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Post by Blackout13425 on Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:07 pm

(Just a heads up, my left hand is super numb and my thumb is broken, so sorry for any missed spaces / mistakes Very Happy)

[Steam Username]: [TJR] Brendin
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:5013718
AGE: Twenty One

Character INFO-
-Species/Human or Robotic: Human
Character name: Marco 'Saelwaek' Ustafov
Character Age: Twenty Seven

-Character Advantages/Talents: Talents: Basic Gunsmith skills, such as maintain / repairing a firearm. Basic medical knowledge - As well as basic technician skills. - Advantages: Knowledgeable on how to properly survive in the wastes alone - Very cautious around people and new areas - Generally friendly to people, though could just be deceiving.

-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses:  Does not seem to trust many people - Blind in left eye - Walks with a slight limp - Not very handy when it comes to hand to hand combat. - Becomes nervous when put on the spot - Weak mindset / Heavy emotions. - Can come off as crazy at times, almost like a split personality.

Faction Options: Settler / Drifter (Never really sticking to one place, always moving.(Thanks for giving me the proper word Hanky panky))

-Current Equipment: A small kit containing medical equipment, along with another one containing several key tools for the listed above (Gunsmith - Technician That stuff) Along with a .44 magnum and a box of ammo. As well as a small knife with "Selene" Carved into it.

-Backstory[10-20 Sentences Minimum; Be advised
all applicants that settle or go below the minimum app
requirement will be subject to a simple deny, spend time
on what you want, if you’re not passionate about your
topic to produce a few extra sentences or even paragraphs
then its a red flag- put some effort in here.]

(That moment you have no idea where to start. Very Happy)
Born and raised in the outside world, in a hostile zone filled with the wonderful dangers of the waste's. His parents were always on the move, but soon had to find shelter due to their newborn. Soon after coming to a strange cave, inside was a small town, or village at that, The locals called it, "Ramuer". They entered the village, seeking shelter and a place to settle down, how ever the locals did not seem to want any sort of outside to join them, not even allowing us entry past the main gate. My parents pleaded and begged them to let them stay, how ever then continued to deny them, how ever the leader, or mayor if you wish to call him that made them a offer, saying that he will not take in my parents, but will however take in me instead and only me. My parents look at each other, seemingly having a surprised look on their face, They both nodded to each other and held me out, as if offering me to some sort of god. My father spoke towards the "Mayor" and said "We will take that offer... But please, for the love of god, take care of our son.". Shortly after the gate would open, several armed men would step out and so did the mayor. My parents took one last look at me and said their good byes. My mother giving me the necklace around her neck, wrapping it several times around my wrist, like a bracelet. And thus how I became a citizen of Ramuer.

Seemingly growing up within the confines of this Ramuer as a child, I generally spent most of my time within the walls, going to their makeshift "school" and helping around the village. Each child was essentially assigned a task, some were put in farming, others into maintenance, and even some were taught how to fight and wield a firearm at a young age. All so we could benefit the village once we come of age, which was at that time fairly young, around Twelve. I was originally taught how to maintain and repair electrical, mechanical, heh damn near anything with a gear or a spark. How ever I quickly fell in love with the fine works of our local armorer, seemingly always watch him working with the plenty of fire arms and ammunition we have acquired, fixing and building, tweaking and modifying each and every day. Until one day I, I worked up the nerve to be taught how to do something like that. The old man, whom was out armorer, nodded with a smile on his face and agreed. So from that point on, in between school and my daily chores on maintaining things around the village I'd stop in at the armory and watch him work. He's sit me down next to his bench and tell me how to do this or how to do that, some times even letting me work with the tools. Eventually allowing me to work within the confines of the armory as a secondary occupation.

