Hanks Vault Scientist Application.

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Hanks Vault Scientist Application. Empty Hanks Vault Scientist Application.

Post by Hank Handsome on Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:49 am

YOUR NAME: Natalie Kayden

VAULT USER NAME[Steam Username]: [TJR] Hank Handsome

VAULT USER ID[Steam ID]: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061451495/

AGE: 27

DESIRED OCCUPATION[WHY SHOULD YOU BE ACCEPTED?]: Vault Biological Scientist - [OOC STUFF] (I've been playing gmod rp for a long time now and have proven my ability to rp to most admins on this server. Being an older member. In terms of knowledge of what I'm applying for in terms of the English GCSE system I have an A in biology.)

WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?: Biological Based science and research of both Dwellers of the Vault and some of the creatures that may be discovered out of the Vault. Academic levels include Computer Sciences and Mathematics aswell as biology learnt in the Vault.

WHAT COULD YOU BE BETTER AT?: I've devoted my life to science and to making my parents proud. Because of this I never really spent any time learning how to fight. You could say some are more gifted in the arts of combat than I am. I've really never even held a gun.

ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS?: Last time I checked I was clean. Remind me to go meet a doctor though.


TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT OUR GREAT COUNTRY!: If you're looking for Freedom look no further. We have it all.


Standard blue and Yellow striped glorious Vault Suit
Vault-Tech issued white Lab-Coat.
Vault-Tech issued lab coat Radio.
Vault-Tech issued Pip-Boy 3000 for recording of scientific study.
Simple Medical Kit (Don't let this fool you into thinking I'm gonna heal you. Mostly it's to take samples of that strange infection on your hand.)
Keys to the Science Lab.

BACKSTORY[1-2 Paragraphs MINIMUM 10-20 Sentences]:
Natalie was born into Vault 127 to her two parents. Her mother of British Origins. Her father being far more American. A rather patriotic one at that. Being born to the Vault one might say Kayden was more healthy than others. Certainly those not found in the vaults. With no outstanding radiation effects and no extra ear growing out of her shoulder. Just a normal human child. The enjoyed doing the things a "Normal" human child enjoyed doing. Listening to the rules of the Overseer. And learning about how great America and Vault-Tech is.

Hitting the age of eight was the second milestone of Natalie's life. No longer would she be fed whenever and laze around the bunks all day. Sitting in day cares with the other blue and yellow dressed infants. No no no. No more would that be the case at all. It was time for Vault School. Kinda like normal school but with more Vault-Tech Propaganda and less football. Never the less it was a place of knowledge and. More knowledge. Natalie had been learning sciences and maths. The general fun stuff. Physical Education classes were more like a gym. You got on treadmills and you lifted weights. Most students thought this was just fun and games. Not many realised that it was mainly used for Vault Security tests. Didn't matter to Natalie. She wasn't great at it. She could run fast but when it came to weights she passed out one time.

Moving onto the age of 12 and most students had a grip on what they were good at. Natalie was moving down the science path. Mainly biology. Most students looked at her like she was some dissection loving freak. She didn't know why. They hadn't dissected anything. The only creature that had been seen was a rad-roach and cutting those open generally left a bad smell. Mainly Dead insect, Rotten food and Plutonium. It's probably the radioactive stuff that meant that they didn't touch them. Counteracting the previous thoughts you can't even smell radiation. It's that dangerous. Natalie had been learning how to find traces of Radiation in the blood of other Dwellers. Mainly through a blood sample and a Geiger meter with a test tube holder attached. In the coming years with lots of tests Natalie Reached 16. It was time. The Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test or G.O.A.T for short. This would determine Natalie's vault future. Although she really had no worries for what she would be chosen for. 1 hour later and it was decided. She was given her Labcoat. Lab radio and Pip-Boy 3000 as well as a set of keys to the science lab. Now she would go to meet the other scientists including a currently 30 year old scientist who would be her mentor.

Natalie has been working in this job for 11 years now. Still learning but in other cases teaching. What happens next is to be decided.

Hank Handsome
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Hanks Vault Scientist Application. Empty Re: Hanks Vault Scientist Application.

Post by Pianotugboat on Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:43 pm

You're good.

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