vaults, yeah? Look at that, ‘V105’ at the front. Amazing she could find a writing utensil too.

-The man opens the book- Let’s take a look fellas on who she is.

Her name, apparently, Is Saimei Furukawa, age 23, 5’6, Blood Type O, and 262 pounds heavy. Seems right for her body type. Expelled Vault Dweller, the prefix written in dark red ink, or blood… From Vault 105, Salem, Oregon. The girl came all the way from Salem?

She is one out of 36 children of generation 3 of Dwellers at the place, born to Japs, both on the water treatment. -As the man reads ahead a bit, his eyebrow raises- She was part of a healthy society of Dwellers… but, whoa, it was an experiment, hang on, apparently those ‘Vault-Tec’ guys, seemingly introduced to food and water, trans-fats, fluorides, waxes, corn syrups, soy, and… pesticides? Gee… and it seems that real treats like Nuka-Cola were locked in a safe in the… ‘Overseer's’ office, to keep only for significant celebrations? So, huh, it appears that all Dwellers of the Vault were either obese or had cancer… -He turns the page.-

Saimei was one of the few who showed significant resilience to the diet they had, saying amongst her fellow Dwellers that she was bulky, not fat, and 5 were needed to make it so that it was a proven success. The Overseer acclaimed that the mission was accomplished: humans could endure a horrible diet like this, and that it was time to leave due to the experiment’s success, but to make sure, wait until the 13 year old girl was 18, and that was when Saimei seemed to catch up with her fellow Dwellers… And I’d say so! It says here that the girl did get fat but experienced a hormonal disorder due to the quality of the food and water called macromastia… and that, boys, explains why that seems to be. The Overseer seemed to be furious at that, but I'm not sure why the ignorance of the situation would put everyone in jeopardy, I wouldn’t ignore my doctor's orders. -He flips through unimportant details.- Ah, so years later, the girl did work in the plant with her mother and father, and one day, a fire happened in the water treatment plant due to the flammability of the ‘water cleaner’ they were putting in there, and because of this act, people thought Saimei was going to kill the whole vault by this reason, and as so, expelled her with only a bag of few stuff, her ‘Pip-Boy’... and her glasses.

She described the town of Salem as ‘a desolate, burnt wasteland, with no features or color to speak of.’ Ain’t that the case today? She ventured around, and found a gas station made of concrete. Inside, she found some snack foods that the Overseer never would let anyone eat, and she writes ‘maybe living out here isn’t so bad at all!’ Heh, if only she knew then. From this point, she seemed to barter her way with a caravan of traders, using what she had available, and carted her way down to a developing… urban center... called Shady Sands. Wow, cities still exist? But the trails of the wasteland lay ahead, and Saimei had developed a fear of guns when  so many bandits and animals and mutants went and relentlessly attacked the caravan, and she always duck and covered, her luck saving her behind most of the time. When she finally arrived at Shady Sands, she had been able to work for a small fortune to be able to walk for safer ground, and to her, at the front cover of the book, she wrote down ‘East seems best. A man told me to go over there.’ So, as it seemed as expected, she moved east… over here. Her book ended at the last page, how convenient. This sounds like a good guide for someone to find where this Vault is, maybe they all killed themselves or something…

-Part 2-

During her time in the American Midwest, moving from Shady Sands to God-knows-what, Saimei trounced upon many different kinds of people, some friendly and others hostile. Mostly, she had never paid attention to the Geiger counter on her Pip-Boy 2000, but for some reason the mass of her body coupled with high metabolism meant she wasn’t readily effected by the radiation, that or she’s just very lucky. On the way in the American Midwest, in the Great Plains, she had come across a crashed Vertibird, but only took interest in the pilot’s hat, a soldier’s dog-tags and a broken device, later to her finding was to be a plasma pistol, completely useless but good in a bluff if she really needed to, which she had all took just for fun.

Her route brought her through a long way, taking her way through the south, avoiding any urban centers possible, following the coastline, but not Florida, across the Mississippi River, up into Virginia with little to no resistance, spare for mutants and wildlife here and there, occasionally raiding the home of people that she identified as empty, as being courteous and nice means something to her. Any civilized person would take kindness as a notation, right? She has nothing that valuable on her anyway.

Along her various adventures, she had thought nothing but making sure she gets her way, and to be far away from her home as possible while finding on she can call, herself, home, with preferably friendly residents as well. Everything on her adventure, she thinks, is superficial and did not matter, all in the name of progress. She will not talk about these things much, unless urged or asked to.

Now she heads up through the Chesapeake Bay area, will she encounter people like her, or what?


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