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Tark'osvarl vas Carreciann WU3aZOi

LOGIN USERNAME: ************
PASSWORD: ************
Login Confirmed!
*OPENING FILE - "[T.OSVARL #225677]"*




Full Name:
Tark'osvarl vas Carreciann nar Shellen

'Tark' or Tark'osvarl

44 Years Old as of 30/01/2186.

Date of Birth:
January 30th 2142

Year of Employment:
// Two One Six Six [2166] - Carreciann - Migrant Heavy Fleet vessel
// Two One Six Seven [2167] - Carreciann - Migrant Heavy Marines group
// Two One Eight Six [2186] - London - Joint Task Force group
[Marked Current]

Place of Birth:
Migrant Fleet Liveship 'Shellen'

Employment Position:
Rifleman/Infantry, Non-commissioned officer

[Family & Next of Kin]:

Flagged ACTIVE




[Active Duty Photo]:

Tark'osvarl vas Carreciann XZ8W2Cr


6' 0'' - 1.83m Tall // 209lbs - 94.8kg

Eye Color:
Solid White.

Hair Color:
Matted dark brown hair that has grown out considerably.

Facial Features:
Chiselled, sharp jawline. Hooked aquiline nose. Mottled and pale-skinned around the face. Lack of any scars.

Body Features:
Mesomorphic frame and stocky build.

Blood Type:
Quarian-type, Universal. Dextro-Amino based. Can only receive Universal blood.

Underneath everything is the closed-cycle envirosuit with a heavily reinforced visor which isolates the Quarian from their environment - an integral part of their attire. However, Tark has saw fit to likewise don numerous other articles ever since he was relocated. These include robes covered by a heavy overcoat, a plate carrier and trousers fitted with some basic armor over the joints. A netting hood obscures the more vital parts of his helmet trailing down the back of his neck. The netting and cloak are capable of being replaced with a bushrag overcoat which breaks up their silhouette, accompanied by the inherent ambient thermal signature masking provided by the suit.

1x- M-96a Harrier Battlerifle
1x- M-358 Talon Sidearm
1x- Omni-Tool device
1x- Assorted maintenance equipment
1x- Reserve/Utility knife, phosphated steel construction
1x- AEOF 11'' Kukri Blade, phosphated 5160 high carbon steel construction. Comes with Karda and Chakmak.
Various Cybernetic enhancements in order to make vital bodily functions work better:

1x- Metal Liver replacement.
Permits enhanced functionality. Fitted with surge protectors. Acquired from Liver Failure at young age.
1x- Metal Kidney replacements.
Artificial dialysis equipment which permits enhanced functionality. Acquired by will. Fitted with surge protectors.
1x- Heart Regulation Unit.
Add-on (not a replacement) which actively monitors and regulates heart rate and blood pressure for optimal results. Acquired by will. Keep away from magnetic or electrical charge.
1x- Metal Arm Prosthesis [Entire, Right].
Replacement with no additional functionality. Heavier and more cumbersome, but controllable due to hydraulic mechanism. No risk of infection if shot.
[Awaiting completed compiled list]




Academic Interests:
History, Firearms Maintenance.

Artistic Interests:
[Excerpts from Music Player]
Playing his Electric Fiddle for the most part, Old movies.

Athletic Interests:
Martial arts [Mixed], Endurance training and taking long walks on the beaches of Rannoch. Metaphorically.

Notable Skills:
Tark demonstrates a fair proficiency when it comes to their martial prowess, able to effectively fight off aggressors when necessary. Additionally, skills retained from his long service within the Migrant Fleet Marines permits him knowledge of first aid procedure for Quarians such as himself (and strictly Quarians) - coupled with the normal entendre of essential skills which most soldiers worth their salt demonstrate. They can aim a rifle and they can distribute orders just about as well as they receive them.

