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Post by RobGraves on Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:13 pm

Steam Name: RobGraves

How long have you been roleplaying?: 10 Years, 8 of which have been spent on Garry's Mod.

Character Name: Kade Dolizjek

Character Race: Human

Why do you want to be said Race: The properties and potential of humans in space to the degree of an almost philosophical experience was first introduced to me through some of the underlying themes of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 - the idea of space being not only the final frontier, but the rebirth of humanity in the sense that humanity itself will learn to walk again, like a child, and learn to use it's own tools, again, before it's tools replace humanity itself - underlying themes that I've always tried to push for character development within my personal story arcs for the purpose of bringing my characters to an epiphany realization in the "first-hand Experience" form.

Character Backstory: Born in the Winter of 2160 to a pair of non-native parents to the region, Kade was brought up on the idea that most aspirations of his were not about to come true for the primary reason that his parents were not well-educated on the concepts of the normal job-market available to him at the time. Being of Polish descent, and living in the Northwest, around the Vancouver region, left Kade himself separated from his peers by way of language barrier for the most part - public schooling did not come easy for him. His parents, clinging desperately onto family tradition, and an old-world way of life, were perfectly comfortable to live in rather low-income, if income at all, areas of the city - exposing Kade to the monotony of an under-privileged life, of squalor and struggle, between monetary issue, and any form of thrusting himself into a formal education immediately shot down by an almost Luddite-like parental fear of modern technology.

Lacking any sort of resource to get by in life, Kade was essentially forced to learn on his own, via interaction with others in his area - a rough time, being the general observer and bystander to a degree of unnecessary violence within the inner city that left him feeling far more separated from dreams and aspirations. Work would not come easy. Good grades, not easy. Struggling to read, struggling to learn English, and the motivation slowly dwindling to try and learn while lacking the basic necessities one would need. Taken aback by his constant alienation form his small family that mainly kept to himself due to this demand to educate himself, Kade eventually separated himself, resulting to the squalor of couch-surfing and homelessness simply to get by to educate himself on that which surrounded him on a daily basis. The anxiety of being considered a "mooch" by friends and temporary caretakers drove him to a point of utter paranoia and anxiety that put an even heavier weight upon his own struggle for education, struggle for knowledge itself, always dreaming of a final frontier for himself, a life of stability and security, no matter where the start for this was actually located - a solace that he learned of through the Alliance Marines, after somehow completing High School.

Fully aware of the lack of opportunity for a stranger in a strange land, and a completely unforgiving family of those fully against him and his own dreams, Kade through himself unto the breach once more, starting with nothing being of no new concept to an 18-year old Polish boy from the inner city. An aptitude test signalling him that yes, he can in fact make it, by hard work and perseverance and rating him positively for engineering, was potentially the only recent, and positive impact in his life that was a physical reminder of the gruelling hardship he had put himself through in order to get to a simple, meagre beginning.

The idea of combat engineering was slightly new to Kade - though the thought of potentially going back to where he was frightening him enough to stick with it, just as he had brought himself through hardship, before. Learning the Standard Operating Procedure of modern technologies and methods, techniques for making use of all of this absolutely encapsulated Kade, and enthralled him, finally putting himself into a place where he felt he belonged - not the most social of personnel, but by far a well-dedicated soldier by any means. Recent rumours of groups of marines being wiped out by thresher maws, of course, were terrifying - but drove Kade to keep himself focused on trying to avoid any such end for himself, fully treating his enlistment as a career, not simply a contract. The talk of the ship being experimental technologies co-opted by Humans and Turians, sponsored by the council itself, being a far more pleasant concept to focus on - the potential of being selected for such a task as an Engineer, the idea of being able to work alongside the best and brightest, the massive update to military technology, dreams of working on even the nitty-gritty documentation for the individual parts themselves welled up within Kade themselves to an undeniable degree - a proven track record of perfect operation within lines of his SOP, a soldier fully dedicated to his given position, without falter, known by NCO's and CO's abound being his practical letter of recommendations for anything he could potentially wish, and hope for.

Unfortunately, due to time limit constraints, Kade was passed over for the opportunity to take part in this - but not all was lost for him, the council deciding to construct, and take in various members of engineering for another idea of their own. Corsair task force, being put together, a cooperative idea between Humans and Turians, being another chance for Kade to get involved in something big. By means of recommendation, a rather impressive track record, and a willingness to follow up after the severe disappointment of missing his last opportunity, Kade is taken in as one of the engineers for the task force, itself - and so begins another chapter in Kade's career.


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Post by FuryofAngels on Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:31 pm

Now that's how you write a motherfucking application.

RobGraves accepted with flying colors.


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