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Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Tumblr_mtthmb1nsQ1shmcs2o1_250
Joan McAvoy, Nosey Reporter Extraordinaire!


Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon

Joan's strong sense of loyalty constricts her from being purely selfish. She does what she can to help those she swears homage to, despite how chaotic and disorderly her functions may be.

Shitty<███████|███████ |██████>Excellent!

"Listen, I reckon I could spin a story out of this."

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! 039b10d82878d64d2d969476726ef20d
Joan in her signature cords with the black Vans.
(Daaaaamn, Joan! Back at it again with the Vans!)                

Tarot Card/A Quick Consensus

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! FJ9g9fjJoan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! N60AeWl

The Fool

Joan finds herself being a character of peculiar nature, especially given the situation she finds herself in. The eternal optimist, the girl seems to hold onto the hope of things one day going from bad to better. Through the grim situations she's found herself in since her birth, Joan has remained valiant against the wind in an attempt to be courageous. While she's young and inexperienced in the true, grittier workings of the world, she puts her best foot forward in an attempt to make the most of her situation. Eccentric to no end, the adolescent is without a doubt the definition of a geek, a dork, a nerd. A nosy reporter with a knack for unconventional pass-times, Joan finds herself making an attempt to find a niche in the new world.

General Information

Name:  Joan McAvoy
Aliases: N/A
Faction: Wastelanders
Age: 16
Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland
Status: Alive and Healthy
Known Languages: English
Mental Illnesses/Disabilities: Cyclothymia (frequent mood swings)
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Former Occupations: Papergirl, Intern/Junior Reporter
Motto: "That's rock-solid!"

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Tumblr_n6lz2jzoNF1sgd4q4o1_500
Joan being her typical, cheeky self.

Physical Traits

Weight: 134 lbs
Height: 5.7 Forearms
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Demeanor: Somewhat Professional, Proud.

Joan's List of Expressions


Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Giphy

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Tumblr_m2ozd4xkS21rnalbg

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Gif_epunknown_zpshz4q0lqv

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Tumblr_mym2inpDqW1sa77c6o1_500

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Ellen-page-3

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire!

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Tumblr_lzub0zZFg71qcoghfo1_400

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! Tumblr_m1tfcldVno1rqxw1xo1_500

Character Traits:

Inquisitive: Joan finds herself being very inquisitive in the interest of gathering as much information as she can about a given topic.
Determined: Strong-willed with a head held high, Joan tends to see most things through till the end.
Curious: For better or for worse, Joan has a curiosity that could be considered irrational at times. Never truly satiated with her yearning for knowledge, the girl finds herself ever-studious.
Poet-At-Heart: Joan is many things, though her bearing a poet's heart seems to shine through more often than not. A debauch for art and music, Joan also tends to have strong emotional attachments to objects and other sentiments. This tends to occasionally lead to her chagrin, ignominious or not.
Emotionally Potent: A slave to her passions, Joan tends to be impulsive and brash when she feels a certain way.
Raw Physical Power: Being a scrawny adolescent has it's disadvantages. The raw physical aspects of it are one of them.
Adolescent: Being a kid has other disadvantages. Many times, Joan is not taken quite as seriously as she would like.
Cyclothymic: Joan has difficulty in maintaining a stagnant emotional state. She's prone to her emotions being easily swayed as well as nonsensical mood-swings.
Impulsive: Brash and impulsive, Joan does not often think her decisions through.

Habits: Pacing, Reading, Non-stop Talking, Hand Fiddling
Phobias: Aquaphobia -- Fear of large bodies of water.
Marital Status: Unmarried
Mental State: Sane
WEAPON(S): Switchblade
OUTFIT: Red Sweater-vest & Brown Corduroys, Black Vans
JOB: Reporter
FACE CLAIM: Ellen Page


Key: Love/Romantic Interest / Particularly Close/Platonic Love / Friend / Acquaintance / Neutral / Mixed / Hate/ † = Deceased

Self: I'm alright, I think.

M. McAvoy: My dad's name was Max. The last talk him and I ever had was us yelling at one-another over something so stupid, I don't even remember what it was about.

A. Ragvaldsson: Tino's a nice guy, but he's also a vault dweller. A doctor. A vault doctor! I like talking to him.

J.P. Gibson: I feel like I'm going out on a limb trusting him, but I really want to think he's a good guy. I enjoy talking to him.

J. Collins: I doubt she even knows who I am, but I'd like to talk more with her.

B. Doughty: Kind of strange.

'King': Huge and makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! C63506bd46cdd34f91f3b5080c4c1161
Joan being a sleuth.

Misc Info

i. Joan has two pairs of Oakley-framed glasses.
ii. She cannot play an instrument.
iii. The girl never knew her mother.
iv. She is actually kind of a wuss.
v. Joan has a tendency of not masquerading her feelings and is prone to venting.
vi. She has a single scar on top right corner of her forehead.

Joan McAvoy -- Reporter Extraordinaire! 2H7g1jK

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