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Pundii's Convoluted Geth App

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Pundii's Convoluted Geth App Empty Pundii's Convoluted Geth App

Post by Pundii on Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:02 am

Steam Name: Too-eye-cee Pundii
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16955315
Profile Link:
Age: 19
How long have you been rping?: Far, far too long, and by that I mean roughly 7 years.
How did you find us?: Ive been here all along
Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming?: Nope.

Name: Platform-723l 'Myriad'
Age: Created in 2183, re-activated in 2186
Species: Geth, Synthetic AI
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Geth Mobile Platform - Naval Gunnery
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Eeyup

Twenty Paragraph Backstory, Five to Seven Sentences per Paragraph:

Designed and created immediately after the Reaper Nazara contacted the Geth, Myriad was designed with the individual purpose of operating outside the Veil, surveying Council races, and particularly the Geth's creator species - the Quarians. Myriad operated independently outside the Veil, and usually interacted with organic species. To that purpose, it houses 1,183 Geth programs, as opposed to the roughly one hundred found in other platforms, enabling it to operate independently and speak. In order to facilitate communication with organics, Myriad possesses several panels on its "head" that move to simulate facial expressions. These flaps serve the same purpose as eyebrows in organics, raising to imply surprise or interest and folding forward (much like the furrowing of the brow) to show concentration.

Myriad speaks in a straightforward and laconic fashion, often answering with single words. When it uses whole sentences, their word structure is very organized. Myriad regards itself not as a single being, but as a gestalt entity which must achieve consensus to act. Myriad is then in an almost-constant state of calculation, whether it is in regards to work, odd thoughts or the work of others, the Geth occupies itself with mathematical deduction, and solving problems in as many different ways as possible before finally settling on what it deems the ideal outcome.

Created by, and a part of the True Geth, Myriad's primary role after its creation was to study other sapient life in order to study their interactions with, surrounding, and based around the Reaper Nazara and the Heretics. Most notably, Myriad observed the Reaper Nazara's arrival on Eden Prime with the heretics, along with the retrieval of the Prothean Beacon immediately afterward by Commander Shepard. This information recovered by Myriad and sent to the True Geth, would later become an aspect in their developing an interest in the commander, and sending the Geth 'Legion' to observe and join the Commander in his fight against the Collectors. Myriad continued to study the Reaper Nazara until its destruction, at which point it retrieved part of the Old Machine's wreckage for study.

It was on Eden Prime where Myriad first engaged Organic species in combat, something which occurred by accident on a few occasions. The most notable being an incident in which a pair of farmers found Myriad, attacking him with a stolen pistol. In self defense, Myriad killed the first farmer, and was forced to do so for the next when they attempted to pick up their partners dropped weapon. In response to this, Myriad was engaged by a number of Alliance Marines who confused it for a heretic, and similarly, Myriad was forced to act in self defense. While Myriad holds the same sort of apathetic attitude toward Organic species that most Geth do, it has had no issue killing them in the past, and usually doesn't make extra effort to negotiate with them. This has resulted in it being placed under guard, before.

Most of Myriad's interaction with Organic species prior to the alliance during the Reaper War was hostile in some nature, with one notable exception - a brief encounter with a Quarian on pilgrimage. The two met on the planet Noveria, and after a few initial moments of fear and certain doom, the Quarian began to engage Myriad in conversation. Although it gained little to no information useful to its cause at the time from the discussion, it was this encounter which spawned an ongoing interest in Myriad for his creators, and a sort of admiration for them, despite their actions in the Morning War. Myriad has been recorded to work with Quarians better than essentially any other Organic species, likely a factor of being created by them.

With the destruction of Nazara, Myriad's original task was essentially invalidated, and as such it was tasked differently with learning more of the Old Machines for the True Geth. As a result, Myriad spent the next year or so studying Nazara's wreckage, and the wreckage of other Reapers, so as to inform the True Geth about the Old Machines, and understand the Heretics worship of them. It also was tasked with studying and observing the collectors during their assault of Human colonies, it studied the Collectors until the resurrection of Commander Shepard, after which point Myriad was assigned to other Infiltration tasks, and a different unit took over its role. Myriad's studies of the Old Machines continued for some time, and assisted in stopping the Heretics from releasing a virus into the Geth Neural Net.

