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Post by Gruvee on Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:59 am

[Steam Username]: Gruvee
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AGE: 29
-Species/Human or Robotic: Human
-Character Advantages/Talents: Adept at cooking, coupled with knowing the recipe and how to make spaghetti from scratch. Average at using automatic weapons.
-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Believing iron sights to be a pansy's tool, Sal just sprays and prays. He has horrible hearing from birth, making it quite easy to sneak up on him. Sal has a speech impediment that makes him stutter, hence the moniker.


Settler[Standard wasteland Resident]

-Current Equipment: A red zoot-suit, a fedora, a flip lighter and a half-empty carton of cigars, a rusted .45 Thompson submachine gun and ammo.
-Backstory[10-20 Sentences Minimum; Be advised
all applicants that settle or go below the minimum app
requirement will be subject to a simple deny, spend time
on what you want, if you’re not passionate about your
topic to produce a few extra sentences or even paragraphs
then its a red flag- put some effort in here.]

Born in 2211 in New Jersey, Sal Santorino grew up as the son of the owner of an Italian restaurant. Claimed to be descended from the original proprietors of the shop from before the world got fucked up, Sal Senior had quite a bit of fame for his restaurant. Admiring the suited types in fedora's coming in and out, and sometimes having curt (and quiet) conversations with his father, Sal always dreamt of being a mobster. No more than a childhood fantasy, Sal never really believed he was going to be one, instead focusing on learning the joys of good Italian cooking for one day he was to take up the mantle of owner.

By the ripe age of sixteen, Sal had taken a knack for doing odd jobs around the neighborhood, y'know, delivering boxes and what not to people, then delivering the money given for a small cut. Sal had began to be seen as reliable, and attracted the attention of the DeCante family. Sal had began doing odd jobs for the family then, and the more stuff he delivered the more hush-hush he had to be (mainly because his stutter was annoying as fuck). Sal had eventually worked his way up to being the cook for one of the DeCante family's casinos, he had began to get rather close to the family, for he was present for every meeting because what's a meeting without food, right? Sal had made good friends of the mobsters and eventually was brought along to collect insurance money and act tough when the need arised, though he never really enjoyed it, but he was living his childhood dream. After saving up his pay, he managed to snag a Thompson submachine gun off of a caravan passing through the neighborhood. It had occurred to him that he no goddamn idea how to work such a thing, and so he was given lessons by his good friends in the family. When he was twenty-three, he had spent enough time with the mob that he invited to take the vows and become a full-fledged mafioso. Strolling around the neighborhood in a fly zoot-suit with his fedora, Sal felt like he fully fit in.

And so years went by as Sal worked for the mob, part-time as cook and part-time as a soldier for the family. Throughout that time, though, Sal had taken a liking to Mr. DeCante's daughter, Paula, and the feeling was mutual. The two would sneak out time to time under the family's nose, for Paula was engaged to Potbelly Peto, of the smaller Pachelli family. Sal knew it was wrong what he as doing but the two truly were in love, how Paula could stand his stuttering ass, who knows. But eventually Sal's affection caught up with him when he was caught by another mobster. Forced to knock the man out, Sal knew his days were numbered unless he got the hell out of dodged. Of course, he loathed idea of never seeing Paula again, but he liked living more, and so without even saying goodbye to his family, he set out westward with a caravan, headed for Baltimore. Passing by the swamplands, the caravan was ambushed by deformed, atrocious hillbillies and Sal fucking skedaddled further into the swamp. Eventually finding himself around Edgewater, Stuttering Sal found a settlement to rest up at, only to find out it was besieged by tribals. Funnily enough, Sal noted that this was the perfect place to lie low from the mob.


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Post by Revenant on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:27 pm

Sorry for the wait, read through this and it looks good. Giving this my approval, waiting for another admin to give their verdict.

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Post by Satan on Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:32 pm

Seems good to be.

"It would be easy to get lost up there, wouldn't it? To find someplace very far away, where you could spend the rest of your life in peace and happiness."

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