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Post by electro swing on Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:57 am

Jumpin' Jack Flash James+Dean

Name: Jack Flash
Age: 19
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Occupation: Hair Dresser
Common Knowledge: Jack is a wild child. Born to a good family, no one really knows what turned him into the bully he is. He just seemed to decide one day as a young lad to pick on the weaker and flaunt himself as the hottest shit in the vault. This nature has gotten him into many fights, most of which he's lost. However, he has a strange sense of respect and honor, the most prominent code being that he respects his elders. Just because he respects them doesn't mean he listens to them, though. He is a very talented hairdresser and is actually very amicable when he's doing his job, giving everyone equal treatment beneath his scissors. He is a fan of baseball and has a metal bat. He has a switchblade.


Personal Relationships:
Brian Doughty: "Doughboy? Massive dweeb, sits around readin' his books 'n' squarin' up the place. Basically begs for someone to teach him how a man works. Been pickin' on him since we was kids, guy's basically spineless."
Judith Abernathy: "Cutie who works the kitchen. She's a sweetheart, I tell ya."
Martin O'Donnell: "Cool guy. Never experiments with his hair but tats himself all up 'n' down."
Hudson O'Reilly: "Total prick. Never lets me have ANY fun. Always throws around his authority like he's just doin' it for good, be we all know he just digs the power trip."
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Jumpin' Jack Flash Empty Re: Jumpin' Jack Flash

Post by Nazz on Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:11 pm

I really dig this character.

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