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Jeffery 'Jeff' Illian
-Species/Human or Robotic:
-Character Advantages/Talents:

  • Silver Tongue-able to negotiate and strike deals easily. Very Social with this skill, works into his personality.
  • Quick Learner-able to generally pick things up if he sees someone do them, but unable to learn if not shown or told how to specifically do something
  • Gunslinger-rather, in training, in an effort to quell his boredom and look intimidating the male witnessed some fancy gunslingers and 'wasteland cowboys', and now idly would spin his revolver, and drop it while moving. Still working on it.
  • Perceptive-He has good vision, and can spot things that may be looked over by anyone else.

-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses:

  • Ego-He'd say that he is over-confident in himself, but his ego would seem to get him in trouble than it would provide any real benefits.
  • Hot-headed-if something doesn't go his way, or he isn't doing something right, Jeffery would simply implode on himself or on others if they would keep annoying him, this makes him impatient and stubborn
  • Acrophobia-The fear of heights always gets to him, he'd be frozen if he'd to look over a ledge or a cliff. He feels as if someone will push him off, or he'll be clumsy enough to fall on his own.

No Alignment, Settler turned Wanderer.

-Current Equipment:
Knit Poncho, Worn Scarf, Small One-Strap Leather Bag, Thigh-Holster with a .357 magnum revolver

Beginning of a new Chapter
A gloomy night, it'd be, as Jeffery would be laying beside a dying fire in a abandoned cabin out in a forest. He'd look up at the torn roof, The moon lighting up the night sky- and stars like candles that emit a small gloom in the dark patch of the night.
He'd roll over, away from the facing fire, as he'd crumble his poncho in a ball, laying it under his head. He'd exhale, closing his eyes.

A rather small Jeffery would be running around a neat and tidy settlement, a warm sunny day would shine on top of wooden homes, and wired farms. With the friendly neighbors and kind parents working on the houses and farms. He'd be happy- goofing around and running playfully- filled with youth and innocence Jeffery would see himself running into the arms of his mother, who is standing outside his log hut, while his father works on the roofing. Jeffery would look at his mother, getting a clear image of her face, blue eyes, long silky black hair, small nose- freckles scattered across her cheeks, filled with youth herself. The two would embrace, Mother-to-Son hug

Jeffery huddled in the shack, eyes closed, would smile- as the fire would now be dead.

His mother would let him go, only for Jeffery to run off once more in the settlement. He'd be surrounded by the forest and small road with the road-sigh 'Route 68' be labeled on it. A rather youthful male himself would step out from a hut himself would notice the small child running around passionately- as he'd look at the Mother and the Father, and the two would would exchange smiles and waves to each other.

The light from the moon would fade as clouds would slowly pace in front of the moon, Jeffery would roll onto his back, bringing his right arm over his eyes.

Jeffery would be on top of the neighbors roof, assisting his father with the construction of another home beside their now well-built and neat log cabin. The Teenage Jeffery would wipe the sweat off his fore-head, as he'd exhale- helping his father align a long piece of wood along the frame of the roof. Jeffery begins look down at his mother who'd be tending to their rather big farm, turning to face his father- who'd be nailing in the log to the frame of the roof, His beard grown fully, and rather short hair that taken form to meet with the beard, dark brown of color. He'd hastily begin to return to work- hammering in the nail on his side of the roof. Stopping as he'd a group of children running around past the cabin being under construction, one girl, and two boys- running like he used to.

Remaining on the hard wooden floor, Jeffery would fold is arms over his stomach, beginning to quietly snore in his sleep.

Now a man, Jeffery would see his family having dinner with a neighbor- familiar face from Jeffery's childhood- as he'd be outside, kneeling against the door frame of the house. Watching as the sun would set over the forest, that'd be rather clear, stumps of the trees would be creating a valley like towards the road of Route '68'. Watching the road, Jeffery would begin to close his eyes- for only a moment, then opening them and noticing an approaching crowd of rough-looking men. Alerted, Jeffery would begin to rush into the house- grabbing a hold of the hunting rifle that is inside the family's display case. He'd kneel down under the display case and take the ammo box- beginning to load it. His father, alerted would ask what'd the matter- and the family friend would take a stance himself from the table. The mother would panic, holding onto her daughter- and running into the bedroom.