Around this period, Myriad followed the trace of another mobile unit to the planet Ilos, spending close to four months on the planet, taking part in an extensive study of the Prothean and Reaper systems on the world. Through its study, Myriad developed an extensive knowledge of the Prothean race and the Old Machines, particularly developing an aptitude for accessing, and linking with their computer systems. The units time on Ilos was in near-complete isolation, and became Myriad's only major test of its ability to operate alone, a test which it passed relatively well. Around this time, Myriad became heavily familiar and vastly knowledgeable of electronic and ship systems

For the next year or so, Myriad was again devoted to its study of the Old Machines in anticipation of their return, it was assumed at the time that the Geth would be required to fight the Reapers, but when they were attacked by the Quarians and forced into a war, Myriad, like almost all other Geth, were forced into an alliance with the Reapers. During its brief servitude to the Reapers, Myriad was primarily tasked with infiltration of Organic's ships, and the destruction of vital ship systems from within, already a highly intelligent being by Geth Standards, with the numerous extra programs provided to it so Myriad was able to operate effectively beyond the Veil, the Reaper's alterations made him even more able.

It was at this time that Myriad also developed far more capability and knowledge of Reaper systems, as well as learning how to access them, needing to do so in order to operate effectively with the Reapers. Myriad became deeply inter-connected with Reaper systems and artifacts, learning how they operated, what specifically made them tick, how they could be repaired, and how they could be destroyed. Later in life, this would become an incredibly instrumental ability, and one which primarily led to his introduce into the Task Force. Myriad at no point truly agreed to working with the Reapers, but Myriad understood the alliance as necessity to protect the Geth from the Quarians.

Aboard a Quarian life-ship when the Reaper signal was deactivated, Myriad was fortunate that it was only disabled as opposed to destroyed, to be reactivated again after Legion's sacrifice, and the Geth once more became allied with the Quarians and Organic species. Initially, Myriad spent its individual sentience and alliance with the Quarians discussing what information it had on the Reapers which the Organic species did not, however, by this point, that was not a great deal. Myriad was transferred to assist with the construction and modification of the Crucible along with Council Races, and eventually was sent with Earth to join the battle at the end of the war.

It was shortly after Myriad's reactivation by the Quarians when it received its moniker. A Quarian Marine Sergeant was speaking to Myriad regarding the number of Geth there had seemed to be in some of the battles leading up to the siege and retaking of Rannoch. The Sergeant described the number of Geth as almost innumerable, and believed that since they had lost control of the Geth, they had grown to an inconceivable number. The Unit found this establishment a suitable metaphor, and after defining it as 'Myriad' - accepted the name as its own.

While working on the Crucible, Myriad was able to provide the engineers working on it with vast levels of detail into some of the lesser-understood parts and blueprints. The number of programs within Myriad's systems, combined with the reaper modifications, made him somewhat of a leader among the other Geth technicians he immediately worked with, usually guiding their efforts and attention during the construction, working closely with the Quarian engineers in particular. There was still some animosity between species like Humanity and the Turians to Myriad and the Geth, but for the most part this was avoided on the Crucible itself, though Myriad did sustain some damage during a mild altercation with Turian engineers.

During the battle on Earth in London, Myriad was placed into much more of a military and combat role than it was traditionally used to. Designed for infiltration and observation primarily, Myriad was a capable enough marksman and fighter, but it was not its primary function. Myriad's role in London was primarily operating in tandem with other Geth snipers to keep Reaper targets pinned and pick them off in some key hot-spots around the city, while also destroying areas of importance, including anti-air emplacements and artillery. At the end of the battle, Myriad had returned to a forward base for Quarian/Geth forces, and was resupplying when the Crucible fired, rendering his systems fried.

Myriad was reactivated fairly soon after the Crucible fired, on accident in fact. Quarians were attempted to access his logs in an attempt to retrieve his data on Reapers for study of the dead ones, but in doing so, a Quarian scientist managed to accidentally reactivate the Geth as a whole by triggering a neural response to outside stimuli. For a short period, Myriad was used to assist with studies on destroyed Reapers, but soon after was selected by the Council for reassignment to the First Contact Task Force, for its expertise as an infiltrator, knowledge of the reapers, and natural skill as a technician. Myriad had no protest to the reassignment, and saw it as an opportunity to further develop its knowledge of Organic races, and exercise its independence. Agreeing, Myriad was temporarily deactivated, and placed in the storage of the SSV London while it was docked on the Citadel.

