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Post by The Soviet Pikachu on Mon May 30, 2016 8:26 pm

YOUR NAME: Martin O'Donnell

VAULT USER NAME[Steam Username]: The Soviet Pikachu

VAULT USER ID[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:25826749

AGE: 29

DESIRED OCCUPATION: Medical. Look, you can have some happy smiling blonde haired doctor sugarcoating everything like "Oh you'll live! It's just a cough!" or you can get the truth. "Sir you have stage four lung cancer. It has spread to other parts of your body. You don't have long to live." I focus on my work, and I don't fuck around when it comes to my patients. I've been given this role by the G.O.A.T. when I was younger, and I plan to fill this role.

WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?: I'm well versed in treated injuries such as scrapes, bruises, burns, etc. I am also able to treat a wide variety of illnesses both viral and bacterial. I've also patched up bullet wounds from when a gun-ho security guard tried to show off his aim down a hallway that wasn't blocked off. Radiation sickness and treatment of rad exposure is also on my list due to those down in the reactor level being exposed at low levels.

WHAT COULD YOU BE BETTER AT?: I'm not what you call a "People Person." I'll patch you up. Fix that cough of yours. But I'm not going to go around saying hi to everyone unless I have a reason to seek someone out. I'll bring up issues over small talk. I take my job first over personal issues. I'm a doctor first, friend second.

ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS?: None. I quit smoking a few years back. No lasting effects from a year of smoking. Though I require corrective lens for poor eyesight.


TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT OUR GREAT COUNTRY!: The United States of America is, and will always be, the greatest country on this god given earth. Freedom and democracy being her blood, and patriotism being her fuel.


CURRENT EQUIPMENT: Vault-Tec Lab coat w/ boots | Thick Frame glasses | Medical kit stocked with Stimpaks, RadAway, and all required materials to treat colds, burns, scrapes, bruises, and any minor injury. | Syringer Rifle with Lock Joint and Pax syringes (Sometimes people need to get their medicine from afar.)

BACKSTORY[1-2 Paragraphs MINIMUM 10-20 Sentences]: Martin O'Donnell is the offspring between the last Head Medical doctor and Tattoo Artist. Mr. O'Donnell grew up around his mother in the medical bay watching her work. At a young age he showed signs of being interested with the medical field. He was found skipping class to study how his mother went about her day of treating the people of Vault 127. Though to much to everyone's surprise his grades did not falter. He claimed when confronted on this issue saying "I don't sneak out unless I finish my work. And only if I did good." A close eye was kept on him afterword through his late teens to the day he took the G.O.A.T. After completed and graded it was discovered that he was best suited for the medical career branch, just as his mother did at his age. Though proper training with his mother up to this point he is ready to take over her role as she begins to look towards retirement. NOTE: Mr. O'Donnell was discovered to have a tattoo done at the age of 16 from his father who was reprehended for tattooing a minor. Today Mr. O'Donnell has a large collection of body art that he hides with the help of his lab coat. His hands and face have remained uncovered to keep a level of professionalism.
The Soviet Pikachu
The Soviet Pikachu

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Post by Pianotugboat on Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:32 pm

Tattoos are nice, Martin is a good character. And the syringer rifle isn't something that concerns me too much. Anyone with the sense to put on any type of armor plating wont give a fuck about a plastic needle dinging off of their arm. Accepted, better put that syringer to good use.

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