Key Personality Traits:
Social and extroversive. There's little that Tark won't try and embroil himself in as far as talking with others goes, although he knows where his nose doesn't belong - figuratively speaking. More than that, their overall regard towards others is one demonstrating some amount of respect should he deem it due.

General Emotional Description:
Perceivable as being a Stable individual who is both mentally sound and capable at their best. They're not especially volatile, although they are headstrong and fairly confident in their motives. At their worst, it is notable that they can easily get carried away with trying to convey their thoughts.

Psychological Notes:
N/A - Requires profiling by qualified individual.




Branches Served In:
Migrant Fleet Marines, Infantry

Age of Enlistment:
// Twenty Six, Two One Six Six [2167] - Migrant Fleet Marines
// Forty Four, Two One Eight Six [2186] - JTF

Wounds Received in Current Unit:
Profile of injury received is placed here.

Awards Received in Current Unit:
None currently on record.

[Service Record]:
[Awaiting External Input]

Promotion Record in Current Unit:
Pvt. -> PFC. -> LCpl. -> Cpl. -> Sgt. [CURRENT]




◈Friends | ◈Respected | ◈Indifferent | ◈Disliked | ◈Hated


◈['Dio' Villius -  Ex-Command Staff, Leftenant, Turian]
"Godspeed you magnificent bird-brain. If I survive to pass your age, I'll have to drink something in your memory."

◈[Brian Doughty -  Combat Medic, Medical Staff, Human]
"I see this guy rather frequently. He's nice enough - very sociable. It's not hard to get into a conversation with them, and they carry it rather well - no matter what it is. They've admitted that they're relatively inexperienced in comparison to their peers, but that doesn't bother me. I've put forward that I can potentially help when it comes to the front of Quarians, and he was keen enough to accept that offer. He's practical - certainly won't turn down any assistance offered. Good mindset to have."

◈[Sophia Orr -  Role Unknown, Private, Human]
"Met this one on the London. Found them when I was in the group and pressed for their name. However, I got to know 'em over a game of Billiards. A nice casual conversation over a game, real innocent and all. They're pretty talkative beyond that point, can always find them doing something or another. Or doing the closest thing and trying to talk about it. It sounds like they've been through a lot though - and this whole debacle over their arm being amputated does not help. But despite that, they're still kicking. Good on them."

◈[Gunter Schultz -  Command, Leftenant Commander, Human]

◈[Elliot Foster -  Intelligence, Leftenant, Human]
"Good natured person who is tired of everyone's shit, if I had to describe him in less than ten words. The Leftenant has a good head on his shoulders, and the Geth've made a point of that by trying to unscrew it on more than one occasion. More than that, they're easy to get along with so long as you've got your attitude and your skills in order. Respect has to be earned for their respect, I guess. They're good at their job at any rate."

◈[Reylds Cane -  Medical, Salarian]
"Suppose it was just a matter of counting my days before I met a Salarian. They're pretty forthcoming as far as their job is concerned however, willing to engage folks to see if they're holding up in dire times and the likes. I can respect a Doctor-to-be who knows how to do their job, and they genuinely seem like a nice enough missus. I look forward to working with them in the stead of things. It's a nice vote of confidence to meet competent staff on our crew."

◈[Daniel Smith -  Marksman, Private, Human]
"Say this name to me and you'll have me scratching my head, metaphorically. I've not spoken to them too much - I could endeavor to try harder, I guess. Maybe they're not sociable though. Who is to say? But whatever the circumstances are, I hear that they're fine at their job - when they're not trying to utilize their Marksman rifle in close quarters situations, that is. Maybe I'll endeavor to try and fix things."

◈[Marz'Xiale vas Yormany -  Chief Engineer, Warrant Officer, Quarian]
"I've seen this one floating around here and there. Can't say that I've found the opportunity to speak to them given the recent events boiling over - what with the Geth and all. I might find time at one point, but they've left the impression on me that they can get a job done under duress, which is always a step in the right direction. They seem vocal on a few of their opinions however, but it's not hard to discern that these opinions merely stem from concerns they've got which relate to the crew's safety in the long run. Commendable."

