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Post by TheRealDeejay on Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:36 pm


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Laurent Moutier Raystevensonpwz

General Information


Full Name: Laurent Jack Moutier -

Nickname(s):Null -

Age:39 -

Homeworld/Colony: Berlin, Earth-

Morale: Solid-

Military Role: Naval Intelligence, Squad Leader.-

Military Rank: Chief Petty Officer-

Status: Alive-

Relationship Status: Divorced-




Laurent Moutier 0547948b-ccf9-4e3e-a6d6-266cd6ed3a46

Hair Style: Military cut-
Hair Colour: Black-
Eye Colour: Brown-
Facial Features: Scowl lines.-
Body Features: Bullet scar, left shoulder.-
Clothing: Moutier is commonly seen wearing the standard Naval intelligence uniform. -
Build: Medium-


Resume and Unit history.

  • 'Jump Zero' certified combat biotic. First generation, L2 implants.
  • 'ALA' Alliance Officer Graduate. 8th in class. Second lieutenant.
  • 27th Fleet Marines. Six months. Second lieutenant up until transfer.
  • 101st Special Investigations. Eight years. Provost up until transfer.
  • 587th Biotic Artillery. Three months. Lance Corporal up until transfer.
  • 'First Contact' Joint Task Force, marine division. Two months. Corporal until transfer.
  • 'First Contract' Joint Task Force, naval intelligence. Current. Chief Petty Officer.





Master Sergeant Albert Art Moutier - Father - Deceased

Corporal Audrey Het Moutier/Garcia - Mother - Deceased.

Lieutenant Michael Reed Moutier - Brother - Deceased.


Personal Relationships


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Laurent Moutier Empty Re: Laurent Moutier

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