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Post by yayo on Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:03 pm

Chaplain Thompson Oswald

Age: 49
Race: White
Religion: Christianity (Catholicism)
Family History: Born to non-religious parents, his father passed after he was able to turn him religious. His mother is still alive, but isn't very active, and seems to be sick, or on the verge of passing. He has no siblings.
His ancestry goes back to England, where both his first and last names originate from. His family's last name of Oswald is reminiscent of St. Oswald, who brought Christianity to England in the 7th century, only to be killed in battle later.
Morality: Patrician. Lives by the Catechism.

Vince Angelo

Age: 24
Race: White
Religion: Christianity (Catholicism)
Family History: Born to a very Italian family that put "family first", Vince is all about his ancestry and history. He knows recipes that have been secret to the Angelos since, well, in his eyes, forever. He is quick to talk about members of his family in history and their deep-roots in Italy. He is, however, defensive that they were never touched by the blood of moors, that they were purely Italians, not a bunch of moorish rape-babies like the so-called Italians in Sicily. The topic of the moors and of his potential racial past are a very sensitive topic to Vince.
Morality: Wishy-washy. That of a 'religious mobster.' Willing to do what it takes to get by, but has moral qualms with more trivial things.


Age: 29
Race: White
Religion: Christianity (No specific Sect)
Family History: Born to "good for nothing tribals" that he'd "rather forget."
Morality: "Civilized." Treats those he see as civilized with full respect. When it comes to tribals? Not so much.
Combat Experience:

  • Short training exercises with Garry after becoming civilized.
  • Shooting a tribal in the chest only to lose everything else he had for it.


  • Factoids about U.S. history.
  • Use of small guns.


  • Resent and psuedo-self-hating attitude towards tribals.
  • Trademark Wasteland Malnourishment.

Joe Wright

Age: 23
Race: White
Religion: Christianity (Doesn't know much about, just what rubbed off from Jeff)
Family History: Adopted by Jeff Wright, before this the offspring of a tribal baby-factory in a cave, one of the lucky few to survive.
Morality: Decent. Doesn't hurt whoever doesn't hurt him - A live and let live mentality.
Combat Experience:

  • Killing the man who killed Jeff Wright, albeit in a very amateur way, one that caused him to lose function in his left eye.


  • Gambling.
  • Living off the land. Knows how to make due when it comes to basic trapping / cooking.


  • Left eye is completely gone - Won't work.
  • Trademark Wasteland Malnourishment.
  • Poor aim.

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