The crowd would come closer, as they'd look intimidating- caring chains and piped weaponry. The Father would un-holster his revolver, along with the other male un-holstering his. Jeffery would alert the town and barking them to get inside, while males exit their homes ready to take a stand to fight off the invading raiders. Rushing behind the cabin, Jeffery climb on the house- posting himself on the side of the wooden roof-top. He'd close his left eye, peering through the scope of the hunting rifle as he'd spot a raider throwing a bottle lit, towards one of the shacks in the settlement.

Grunting Jeffery would turn over in his sleep, gritting his teeth.

Chaos, utter chaos would ensue. Jeffery would be shooting off raiders, as they run between houses- as gunshots would emit from the homes, and the flashes gleaming through the shattered windows. He'd notice the male beside his father had been struck- as Jeffery's father would be pulling him inside their cabin. Molotov's would rain from the sky, as the back-line of raiders would constantly chug these improvised bombs at the wooden homes. Huts and cabins would slowly begin to catch afire. Sliding off the roof, Jeffery would witness from the window two raiders with their faces hidden would kick in the door and begin to clear the home, They kill the father and the male inside the home, beginning to stomp into the bedroom. Jeffery would fire off a shot from outside the window towards one of the raiders, missing. One alerted, the other would kick in the door to the bedroom- as Jeffery would run around the house to hear two swift gunshots and silence following that. He'd wait beside one of the huts adjacent to the family cabin- as the two raiders exit the homes, Jeffery would fire at both of them, striking one in the chest and killing him- as the other would charge at him- machete in hand. Pulling back the bolt of the rifle Jeffery would be tackled onto the floor- as the raider and Jeffery struggle. Jeffery would hold the rifle in both hands, finding enough room to swing and knock over the raider off of him. Standing up, Jeffery would run into his cabin- witnessing his father and the male laying dead beside each-other. He'd bring his hand down to grab a hold of the magnum laying beside his father- hearing the battle-cry of the raider as he begins to charge into the cabin. The raider would collapse as soon as he'd enter, as Jeffery would notice the fleeing raiders from the settlement, and the remaining few women and children being protected by the remaining men in the settlement. One male would rush to aid Jeffery, unable to speak Jeffery would rush into the bed-room and notice his younger sister and mother in each others arms, as the mother cradled the child- they lay dead on the floor.

Jeffery would awake, standing up in the middle of the night, grabbing his equipment, slowly exiting the abandoned home. He'd witness his familiar settlement, left to rot as the houses that had caught fire now put out and left out as a memory of what once was. He'd turn around to look at his family cabin, covering his mouth with his scarf and adjusting his poncho to cover himself in the cold night.

The male that had helped save him would be seen with the remains of the settlement survivors gesturing for him to come, Jeffery would shake his head to decline, noticing the few women and children, along with men that had survived the raider ambush. The survivors would approach the road, turning left to go up 'Route 68' as they begin to move settlements. Jeffery would find himself looking over the grave of his entire family, kneeling down as he'd wear his fathers Poncho, holding onto the fathers holster, and the pocketed revolver. The hot beating sun shining down on the scene.

In the similar way, Jeffery would be looking over the family's grave, as the moonlight would barely make it visible to read the tombstones. Leaning down in a similar way Jeffery would sit there for a moment, before standing and approaching 'Route 68' He'd look at the paved road, looking left to notice a big bonfire lit indicating another settlement is still awake. Smiling behind his scarf, Jeffery would make a right, down 'Route 68', Deeper into Maryland.

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Points for originality. This is the first time I've seen an application in this style, and it worked out pretty well for you. Despite a couple clarity errors within the realm of grammar here and there, I can happily say that this is approved. Well done.

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