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Post by Rhodok on Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:51 pm

[Steam Username]: Clockwork
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:1:58525348
AGE: STEAM_0:1:58525348

Species/Human or Robotic: Human
Character Advantages/Talents: Excellent boxer, charismatic, resilient.
Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Not the most intelligent, pretty misfortunate, below average shot with a rifle.
Faction: Settler
Current Equipment:
Combat leather outfit (Jacket, pants, boots, the like)
Containing a Stimpak or two, a small supply of Psycho, and two spare magazines for the 10mm handgun
Cloth hand wrappings
Dark wraparound sunglasses
10mm handgun
Combat knife


Reno, even before the War, was an impressive town. Home to all kinds of people, all vying to make it rich in the desert. New Reno isn’t any different.


The girl turned towards the sound of her father. Usually it was serious business when he said her full name. He reached down into his pocket, scuffling through it, pulling out a handful of caps, extending his hand. She reached up, sleeve falling down to expose a nasty looking bruise on the soft tissue of her forearm. Her father stopped, his stern features turning into an empathetic frown, before regaining his composure, jerking his hand back.

“Did you get into another fight?” He asked, eyes scanning her before meeting her eyes. She shook her head, but he obviously wasn’t convinced. “With that Todd boy?” He added after a moment, crouching down and bringing himself to her fight.

“Yes.” Came a quiet response from her, looking to the side, obviously knowing she’d done something she shouldn’t have.

Father sighed softly, shaking his head. “You can’t get into so many scraps, honey. You’ll get me in trouble.” His voice was low and gravely, the sign of somebody who’d worked more than a lifetime.

She didn’t reply, and he figured there wasn’t anything else to be added. “The Bishops are throwing a festival today.” He said, starting to look at the caps in his hand again, and she greedily reached for it, before he brought his hand back. “I work all day, but you can go down /if/, and only /if/, you promise to stay in the plaza, alright?”

Nadia nodded quickly, and he dropped the bit of currency into her hand, reaching up and scuffling her hair. He grabbed his goggles and smiled reassuringly. “I’ll see you tonight. Love you.” He said, before she ran up for a hug. After peeling himself away, he stepped out the door and into the grey morning light, shutting it behind him.

They’d never see each other again.

Human trafficking was the trade and business was booming. Why wasn’t there a reason to pick up a child as she was wandering in the festival? Nadia was a unique case, however.

Instead of the normal prostitution, stripper, or even general labor route, she found herself a more than capable fighter against her captors. Besides, how can you be appealing to a client with barely understandable english?

Of course, it was never enough to actually free herself, but instead, the now teenaged Nadia found herself in fights with some of the other slaves, in fights for both amusement and for profit. Soon enough, she was almost a completely different person, now the branded “Valkyrie of the West” being showcased in gladiatorial combat across the east coast.

It took years, but surely she saved up the pocket change she’d been receiving each fight, bought her freedom. Oddly enough, she didn’t quit the boxing business just yet. Where would she go?

Another few years passed like this, legally free, but not free in the fullest sense. She had no skills in anything besides fighting, and it’s now the only reason she’s still alive.

One night, after a particularly bloody match, Nadia found herself lying awake, looking at the dusty horizon. She recalled back to all those years ago, her dad. What was his name? Where is he?

Without a second word, she packed her things and set out further east, hoping to find anyone or anything who knew the answers.


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Post by Revenant on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:10 pm

Seems pretty simple but I don't think of that as a bad thing. Fairly standard equipment and all and I overall don't have any issues with the application.

I'm going to accept this unless there are any interjections.

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