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Post by Nazz on Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:12 pm

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True Neutral
Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon

Fucking Batty<███████|██████|█████>Crystal Clear

"You think I'd trust some tribal bashing two rocks together to work any of this equipment? Not a chance.."

Tarot Card / A Quick Consensus

The Drew Hawkins Experience X8rQy20 The Drew Hawkins Experience YH2UApb

The Hierophant.
A down-looker of exhibitionism as well as a curious muse doubled with an all-business attitude. Having been quite literally 'been there and done that' in most given scenarios, Drew finds herself capable of handling situations in a head-on approach with premeditation when necessary. An appreciator of intrigue and an intellectual, she looks at most situations with a worse-case scenario in her head in the interest of avoiding disappointment and facilitating surprise. While arrogant and often-times downright brooding, Hawkins is an officer of eloquent taste and polite demeanor. She tends to contribute to conversations through intellectual insight or droll facetiousness, but were she to open up to someone, they may come to terms with her being far more human than she appears. With little obvious care for those she does not know, Hawkins colors herself with intrigue in the face of adversary or challenge, sometimes to the point of crass behavior or decision-making.

General Information

Name: Drew Hawkins
Aliases: Hawk
Faction: Wastelander (?)
Age: 30
Place of Birth: California
Status: Alive and Healthy
Known Languages: English
Mental Illnesses: N/A
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Occupation: Mechanic/Technician
Motto: "Strive to change the world for the better, not by some flight of fancy, but because it's necessary."
Weight: 138 Lbs
Height: 5.8 Forearms
Hair Color:  Dark Brown
Eye Color: Steel Blue
Demeanor: Austere, Arrogant

The Drew Hawkins Experience Tumblr_inline_n2c7f15nM11s2djns
"... You had me at red wine, admittedly."

Habits: Pacing, Meditating, Wandering, Smoking
Phobias: Agoraphobia -- fear of inescapable situations. Ophidiophobia -- fear of snakes.
Marital Status: Unmarried
Mental State: Sane
WEAPON(S): 5.56 Pistol
OUTFIT: Blue Jumpsuit
SPECIALIZATIONS: Pre-War Cryptology, Radio Communications
JOB: Technician
FAVORITE ITEM(S): A silver locket she keeps on-hand.
FACE CLAIM: Winona Ryder


Key: Trusted/Amiable / Respected / Acquaintance / Warming Up / Known / Mixed / Particular/Exceptional Dislike / † = Deceased

'Sig': One of the few people that I'd trust with my life. Sig is -- well, he's something. That's for sure. Between him and everyone else I know, there's little contemplation involved in the matter. His company is both solace and catharsis.

'Caster': I love Caster to death. Even if he's only a robot, he's my robot. Probably the greatest thing to have walked into my life in a long time.

A. Ragvaldsson: We talk occasionally. I find him amusing.

M. O'Donnell: A vaultie who's neither a manchild nor a total idiot.

'King': Saved my life, but he's still a mutant.

W. K. Brayton: I've only spoken with him a couple of times, and he strikes me as another pampered vault-dweller with a brash attitude.

B. Doughty: A vaultie with a bad case of resting bitch face. A man-child who likes to yell and get angry to try and solve his problems.

H. O'Riley: Kind of a bloody idiot, but he's got good intentions. At least some idiots have a lesser idiot to look up to.

'Roose': I like Roose, but he makes things really bloody difficult sometimes.

L. Vandella: A tiny bumpkin with a gun. She could turn Einstein stupid with half of the shit she says.

The Drew Hawkins Experience 200
"Your guess is as good as mine. No, no I lied. It's probably not."

Misc Info

i. Drew's articular skills are well-above that of most Wastelanders.
ii. Hawkins is not above taking time for debauchery.
iii. Her expressions are typically underrepresented or vacant around those she's not comfortable or acquainted with.
iv. Drew wears a set of old holotags around her neck.
v. She has no known siblings.
vi. Drew has an ear for classical music.

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The Drew Hawkins Experience Empty Re: The Drew Hawkins Experience

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Theme Update.

If I missed you, feel free to post your character's FULL NAME in the comments.

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