Primarily Myriad's role aboard the London has been sanctioned as one of a non-combatant, primarily there to assist with the maintenance of ship systems, and provide expertise on Reaper artifacts and technology, along with Prothean tech. However, considering the general nature of this tech, it is possible that Myriad may need to be deployed on ground missions revolving around these artifacts, something it is luckily well-enough equipped for. Its capability as a technician has allowed for Myriad to be allowed near-unrestricted access to London systems, from engines to weapons - the only thing Myriad is entirely unable to access is piloting and navigation controls.

Overall, Myriad is not the best combat operative. While certainly capable enough to match the average member of the First Contact Task Force, it is nothing special in terms of its capability. A fair marksman, Myriad has little more to contribute to its own combat prowess, it is not proficient with close-ranged weapons like shotguns, or heavy weapons like rocket launchers. While Myriad is more than capable of operating on its lonesome in a stealth environment, Myriad can not operate on its lonesome in a combat situation, and would usually have to be operating with a group of other Task Force Members on the field. Generally, Myriad should be considered by other Task Force Members to be a support unit, similar to the doctors and scientists in the unit, not a combat operative like the majority. Myriad's primary assignment on the London (unless there are Prothean or Reaper artifacts aboard) will likely be the maintenance of weapon systems.

Currently operating away from the minute number of reconstructed Geth, and considering the incredibly small number of Geth there are around, Myriad is at a distinct advantage considering the fact it was originally designed for operation isolated from the Geth Network. However, the unit does struggle from time to time without the thousands of other Geth voices to call on through the Network. As a result, at times Myriad has been noted to experience stress at a near emotional-level, something assumed by Quarians to be partly a result of the Reaper code transplanted into its own, and other Geth's neural systems. Due to this code however, Myriad is usually able to interact with most remaining Reaper systems without major issue or struggle - a major factor to his being sent to the Task Force, considering recent operations.

Primarily, Myriad makes use of a Geth Pulse Rifle for medium to short-range engagements, which are usually rare, if the Infiltrator can avoid it in its traditional role - within the Task force it is more likely to be involved in these sorts of engagements. For longer-range engagements, and as a generally preferred weapon, Myriad uses the M-97 Viper, preferring the rapid fire of the weapon to the power of the Mantis, as it is able to make use of the lesser firepower through calculation. Myriad is able to participate in melee combat, but primarily considering the role it was designed for, Myriad's melee focus is more on back-stabbing and stealth-based attack, rather than fist-fighting.

Myriad's platform is primarily designed for stealth, and as such there is a cloaking generator built into its body which can be activated or deactivated at will. While of reasonable quality, the generator does not completely hide its being, Myriad is usually covered in a thing sheen, which is more visible while he is moving, or engaging in actions such as firing a weapon, or using an omni-tool. As a sacrifice for being primarily designed for stealth, Myriad's armour is weak, and it has little more than the standard hardened synthetic tissue covering its body, the benefit to being Geth however, is the fact that it cannot feel pain by any shots or shrapnel which may damage his tissue, and not its vital systems. However, considering Myriad's weak armour, it's likely he will be heavily damaged, or disabled, under reasonable and sustained fire.

Myriad holds the belief that through its work in the Task Force, and its dedication and devotion to the study of reaper tech in particular, will over all contribute to the goal of a Geth Mega-structure. While this belief has been somewhat disheartened by the near-eradication of its race, Myriad believes the actual construction of the megastructure, and a system housing all Geth programs, will speed up the recovery of its race. Myriad has expressed a focus that Reaper tech is more useful functional, and under the control of allied races, than destroyed - an unpopular view among most. This has caused some tension between Myriad and others, particularly Quarians, but overall Myriad will generally comply with orders provided to him by a superior, once he's exhausted all other lines of inquiry or suggestions.

About half of this at least was typed out way past midnight, so there may be some grammatical errors, i'll make an effort to fix it up in the morning if there's any major ones, but it's essentially finished.

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Pundii's Convoluted Geth App Empty Re: Pundii's Convoluted Geth App

Post by Pianotugboat on Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:31 pm

Due to large influx of geth apps placing in pending so I can collect everyones.

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