So as the story goes, Marco did spend most of his time within the confines of Ramuer, not ever knowing his father or mothers name, not having a true family and only seemingly to have a necklace as a memento from them. Which seemed to have led to a dream which kept him up at times, haunting him. Within the confines of his mind, showing the only image of his parents, some nights its a nice simple dream, though other nights it shows what may of truly happened to his parents, waking him up in a horrified state. So after seemingly dealing with the people, equipment, and his own thoughts, he decided to eventually up and leave Ramuer. Sneaking his way into the maintenance shed, armory, and even the cafeteria, he would load up his backpack with various tools and equipment. Taking food, water, some medical supplies, even some caps. How ever her was caught stealing from the armory, the old man, or know as the armorer walked in on Marco stuffing the tools into his backpack. How ever, as surprising as it is, the old man simply went to his bench, sat down and let out a sigh. Marco then would quickly close the leather back backpack and attempt to leave but was stopped when the old man spoke up, "Leaving already?" He'd ask. "Well its a dangerous world out there, are you sure you wish to do this?" He'd ask, looking to Marco, who would only simply nod to the man. "Alright, I wont stop you, but do come here for a moment." He'd say, Marco complying. Suddenly as Marco gets close, the old man would pull a strange object from his side, placing it on the table. "Take this and may it serve you as well as it served me." The old man would say. Picking it up, Marco would simply nod, stuffing it between his pants and his back. He turns once more, saying his good byes to the old man and telling him to tell everyone there that he is sorry. Soon after leaving the armory and sneaking his way past the settlers awake at the time, making his way to a small crevasse in the rock walls, which led to a large cave. Inside the cave led to the outside world, allowing Marco a clean and safe escape from the village.

Several years went by as Marco continued his adventure though the wastelands. Moving from place to place, looking for a couple of people, a male and female, wielding only a magnum to defend himself. Managing to help civilians in his wake and surviving off what little he had. Or so the rumors say. Spending his years moving around, trying to find these two individuals with next to no luck. He eventually settled down for around a year in a small settlement. He met a nice young lady, around his age whom was a nurse, or doctor if you will, that took him in, fed him and housed his wounds. Marco seemingly falling for her the moment he seen her. He was happy for the first time in years, being able to stay some where, some place where he could help, fall in love, and possibly grow as a person. He even thought of stopping his foolish quest to search for those two lost people. Eventually he started to work in the clinic as a aid, helping complete strangers at the request of this women whom he somehow manged to fall in love with. Eventually after about half a year he found out that she, in fact also had the same feelings for him. Luckily for him... He thought. Eventually gaining enough courage to finally ask her out, which she replied with a simple "yes." He continued to work within the confines of the clinic, though helping out around the settlement as well, due to his prior knowledge on certain things. Though as time past slowly so did the threat of the outside world. A small band of bandits that were contently bugging the town, this was happening even before he showed up. Eventually the threat became to real, the settlement took up arms and began to kill any and all of the raiders that tried to approach the town. Which led to peace, or so they thought. After another half a year staying at this small settlement he instantly regretted it, regretted not packing up with his new found love and leaving with such a threat. The bandits finally got fed up with the town and launched a attack, moving in from the cliff side behind the town and from the front, eventually fighting off the guards and pushing their way into the town. Slowly making their way through, home to home, building from building. They were killing everyone, burning buildings, stealing everything. Obviously this woke Marco up, causing him to grab hold of his pack and another suit case. Filling them quickly. He moved to the door and bolted out, making his way through the burning town until he finally reached the clinic, pushing in through the already opened door only to find several bodies laying on the ground, a couple being residents of the town and a few of them being the bandits. But among the bodies, which made Marco freeze up, was his beloved Asuna, his one and only love laying there with a large machete in her gut. He quickly rushed to her side, gripping her hand. He looked down at her, checked her pulse, how ever... It was to late, she was gone. Dropping his hands to his own side he lets out a loud chilling scream, or a cry for help if you wish to call it that. Eventually working up the nerve to push to his feet, he grabs the knife from the side holster on Asuna's body. Looking over it with tears in his eyes. He stuffs it into his bag to only grab hold of another object, a old bottle of liquor. He quickly stuffed the top, turned to the doorway, lit the top and tossed it inside. Saying good bye one last time before moving away from the building, which was now ablaze.

A few years past after the destruction of that town and the death of his love, leaving Marco at the age of Twenty Seven. He decided to continue to search for those two people with only the blurry image in his mind. Slowly fighting every inch of the way, trying to survive in the harsh environment of the waste's. Doing some odd jobs here and there for some simple caps, food and equipment. Not sticking to a single place for very long, a day or two at most. He would only carry those few objects he left with and a few extra tools he picked up here and there. Managing to get by on just the bare minimum, Eventually making his way to the Colombia Commonwealth Where finally, he had made a clue of where those two distorted figures in the back of his mind might be. Causing his to search in the vast area he had found himself at.

(Well... There that should do. Any comment, criticism or suggestions welcome Very Happy Always looking to improve the back story


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