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Medical Complication Report  Empty Medical Complication Report

Post by Sail on Tue May 03, 2016 4:21 pm

Medical Complication Report  Latest?cb=20120402235204
Medical Complication Report

Name of the Medic: Neilar Lumin

Current MOS: Senior Combat Medic - TRAUMA SURGEON

Affected Soldier: Technical Sargent ________

Medical Condition caused: Spinal Shift in L2, unknown if caused by physical altercation or by the trauma already given.

As I was approaching the engineering bay we received a call from the Technical Sargent- in which, she notified us urgently that the geth unit she constructed was hostile. Immediately after she said so, her radio cut off and we were ordered to assist her; to which, I did as I was armed but not armored. As I was close to her location I supposedly received orders to remove myself from the area; which I did not receive from my radio in time or at all. To the best of my memory, at least. I have already admitted to "ignoring" orders as I cannot prove that I didn't hear the radio; despite the radio system being historically, in my experience, known to not transmit nor receive.

When I was on  scene, the Technical Sargent lay in a sitting position on the wall; partially unconscious. There was no evidence that she suffered any kind of trauma within her exterior and interior body- as far as I could tell, she could of been held against the wall by the Geth, chocked to the point of unconsciousness, and allowed to fall to the floor -which is why I attempted to move her away from the scene as armed assistance came to subvert the geth- for fear that she would become victim to cross fire. However, upon picking her up I felt her back spasm and she began to scream in pain- which indicated she suffered a spinal injury. Immediately I layed her flat on the ground, and afterward she locked her armor the moment Dr. Brian arrived. When Brian did arrive, I kept physically away from the Technical Sargent and kept with her as Brian and another Sargent transported her to the barracks. We then found that she had a spinal shift from her L2; the cause of it, based off of the professional views of myself and Brian, being questionable. We cannot conclude that it was me whom caused the spinal shift, or if the spinal shift occured when she achieved the trauma - to which, there was no evidence of until I picked her up.

Punishment ensued: Temporary suspension from Senior Corpsmanship.

Comments: All to say here is that, if I wasn't there to move the technical sergeant- someone else would of and may of caused more harm than what I am suspected of doing. I believe it this mistake would of been inevitable regardless of the medical professional.

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