◈[Backbreaker -  Mobile Shield, Private, Turian]
"Met this one on the London. First thing we did was throw-down against eachother. If you put two and two together, you'd think the little Quarian'd fail, but I didn't exactly sit around with my thumb up my arse while I was with the Fleet. I toppled him and that was that, but that doesn't really warrant my respect. I don't want to make good with someone who thinks that it's a good idea to rush headlong into the fray. With the fray being a Geth Prime which would have liquified him if the company didn't intervene. Bit of an idiot, but they're an idiot with their humors in check."

◈[Abbas Orinquo -  Heavy Rifleman, Private, Turian]
"I'm seeing this Turian around here and there. Still yet to properly talk to them, but they're pretty decent as far as their skills go in the field. They follow their orders and they dispatch their foes when told to do so. I can respect that - they've got a knack which the rest of the Company could do with learning to follow as far as the examples go. I 'ought to endeavor to try and speak with 'em. It's better for an NCO to know the people they're going to work with after all."

◈[Jason McCal -  N7 Rifleman, Warrant Officer, Human]
"N7. Guy's got a track record speaking miracles, I bet. I encountered this one in the Engineering Bay back in Geth-hell, alongside Marz and Leftenant Dio. Bit of a group talk that ended up with him being assigned as Warrant Officer in the stead of things. I'll be damned if they don't deserve it though given the nature of their training, something which a person like me could only wish to receive. Their skill-set's pretty vast, and they're more or less the jack of all trades because of it. I don't speak to 'em much. Their English, however, is a little odd. The guy carries an accent that I've not heard before."

◈[Memi'Maanar nar Xaeraka -  Engineer, Private, Quarian]
"I inadvertently found this one wounded and on a desk. I suppose I used 'em to help Doughty get familiar with the medical procedures which are commonly used on Quarians, by Quarians. They had a fair rough and tumble on that one occasion, and it's likely that they'll still be out of it the next time I see them. I can't really judge much about 'em since I've not seen them work, nor had I endeavored to talk to 'em. Here's to hoping that they recover without any issues though."

◈[William Karl Brayton -  EOD, First Sergeant, Human]
"Perhaps a little temperamental. They're quick to disagree with a situation if they think the idea goes against their own ideals. I can't exactly pass judgement over one instance however, and especially not when that sole instance is in the midst of what feels like an unending war of attrition. I'll save the 'arrogant' label for any other instance, should one arise. Who knows, maybe it's just the crew making him loopy. Power to them for charging through it. That aside, they seem like a good enough fellow. I don't necessarily want to come off as a troublesome person, if only because I'm not here to cause a schism and make folks resent me."

◈[Raik Arglack -  Battlemaster, Krogan]
"A little bit on the 'rowdy schoolchild' side when they're angry or if they don't get their own way, but it's fairly easy to see that they just ultimately want to help out. I've got to know them a fair bit more since the London, and it looks like I've got a bit of a ryncol debt to pay for otherwise failing to anticipate that Geth would strike a planet in deep alliance space. The odds of that happening are slim - remind me to buy a lottery ticket."

◈[Neilar Lumin -  'Medical', Private, Turian]
"I'm not keen on this one. You have a stern talk with them and it just goes over their head like the wind. Canned 'Yes Sir' and 'Understood Sir' crap, I don't think they often think before they speak because they lie so much as well. I'm not even a 'Sir', I work for a bloody living. They told me that they could try and do to fix themselves, but it's clear that I might have to inadvertently go out of my way to hold their hands and unfuck them for their own sake. Job aside, they're odd as a person. I won't ostracise them when I'm not on the beat, but I'm not going to be the keenest person to try and speak to 'em. Keelah."

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Add dat Back Breaker
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Add Daniel Smith.


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things edited. people added. was this really worth a bump? I don't think so, but it's what the kids are doing nowadays.

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