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Sarah Harel Chemist/Science APP. | Alysian's Vault Application! Empty Sarah Harel Chemist/Science APP. | Alysian's Vault Application!

Post by Alysian on Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:16 pm

YOUR NAME: Sarah Harel


VAULT USER ID[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:1:4592337

AGE: Twenty Three ( Born around September. Third generation of Vault Harel's before leaving.)

DESIRED OCCUPATION[WHY SHOULD YOU BE ACCEPTED?]: Scientist or Chemist, man-kind has advanced so far from the wheel, to the might vault which we call home. So many things have been invented and tried for the better of humanity, and we need science now more than ever. In a world ruined by total atomic annihilation, the preservation of man can only go so far. It is up to us, the new generation to step forward and reform the great country it once was. Dedication and legacy is what we hold onto now, and I will do my best to restore the great american values in the name of science.

WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?: Science, chemistry, critical thinking & upholding given responsibilities. Task management, situation assessment and professional composure.  Major in technology sciences, minor in engineering.

WHAT COULD YOU BE BETTER AT?: Socialization, medicine, physics and things to do with the respected field, any form of tactics or strategies in regards of combat and self-defense.

ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS?: Minor nerve damage to the retinaculum (knee) area, occasional muscle spasms but nothing that would warrant major discomfort or hindering of active duty. 'Cabin fever' or minor depression, however suppressed and not officially diagnosed as a mental condition.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE OVERSEER'S WORD IS LAW AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN SO?: Yes, I do understand. Our overseer is essential to our vaults survival, their word is to help guide not hinder us.

TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT OUR GREAT COUNTRY!: Before 1969, the United States was composed of fifty different states. The federal government passed a motion around this time to better categorize America, turning the country into thirteen different regions. Or better known as the “Commonwealth’s”. All though each commonwealth is composed of several states, the states still fly their unique flag and hold some legislative power despite being of a bigger region. This change was made to better help and hear different regions in their need, from resources to civil rights issues.

YOU DO UNDERSTAND YOUR VAULT MEMBERSHIP[Character] CAN BE REMOVED AT ANY TIME CORRECT?: I understand, and will comply if any verdict is presented to me at any time. ( So long as I get a chance to explain myself and have fair-chance in defense. )


1X Laboratory with standard equipment. ( If granted. )
1X Standard housing unit.
2X Vault suit, one spare.
1X Laboratory Safety Manual.

BACKSTORY[1-2 Paragraphs MINIMUM 10-20 Sentences]:

The Harel family has always taken pride of they are, those from the east looking to make it big in
the new west. Refugee’s from a near war-torn land on the brink of annihilation, due to the impending doom known as the resource wars -- A great greed Europe and it’s consumer population has took due to increased demand for fuels, and other manufactured goods. The natural fear of being caught in the storm pushed Sarah’s great grandfather to leave their heritage and possibly start anew in the great states of America. Of course - this wasn’t easy due to the increasing number of immigrants flocking to the new world in hopes to avoid the mess which was the east, but various factors would allow the family to slip in and start fresh.

General Atomic's made that dream so, pulling strings and favors to bring in more qualified skilled personnel for their company gain -- one of which would sarah’s great grandfather. The good old corporate greed and corrupt american officials made it possible, all in the name of profit. His education and knowledge in the field of science and robotics made him a much-needed employee, a must need asset to have among the ranks. His family too would find themselves behind him, part of the bargain he drove when taking up his new job offer. Life returned to normal for the Harels, a small ethnic community was made in rural America in the state of maryland, and generations moved forwards.

Over years of settling and getting new to the new culture they so suddenly embraced, Sarah’s grandfather would come to light. A bright young man with a future for science, keen on exploring the unknown and what treasures it has to hold. From a young age, he’d secure his future in Vault-Tec, working under the corporation name while aiding in vault development. His role was focused on the biological impacts of vaults - and his study in improving life in the safe-havens that would secure American life. Forwards in vault technology and his contribution to the future unknown to him, he would be rewarded with two positions in the local vault, waiting for him when the apocalypse would arrive. For when it did, he'd be sure not to give up his spot.

A lurch into the future after doomsday did finally arrive, and generations of Harel’s later.. The present came to be in a small metal cage ‘securing’ the future of humanity. Among the various teenagers of the vault, all though different -- Sarah spent most of her time keeping a relaxed social life with a daily passion for science. Spending most of her free-time acquiring knowledge when out of school. Passion which would secure her role in the vault and push her into who she would soon come to be. The fateful day G.O.A.T did arrive, and a hour later panicking over her test, despite being rather nervous as usual - she would soon find out that her passion was to infact, become her job.


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Sarah Harel Chemist/Science APP. | Alysian's Vault Application! Empty Re: Sarah Harel Chemist/Science APP. | Alysian's Vault Application!

Post by Ice Cube on Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:58 pm

Overall well detailed backstory that goes beyond just their own person life, going back to how her grandparents came to America. Alysian is a guud roleplayer and obeys rules placed by the admins, along with are a player who is willing to help others.

Is also fat
Ice Cube
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Sarah Harel Chemist/Science APP. | Alysian's Vault Application! Empty Re: Sarah Harel Chemist/Science APP. | Alysian's Vault Application!

Post by Pianotugboat on Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:39 pm

Has my approval.

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Sarah Harel Chemist/Science APP. | Alysian's Vault Application! Empty Re: Sarah Harel Chemist/Science APP. | Alysian's Vault Application!

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