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Post by Citizen Snips on Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:16 pm

Grey, Dexter
Dexter 'Combo' Grey Fight-club25

General Information:

Character Name: Dexter Grey

Nick/Pet-Names: ‘Combo’

Gender: Male

Hometown: Baltimore

Age: 28

Height: 5’8

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Tattoos / Markings : N/A

Build: Ectomorph, Very lanky

Demeanor: Talkative, Goofy, Happy

Education: Street Smart. Pretty educated at making dangerous things you put in your body.

Birth Sign: Libra

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral

Affiliation: Made-Man

Dexter 'Combo' Grey Edward+norton+fight+club+1999+sunglasses


Strength: 8/20
‘Combo’ isn’t really a fist-fighter, although he is capable with a gun.

Dexterity: 12/20
‘Combo’ is fast enough, just enough.

Constitution: 15/20
This short little bastard can take a beating, and has a rather high pain tolerance.

Intelligence: 12/20
Intelligent enough to do his job, and very well at that.

Wisdom: 14/20
Very street smart.

Awareness: 14/20
‘Combo’ is fairly aware of his surrounding at all times, even though he can come off as oblivious.

Charisma: 12/20
The kind of guy you like but you’re not sure why. ‘Combo’ is goofy and funny, and that’s usually enough to carry the day.

Luck: 10/20
He's pretty average with his luck.

Dexter 'Combo' Grey 601px-Fightclub486901

A Quick Consensus:

A made-man from Baltimore, Combo is an eccentric, goofy and reliable individual. What he lacks in an ability to seem serious for a long period of time he makes up for with his aptitude to handle his business with a certain tact that none other can.

Character Traits:

Lively: Funny and always happy, Combo has a way of lighting up a room and turning the entire aura of a room into that of joy and amusement.

Friendly: Happy and open to most people, at least on a general level. Fairly quirky and eccentric.

Accepting: ‘Combo’ doesn’t care what anybody does and encourages them to do whatever they want so long as they enjoy it and it doesn't affect him or his crew adversely.

He’s ‘Combo’: He’s incredibly goofy and an oddball. Whether or not people like him depends completely on their personality.

Unstable / Vicious: Although a seemingly nice individual overall, Combo can easily flip a switch if someone wrongs him or otherwise wishes to harm him. In that moment Combo will show just exactly how vicious and dangerous he can be.

Vocal Sample (Edward Norton)

Admired|Well-Respected /Exceptionally Good Friend|Friend|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed
|Disliked|On The Shit-List| † = Deceased

Myself : God damn I'm fucking sexy.

'Smokes' : My main man. Been rolling with him for years now. Still annoyed at the one time he got some asshole's brains on my new jacket.
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