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Post by Gungi on Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:10 am

[Steam Username]: Gungi
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:28472450
AGE: 16
-Species/Human or Robotic: Human
-Character Name: Nathan Marshall
-Character Advantages/Talents:

Accurate - Training with his 10mm Pistol, Nathan has gotten fairly good at shooting with small arms, though the size and recoil of larger weapons is something he hasn't grown accustom to.
Agile - Nathan relies on his agility and dexterity to run from or dodge opponents when he's in close range. He's also gotten moderately okay at picking locks, as he's done many times to open pre-war safes and lockers, getting at the untapped goods within.
Passive - Nathan prefers to avoid combat and conflict when it comes his way, though that doesn't stop him from taking action in unavoidable scenarios.

-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses:

Weak - Nathan doesn't rely on his strength much, leaving him to grow weak compared to most. He's also not the best at taking hits, knocked out after a couple good punches.
Explosively Inept - Nathan has a hard time with explosives, getting them to prime is a challenge of his, as well as not being able to throw them very far, has led to him generally avoiding using them if possible.
Fearful - In a land of nice super mutants and deathclaws that can talk, Nathan will struggle to accept these creatures, as prior experiences with these creatures have led him to have a natural distrust for things commonly dictated as "dangerous".

-Faction: Settler, Prospector

-Current Equipment: 10mm Pistol, Bobby Pins, Leather Armor


Nathan Marshall was born in 2216, to two farmers in a settlement in eastern Colerado. Ever since Nathan hit twelve, he always liked exploring. On his off-hours, he'd enjoy poking around ruined buildings and other sights of interest, despite the inherent danger in doing so. Around when Nathan was sixteen, he started collecting odds and ends from buildings that he sold to passing caravans for a small sum of money. He got good at searching ruined areas for salvage and scrap that he could sell or later find uses for. When he hit eighteen, he decided to leave his settlement. He traveled east, happening upon many ruined pre-war areas that he explored and found interesting items in, that he'd later sell to travelers or trading posts he found on his way east. Nathan bought protection from these passing traders, eventually saving up enough for a suit of leather armor and a 10mm pistol, the norm for a regular traveler. He also picked up bobby pins, as they were relatively useful in picking locks, giving him access to greater treasures hidden behind mechanical restrictions. He made a life this way, managing to afford food and water, though he did have to sleep in either a tent or a lost structure for the majority of the time he was traveling. He continued to go east, though he stopped in passing cities and settlements to sit down and talk to the inhabitants. Having a drink on a late night in a populated bar was something he enjoyed. Eventually, he hit the coastline after about three years of travel. He preferred the eastern coastline, so he went along it south, making it to Pennsylvania. He stayed there for awhile, taking a break from the years of exploration that he'd gone through. Eventually, he heard about vaults, which intrigued him as a prospector. He imagined these large pre-war facilities would be full of opportunities to salvage pre-war tech, which was in heavy demand, and thus expensive. He asked around, figuring that the closest vault to his location was Vault 127, located in Maryland. He packed his equipment and began moving out to his destination, the Vault.

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not a depressed deathclaw this time Empty Re: not a depressed deathclaw this time

Post by Revenant on Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:30 am

Short sweet and to the point, for a simple Prospector? No arguments here.

I'll accept this unless there are any interjections.

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