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Opening Up [Event Details] Empty Opening Up [Event Details]

Post by Pianotugboat on Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:15 pm

Opening Up [Event Details] DO5yCnR

Today is a day that I finally get off my ass and give the players something new, AKA we're going to be opening the other side of the river as well as the rest of the map. Mind you there will be places to loot and visit, and hell we'll have a ton of admins on standby for it all. But patience will be key here with our events as we'll be focusing more so on the detail rather than the portrayal of constant danger with NPC's (Sorry about shit events like that). We'll include fun loot spots with detailed enviorments and of course reward the players more for their time spent on the server and make it seem like some admin characters aren't exclusive high tier fuckboys with guns. I am pointing at myself behind the keyboard right now. But with the opening of the borders will come more challenges, more factions to tango with, and more story. Which is why i'm now announcing this because I realize the lack of substance or actual things happening on the server has been limited by the Tribal conflict. So in short we're opening the river sometime today 8/16/2016 and allowing players to loot and explore like they should of been able to initially. We'll also be working on making some very new and interesting events that will allow for an entire service populace to particpate in, more details will come within the hour.

Opening Up [Event Details] 21xHzFD

Caravan will visit today and peace talks between the Main town and the Tribes will occur today, after peace talks finish the River will be opened for traveling and in turn the rest of the map and more explorable areas and events.



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