Very Basic Rusian Ivan's Mr. Handy, please don't kill me

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Very Basic Rusian Ivan's Mr. Handy, please don't kill me Empty Very Basic Rusian Ivan's Mr. Handy, please don't kill me

Post by Darius Maximus on Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:34 am

[Steam Username]: Geralt from Rivia Russian Ivan.
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:40260647.
AGE: 22.
-Species/Human or Robotic: Robotic/"Mr.Handy".
-Character Advantages/Talents: Most standart and average robot of "Mr.Handy" line.
-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Vulnerable to overly high voltage, intense hacking, rust.

[Keep in mind some faction characters may be
subject to becoming event characters to prevent our server
from becoming faction wars roleplay]: The part of standrt Vault 127 Equipment.
Faction Options: Robots.

-Current Equipment:
  • Sensors: Basic sensors with three eyes.
  • Communicator: Advanced communicator with a human-like voice, Humor Emitter Array (updated).
  • Arm Motors: Three arm motors, extra-flexible, one ending with a saw blade, and another with a blowtorch.
  • Propulsion: Single jet-powered hovering system.
  • Accessories: A saw blade and a blowtorch that can be used as a flamethrower or a fire extinguisher.
  • Subassemblies: Head, three eyes, three arms, one pod, condensation collector and Humor emitter array.

-Backstory: The Mister Handy series of robots, named so because of the robot's large number of mechanical tentacles, was first brought to market in 2037 as a general construction and maintenance unit by General Atomics International, with some assistance from H&H Tools Company. Primarily used in the United States and Mexico (where it was the leader in sales after the Mexico City earthquake of 2042), the Mister Handy was a reliable robot for all home needs. An early bug that caused interference in the operation of the multiple arms was fixed with a hardware update in 2039, with no major problems since then. A key selling feature is the nuclear power unit (a model 238B, licensed from Calpower) and self-maintenance modes. Multiple Mister Handies are capable of keeping themselves in working condition (Self Diagnostics) and are also fully programmed to perform nuclear fuel replacements. Secondary programming handles radiation cleansing after refueling.
Nothing unusual, when one of them was assigned to the Vault 127 as part of standart Equipment. He's got activated shortly after bombs fell by his mantaining engineer, Paul Zimmer. This one been called "Begsworth."
During the last hundred years, Begsworth was maintaining the usual monady duties for good of every Vault Dweller, whether it's cooking, cleaning or reparing someones ever broken radio, he was quite average in every way possible. For rest decades, he was repeteaty turned off and turned on years after, for economy of his battery and fuel.
What comes to his original mantaining engineer, however... One, Paul felt so bored, that he decided to try to reprogramm certain stuff in Begsworth CPU, ending up "succesfully" corrupting both of his Communicator and Humor Emitter Array, making Begsworth making some of the stupidiest grammar errors in his sentenses and, sometimes, making a jokes, that makes no sense, and, very-very rarely, jokes that are offensive. That, and also he, along with some other old and original dwellers, decided to use Begsworth as their own crying pillow, telling him some of their own thoughts. The little they know, thos stories were recorded and kept in his memory.
Was builtet within the robot himself on stage of creating.

P.S. - Any, even little criticism would be much appreciated, my dudes!
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