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toki's replaced app because the last one was misplaced, but its still bad Empty toki's replaced app because the last one was misplaced, but its still bad

Post by Toki on Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:00 am

[Steam Username]: Toki
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:78658257

Name: Ivashina Valentinovna

AGE: 26
-Species/Human or Robotic: Human

-Character Advantages/Talents: Excellent tailor. She is capable of making clothing, given the correct materials and time. Given her uprising, she is capable to read people's intentions depending on whether or not they make it more obvious or not. She's determined, and not easily swayed once a decision has been set in stone in her mind. She's understanding, and typically rational.

-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Her determination can lead to hostile persistence and general stubborness. Though she is understanding and rational, she can be cold, in a sense of emotion. Her own well-being sits over anyone else, which leads to selfish acts, and state of mind.

-Faction: Does not currently sit with any faction.

-Current Equipment: She carries with her, the clothes on her back and a sewing kit.

-Backstory: As it is evident in her name, Ivashina's lineage stretches back to Slavic ancestry. As such, when her family moved to America, they were given a far-from-warm welcome, and due to the possible communist influence on the Russian born family, they weren't allowed to apply for a space into a vault. Doing whatever they could, and being a moderately rich family, they tried their best to buy a personal nuclear shelter for themselves. And so they did, sinking a majority of their savings into food supply and general space.

In this personal shelter, years on years after the bombs fell, would Ivashina be born. Not quite the place for a birth, most would assume they would meet the world crying, to a sanitary hospital surrounding with nurses and doctors all around. But the opposite was the case for the female. Born to slightly livable conditions to a damp, cold bunker, lacking any sort of clean foods and water. Even with as much stocking as they did before the war, it certainly wouldn't last for two-hundred years. The once thriving family was brought to the point of killing and eating what the could above the surface, and drinking poorly filtered water. It was a miracle that she was born without any sort of radioactive defect. Even more of a miracle is that fact she didn't fall to a defect of inbreeding-- but countering this miracle was the passing of her mother, through the birth. Cardiac arrest claimed her life, and without proper medical equipment, she may have just been doomed from the start.

As was passed down through the family, whether it be from boredom or for practicality, she was taught how to sew, and tailor clothing. And so she did, doing so to bide her time while scraping by in the crumbling shelter. This of course, taking up most of her time. To redirect focus from more dark matters in her life, such as the declining health of her father, his death now coming a rapid pace. As with many of those exposed to the radiation of the wasteland, he'd gotten cancer, a brain tumor, as it was. Multiple times she was put to the torment of watching her father foam from the mouth as he convulsed with a seizure, until at one point he'd not woken up from one.

Though his passing was evident, it was still hard for her to deal with at all. She knew he was going to pass, but not in an instant like that. Now that she was left without a caretaker, she was barely even nineteen when she'd left the cold recesses of the personal shelter. She hadn't been prepared to see the land in such dire situation, and from the lack of ever really going up to the surface besides a few select times, the land was completely foreign to her. Surprisingly, she didn't die on her first day out, she'd found a secure settlement. This would be where she spent most of her time, until she was at the age of twenty six, when mutant and ghoul attacks had increased on the settlement. This being an evident sign of bad times to come, she bailed, valuing her life more than anything else, even things of sentimental value. She'd found herself in the swampy lands of Maryland, roaming around without much guidance as to where.


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I'll pass this, but I won't move it until a second admin gives their OK.

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