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Bloos farming ghoul and herd of creatures Empty Bloos farming ghoul and herd of creatures

Post by Bluefire on Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:27 pm

[Steam Username]: Bluefire31
[Steam ID]:STEAM_0:1:42372377
Char name: (Mostly for my ref) Adeva Sanghil
AGE: 268
-Species/Human or Robotic: Ghoul
-Character Advantages/Talents:

Nature’s Knowledge: Years upon years of surviving off of only what the wasteland gives has gifted the ghoul with extensive knowledge of just what does what and how. With it she can create herbal remedies for most diseases, craft balms that work as stimpaks, and create teas to help with moods. Pair with this is the knowledge of how most every creature in the great waste works.

Level headed: Years of working and toiling through the wasteland have lead to her having a very easy going, calm nature. Nurting as many would call her, and this nature carries through almost any situation. If it could happen, she’s likely to have seen it.

Big, buff, protector: Collecting caps, buying heavy armor, and buying shells have lead to her being difficult to kill, and even more difficult to ever get to someone she’s hell bent on protecting. Along with that, years of wearing heavy armor, toiling in fields, breeding animals, and generally surviving have left her with enough muscle to rival a well built man.

Good with animals: Over one hundred years of tending to animals tends to make it so one knows just what to do when.

-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses:

Bleeding heart: Any and all creatures are assumed to be the sweetest things on the planet to her, and even when hurt if they start to whine and beg she’d want to heal it right back to health. It’s tough to ever keep her mad.

Bad past: With the loss of a life she could remember and slow, agonizing death of her family it wouldn’t be surprising that a certain sight or sound could make her paralyzed with fear of a repeat.

Suicidal: Before you can say edgy, allow me to explain. Suicidal is not in the way that she’ll slit her wrists and begin to scream crawling in my skin, this is a bit more subtle. If she had the choice to save another’s life but she’d forfit her own, she’d easily kill herself for them.

Unstable: Again, let me explain. If she has something to work towards or protect, she’s fine. If she’s left aimless, without anything she had or alone for too long, it wouldn’t take long for the large woman to snap. Along with that, one could manipulate her into, say, thinking a close friend has died and take her out of the equation entirely.

[*] - 1 (one) set of combat armor
[*] 1 (one) modified hunting shotgun
[*] Several (~) various outfits fit for farming, sleeping, daily activities, and general gatherings
[*] Several (~) hats to cover the balding head that ever ghoul is known for
[*] Seven Brahmin (7), Two older (2) ‘parents’ and five (5) smaller calves
[*] Two (2) 'barn' cats to keep away pets
[*] Numerous (~~) seeds and plants
[*] Several (~) self written guides to plants and wildlife
[*] One (1) modsworth companion (joker plans to play them!)
[*] Many knicknacks
[*] Various (~~) tools for farming and toiling of land
[*] Several (~) basic items needed for setting up a home, (sleeping cot, family photos, etc)
[*] A large (~~~~) cache of caps from the past seventy five years.
[*] One (1) large amulet with a family photo saved inside

Faction: Human, of a sort of settler

A woman who’s family was stolen in the very blast that made her a ghoul, many people refer to her simply as the name she offers ‘Adeva’ without any last name. A kind hearted woman who claims to only help where she is needed and turn the wasteland into malleable cropland.

When asked she would say the blast stole away any shred of the old days, took away the very thing she worked so hard to raise. She’d murmur about children, who’s faces she holds in a locket around her throat. Of a husband who’s touch she swears she could feel in the winds of the deserts. She’d mention her faithful companion, Modsworth. A mister handy who’s words alone quelled her from the lowest of lows.

Of her time she’d tell tales, high and low, of just what she did for so long. From the first few days of taking her husbands hunting shotgun and trudging out in her ruined dresses to the years spent protecting caravans as they went from place to place. Her hands would slap against the muscles that developed from that time, adding to her tall being and causing her to become someone larger than life. She’d speak of the fifty years spent saving every cap, every single one until she invested it in a trade she loved most -- farming.

With a soft voice, she’d whisper of the years spent alone, working all through the day on the acres of land and of breeding animals into this world. Of running both a ranch and a farm almost single handedly, ever accompanied by Modsworth who proved more than useful during harvests. The twinkle in her eyes would grow when telling of learning every detail of land, writing it down in a booklet and keeping it close. Of asking modsworth to help with detailed instructions of the plants found.

“Another fifty years were spent learning, adapting, memorising everything. It takes time to learn how to get two brahmin to pop out a smaller one! But once you know, you’ll never quite forget the process. Fifty years spent saving every cap I got for my crops. Fifty years of the quietest time, surviving alone with Modsworth. . . but then I got the feeling in my bones and knew it was time to move on.” The heavy sigh she’d leave, ever tired of the memories, told of how much she loved that time.

A sweeping hand motion told of her travels, of how she invested those credits into the heaviest armor she could manage and modifications to her husbands trusty shotgun. Of how she packed up a small herd of her animals, seeds, clothing, books, and memories to bring nearby settlements. She’d tell of how each settlement she’d leave behind older animals, ripe for breeding, before setting off. Of finding a few cats and adding them to her mix.

Soon she’d come to a close, giving the listener a gentle pat of the shoulder and murmur they should sleep. Her pure black eyes would look back over the beautiful herd she had going, over her faithful modsworth, before cooking up a good meal for the morning from the recent harvest. By morning, she’d be gathering her things and saddling up.

By the next week, the settlement she called home was left far behind for the swamp.



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Bloos farming ghoul and herd of creatures Empty Re: Bloos farming ghoul and herd of creatures

Post by Revenant on Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:32 pm

Praise be the blessed farmers. It's nice to see that we're getting more of these. Backstory checks out and the equipment sounds cool, I look forward to seeing Joker's app for el robotico.

As far as this goes, I'm going to accept this unless there are any interjections.

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Bloos farming ghoul and herd of creatures Empty Re: Bloos farming ghoul and herd of creatures

Post by Nazz on Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:01 pm

I'm actually not really OK with a full set of combat armor. I'll also only allot you 450 caps because I can't just give someone a shit load, simply because they're an old ghoul. The robot's fine, but Joker's going to have to apply for it separately. Minus that and I'll stamp my approval.

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Bloos farming ghoul and herd of creatures Empty Re: Bloos farming ghoul and herd of creatures

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