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Post by electro swing on Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:33 am

J.P. Gibson Rs_293x473-130917075703-634-jc-eastwood-2-913
J.P. Gibson


True Neutral

Not an evil man, not a good man, Gibson firmly does whatever he thinks needs to be done.


"Yeah, kid, I know I'll be missed."

J.P. Gibson 808full-scott-eastwood

Tarot Card/A Quick Consensus

J.P. Gibson Chariot

The Chariot

General Information

Name:  J.P. Gibson
Aliases: 'Sweet' J.P., Cowboy.
Faction: Wastelanders
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Hollywood, WV. (Made out of the race track at Hollywood Casinos in Charleston.)
Status: Alive and Healthy
Known Languages: English
Mental Illnesses/Disabilities: None.
Physical Disabilities: None.
Former Occupations: Security, apprenticeship at restaurant, odd jobs, mercenary.
Motto: "Neato."

J.P. Gibson BwspB_sCMAEGaK7

Physical Traits

Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Demeanor: Cocky, nonserious, distant to reality.

Character Traits:

Habits: Frequently changes subject. Doesn't pay attention much.
Phobias: None.
Marital Status: Unmarried.
Mental State: Sane.
WEAPON(S): Revolver, knives, machete, spear.
OUTFIT: Several. Mainly a leather duster with the American flag on the back.
SPECIALIZATIONS: Quickdraw, cheating at gambling.
JOB: None.
FAVORITE ITEM(S): His revolver.
FACE CLAIM: Scott Eastwood/Clint Eastwood.


Key: Love/Romantic Interest / Particularly Close/Platonic Love / Friend / Acquaintance / Neutral / Mixed / Hate/ † = Deceased

Self: What a cool guy.

Joan McAvoy: Nice girl. Good head on her shoulders. I like her vest. Kinda cute.

El Juano: Dastardly spray can of the night. Some day I'll catch that little Mexican jumping tagger.

Ask if you wanna be added.


S: 4
P: 5
E: 2
C: 10
I: 3
A: 7
L: 10

"All you gotta have is a little luck."

Misc Info

i. Gibson means "son of Gib."
ii. J.P. stands for Jack P.
iii. Son of a security guard.
iv. Worryingly unafraid of danger.
v. Has unbelievable luck.
vi. His revolver is a modified Mateba 2006m.

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Post by TheRealDeejay on Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:58 pm

Put in your boy El-Juano

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