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Post by Pianotugboat on Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:00 pm

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Hello there people, in terms of the vault roleplay we all know its fun and all but it's time to move on. As announcements go this one will be a detailed one and will have instructions regarding the wasteland content so i'm going to say this once.

Wild wild Wasteland M0D4bnt

Wild wild Wasteland Latest?cb=20151125125904

Due to the recent discovery of the vault Experiment by some of the residents in the vault, there will be an attempt to leave the confines of the save haven to explore a vast frontier, which may be filled with horrible things ready to kill you. Or help you... or have sex with you if your name is fisto. ANYWAY the event is happening at this time.

Sunday 5:00 PM Est, be there or be square! Attendance is HIGHLY suggested

Here's the important part, i'll be uploading a text file to mega or dropbox, which should go into your scripts folder in garrysmod

Wild wild Wasteland EnCGCHy
Wild wild Wasteland IdRZVSx

You'll also want to delete your old map file in the Singularity content Folder in your Addons in garrysmod/garrysmod, once you've done all this you're good to go goose

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Finally I'll be running mini events involving story elements up until the big boy event launches tomorrow, starting tonight around 11:30 pm EST, thanks for choosing Singularity Gaming Ladies and Gents.


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