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[Alliance Intelligence Dossier - Fale Thaok] Tumblr_nss2txGpTy1qcxzu2o4_250[Alliance Intelligence Dossier - Fale Thaok] Tumblr_nss2txGpTy1qcxzu2o2_250[Alliance Intelligence Dossier - Fale Thaok] Tumblr_nss2txGpTy1qcxzu2o3_250
“The measure of an individual can be difficult to discern by actions alone.”
Fale was born in 2149. At the age of eight, he was given to the Hanar by his parents to be trained as an assassin as part of the Compact between Drell and Hanar. Trained to harness his species natural agility and strength, Fale became a highly skilled martial artist and pistol marksman, primarily focusing on close quarters to engage his targets. Fale believed that by making his kills personal, and in such a close space, he would allow himself and his target some greater form of peace in their death, while at the same time providing some greater challenge for himself which would continue to push and train the Drell Assassin. Making his first kill at age fifteen, Fale assassinated a Salarian criminal running a counterfeit pharmaceuticals racket on Omega, poisoning the Salarian with some of his own counterfeit drugs, in a sort of irony.

Fale's young life wasn't particularly traumatic, or some sort of dark drama, although he was being raised to kill, it was at no point against his will. Fale simply knew no better than what he was being trained to do, during his young life, he spent a great deal of time among Drell priesthood, becoming devoutly religious as a result. In his younger years, Fale spent most of his time not training on Kahje visiting priests and pilgrimage sites of Rakhana, the old Drell home world. This was both to further his religious ideals, and as part of his training, to survive in the dangerous world. By the time he was sixteen, Fale was too devoted to his training and work to be able to revisit Rakhana, but he kept in contact with a few priesthoods on the planet throughout a great deal of his life.

Fale had numerous run-ins with major mercenary groups during his time in his compact, particularly The Blue Suns. Fale undermined numerous Blue Suns operations, and assassinated numerous officials and higher-ranking individuals within the organizations less reputable divisions. His work prompted numerous personal attacks, although Fale had been careful to keep his work and personal life separate, and the worst personal damage caused to him as a result of his work was the murder of a few friendly acquaintances. All-round, Fale is a remarkably professional individual, and despite the personal attacks made toward him, he never killed outside the contracts he was given. Fale's obligation to the Hanar ended in 2180, at which point Fale finally planned to pursue the goal of settling down to develop a family of his own. It was unfortunately at this period that Fale was diagnosed with Kepral's Syndrome, and given little more than ten years to live, at most.

Initially distraught by this news, Fale fell into a brief depression, wandering from world to world for some sense of purpose, or a general idea of what to do until his eventual death. Roughly a year after his obligation came to an end, Fale decided to return to the life of an assassin, having few other skills to rely on as he took freelance contracts. Never particularly selective with his contracts, he simply worked whatever contract he was given, provided it paid well enough. Some of these contracts brought Fale into some tension with groups such as the Systems Alliance and the Council, as he was contracted to kill politicians and military officials, as often as he was criminals. For the most part, Fale managed to avoid conviction, but he did garner the attention of some individuals in the intelligence community.

Around this time, Fale began to revisit some of the priests he was still in contact with on Rakhana, re-investing himself in the religious side of his life as somewhat of a mechanism for coping with his disease. While among the priests, he assisted them however he was able, both in protecting them from harm, and with more menial tasks, humbling himself and allowing some escape from his usual, far more violent work. Pleased for the break, it was rather abruptly ended when the Reapers arrived, although Rakhana, a desolate and barely-populated world, did not receive the kind of force that worlds such as Earth or Thessia had, it was attacked, and Fale was forced to evacuate the world, even though many of the priests refused to abandon it.

When the Reapers arrived, Fale chose to cease taking what were at that point - relatively meaningless contracts, in order to do something more meaningful. During the Reaper War, Fale spent most of his time undermining Cerberus and their operations, and assisting with general evacuations from more frontier worlds, while governments and militaries were more focused on 'higher priority' worlds. Fale continued in this manner throughout the war, and, partially to his dismay, made it through the war safely, simply returning to his contract work once it was complete. That was until he was contacted by the Council, having been requested by Hyeon Yi for the Intel division of the First Contact Task Force. At the time however, Fale had returned to Rakhana, working to protect some of the Priests he had met in his younger years from the growing insurrectionist movements, and would not join the Task Force until his work on Rakhana was complete.

[Alliance Intelligence Dossier - Fale Thaok] Tumblr_m7ncpdqv0g1rpcea3o1_500
“Perfect memory. It is sometimes a burden.”

FULL NAME: Fale Thaok

RACE: Drell


AGE: 37

HEIGHT: 6'0"

WEIGHT: 173lbs




PHYSICAL ABNORMALITIES: Scarred Scaling on Left Arm

[Alliance Intelligence Dossier - Fale Thaok] Tumblr_m7scp50B4t1qm9aybo2_500
“The universe is a dark place. I’m trying to make it brighter before I die.”

MORALE: 100%


HABITS: Memory Recalls, frequent.

PHOBIAS: No major Phobias, not fond of EVA-ing.




[Alliance Intelligence Dossier - Fale Thaok] Tumblr_m7ncpdqv0g1rpcea3o2_500
“Faith is permitting ourselves to be seized by the things we do not see.”

OUTFIT: Black Coat, Skin-tight lightly armoured bodysuit

MILITARY ROLE: N/A - Contracted Assassin

FAVORED ITEM(S): Drell Prayer Book

SPECIALIZATIONS: Infiltration, Long-ranged Marksmanship, Hand-To-Hand Expert

FACE CLAIM: Thane Krios

VOICE: Thane Krios

[Alliance Intelligence Dossier - Fale Thaok] Tumblr_nwmwln6xM81qfh2bxo1_500
“The principle part of faith is patience.”

(Romantic Love|Familial Love|Extremely Liked|Well Liked|Liked|Known|Aquaintenced|Disliked|Well Disliked|Extremely Disliked|Hated|Despised)

Zaenna'Saaris vas Xalaarm:

Initial Opinion:

A curious be very friendly Quarian woman. Acted quite odd when we first met at a party during Shore Leave, bumped into me and seemed quite nervous about something. After a while we were having a proper conversation though, and figured out we had quite the shared interest in weaponry. Spent quite some time chatting about ideas and modifications, I didn't expect such a warm reception, but i'm not upset at all.

[Alliance Intelligence Dossier - Fale Thaok] Tumblr_nxdzm83Axh1rtcsfro3_500
“An assassin is a weapon. A weapon doesn't choose to kill. The one who wields it does.”


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